Wednesday: Double Trouble

Welcome back to HJC for another Wednesday With Phil!

The Pairs Competition is finished and the presentations are rolling along. Today we have presentations from the Double J's in the advanced division (JJ and J3), and the Double Writers in the intermediate division (Steven M and myself).

Here's the teaser from JJ and J3 again. They are going global here.

And here's Steven and I presenting the All Star Game in New York City. But not at the World's Most Famous (Overrated) Arena.

Full presentations will be posted on the HJC Design Blog, which you can access here:


Here's your voting reminder. It's just one vote. It's not that hard. Scroll up. Click literally 2 buttons, one for the concept you want and one to submit the first click. Do it.

COTW March 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern) 

And here we go! On to the Concepts!

Jay S: Utah Jazz (NBA) Concept

Jay loves crossovers almost as much as I do clearly as he continues his NBA crossover series. The Jazz are a team that fortunately has a distinct enough shade of yellow to not blend in with the white. A simple and clean concept good enough for a team in a major league. Yet the angle stripes provide a look suitable for Utah. Only gripes I have are the lack of white on the pants, lack of green on the gloves and the small nameplate.

Music to my ears: 83%

Ryan C: Hamilton Bulldogs (OHL) Concept

Clean execution as usual from Ryan. Now with Hamilton going to the black and gold like the TigerCats, this is a look that definitely separates itself from the Penguins look alike that they will don next year. And my is this unique. Beautiful balance of the black and gold. The shoulder striping here is a fantastic look. I just want to see how this would look with a hem stripe.

Major league look for junior hockey: 93%

Steven G: Los Angeles Kings concept

Steven sends us two concepts, one with the classic Forum Blue (purple) and yellow, the other with deep purple and silver, ditching the black from 1998-2011. We start with the latter. Steven uses the collar from this past Winter Classic, providing a nice throwback touch to these. The main problem here is the silver on white. I feel like using black as a trim would help this concept out significantly. If not, then add a trim of the purple used here. The striping itself is magnificent, going back to the Gretzky-era look of the numbers in the striping. Maybe we could make the logo slightly bigger?

I'm done with Royal jokes on these: 80%

Steven M: Los Angeles Kings concept II

Same thing here except with the classic colors. Yellow as the primary jersey color works here, as it did back in 1967. Yellow on white is a problem here. Not much else to say. I do like the other color set better though.

Remember what I said about Kings jokes? 78%

Vaughn R: Vernon Vipers Concept

Vernon currently wears Atlanta Thrashers lookalikes, although its easier to own that look now since the Thrashers don't exist anymore. The home jersey looks spectacular from a striping standpoint. I think navy blue numbers would look better, with a double outline of gold and then navy again It would look more consistent with the striping. The away jersey is interesting to say the least, as while the striping is identical, the colors are quite different. The gold stripes get lost against the yellow. The logo and number choice is interesting to say the least. It works with that logo and I think it's a decent look overall. Again, separate the yoke nameplate and numbers.

Snake-bitten with your execution: 65%

Vaughn R: Vernon Vipers (BCHL) Alternate Concept

This one looks just lazy. Paint-bucket fill on the arms and the unnecessary phantom yoke. It's a cool font used from the Lightning, but it doesn't fit here, especially since the white and black around the numbers and nowhere else beyond the logo. This needs a lot of work. The Lakers (as this concept provides a throwback from the Vipers) used to wear Edmonton Oilers replicas, and those were a better look for them than this, though only slightly lazier. Separate the yoke, nameplate and numbers.

Glass half full or half empty? 50%

The winner of my COTW nomination is  Ryan C  and his  Hamilton Bulldogs Concept .

Actually now that I think of it, "Wednesday With Phil" sounds like the worst TV show ever. If anyone wants to come up with ideas about what that show is about, comment below. Best joke gets valuable/meaningless points. See you next week!
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Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Ryan C. for COTW.

Steven Grant said...

I'll 3rd Ryan for COTW. I love those shoulder stripes.

Caz said...

I love both of Steven's LA concepts. Seeing as how I can only nominate one, though, I'll nominate his deep purple Kings concept for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Steven's deep purple Kings concept for COTW

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