Thursday: Filling in!

Hey guys, Jets96 here with another post. No it isn't Monday again, Bpoe is sick so I'll fill in for him because that's what Jets fans do...

Thanks to Phil yesterday I'm having a MISERABLE THURSDAY..just kidding. I want the Jets to tank, get Matthews and make Winnipeg great again. Hopefully the Islanders do well, I have a soft spot for Tavares and Halak and while I do think the Islanders left their best jerseys in 2010 and will defend the first black Islanders jersey, the team is on Jets96's want to make the playoff list.

With it being Thursday and yesterday's MASSIVE jersey reveal for the World Cup of Hockey, it's safe to say that's what the topic of today's intro will be. We all have our thought on these jerseys already I'm sure...a lot of them negative, but remember, these jerseys are experimental, and isn't this the place to do it? Isn't it better that Adidas tests the waters with these jerseys, than doing what Reebok did and messing up a bunch of teams once they took over and taking years to correct it. We'll go from worst to best.

Worst: Team Europe

Photo from nhl.com

Team Europe...the idea was neat, and when I say the logo, I thought it could be good, sort of a modern version of the perspective used on the Laval Voisins' logo...then I saw these. This sort of split down the middle jerseys work in soccer, but in hockey, the jerseys have much more space to cover and it looks plain. The white jersey is the better of the two and I can appreciate the teal/blue match the side of the logo, but overall very plain. I also can appreciate the want to experiment, but this doesn't work.

7th: Team Canada

Photo from nhl.com
Okay, I can totally appreciate the summit series arms, those were a nice touch, but the front of the jersey is a massive fail. The sides remind me of the mediocre 2006 Torino Olympic jerseys (which if you remember that Olympics...it's better you don't), and the logo is awful. It looks like something that would work for basketball, but not for hockey. It's incredibly plain and small. The jersey would look better with a leaf on the hem or something like the 2011 alternate world junior logos. I'll pass on this. 

6th: Finland 

Photo from nhl.com
The white jersey works okay, it is a little plain but I really like how the Finnish shield looks on the blue and white....the blue jersey looks like if Finland won the 1989 Stanley cup. It really doesn't look like a jersey. If they put the shield on the chest stripe instead of Suomi, or even better, put SUOMI on the hem, it would be high, as is though...eh, it's a step down from Sochi 

5th: Russia 

Photo from nhl.com
The red jersey is a step up from Sochi, it is well balanced and the Russian flag stripe is beautiful. The white jersey isn't too bad, but the blue yoke does the same thing Anaheim's colour balancing does for me....it could be SOO MUCH better with the yoke being red and properly balanced. I get the team likes to use more blue than red some years, but it fails every year. Overall:Удовлетворительно Джерси

4th: USA 

Photo from nhl.com
Now if you think this is the best jersey unveiled...I totally get why. USA stuck to what it does well with lots of navy and red on the blue jersey, did a beautiful diagonal script and unveiled a decent new shield logo not from WWII. The problem with this jersey are minor, but I both jerseys could use a hem stripe and the blue jersey could use a white stripe. The jerseys not matching striping wise also doesn't work, go with the white jersey's striping. 

3rd: Sweden 

Photo from nhl.com
It's a standard Swedish jersey, this is exactly what you'd hope and expect the team would wear. It's generic but it works for such a good team. The lack of a blue stripe on the hem of the yellow jersey doesn't work for me, but both jerseys would work better without it I think and with an actual arm stripe. I do like the detail on the crowns. 

2nd: Czech Republic 

Photo from nhl.com

If you don't like these jerseys, that's fine, it is a paint bucket job I think, but I think it works in that it matches the Czech flag, something I really like when it is done. the yoke on the red jersey is prefect, it works like Carolina's away yoke works. The white jersey also works pretty well, the colours are distributed well as a whole. It wouldn't work in the NHL, but for a tournament, this works.

1st: Team North America U-23 Young Guns
Photo from nhl.com

I really like what was done here. The colours stand out beautiful, and the worn effect on the grey looks fantastic, something I hope Adidas will do in the future. I looks like worn out ice form practicing. The colours on the white jersey aren't balanced all, but the black jersey is where the real money is at. It's not perfect, hell it's not even 8.5/10....it's still the only jersey most people will agree is good.

I told you guys to vote on Monday. I don't like having to repeat myself but if you haven't voted for COTW, your favourite Winter Classic Jersey (Detroit '14, Chicago '15 or New York '12) and for the Chicago Express redesign comp.


COTW Feb 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Chicago Express Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)
Winter Classic Best Jersey Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Pairs Competition (Ends Friday March 25th, 2016 @ 10:00pm Eastern) 

On to today's concepts


2017 Winter Classic Concepts (By: Glen W.)

+The Blackhawks jersey is a white version of their popular '92 75th anniversary jersey, which both I and any Blackhawks fan would more than likely agreed would be a nice edition to they uniform line up
+ The Blues jersey is a good mix of new and classic, like the roundel logo being used
+ Execution is getting better, Glen.

- The numbers and NOB on the back are much too large
- Remember that most winter classic jerseys have the lego on them either on the chest or shoulder
- The logos are very pixelated, if you use paint, resize your logos in Word

Rating: 6.5/10

Hamilton Bulldogs Concepts (By: Bradley DeB.)

+ I'm not usefully a fan of script being used as a primary logo, but this script works better than most
+ Love the idea of going back to Edmonton Oilers affiliate colours
+ Decent execution

- There's a lot of white spots on the edges of the jerseys and around the logos
- Usually the OHL logo matches the team's colours, and don't forget the CCM logo on the front the jersey, under the collar on the back, and the CHL logo on the hem
- The Navy jersey would look better with navy socks, or have navy socks on the white jersey
- The round numbers are an alright idea, but they don't match script on the front of the jersey

Rating: 6/10

Chicago Express Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Right away, the jerseys make better use of the double blue than the original jerseys
+ The stripes on the arms look cool, thous I'm not sure what they're supposed to be, I'd think the striping on an art deco train.
+ The alternate is my favourite jersey, great use of the Pens template that works with what isn't the best logo, but make it look better
+ Good execution

- The numbers would look better with thicker outlines

Rating: 8.75/10

Team Czech Republic Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ That font is something else....it's like a more European version of the Columbus alternate numbers
+ Colour balancing is perfect
+ Great unique striping, like New Jersey's St. Patty's day jerseys, but it works better with these colours and on a jersey without a yoke
+ Perfect execution

- Because this is a concept for the World Juniors, it would be nice to see the World Junior logo on these jerseys, but I'd want these worn every Czech game!

Rating: 9.75/10 COTW Nom. from me

Hamilton Bulldogs Concepts  (By: Chase C.)

+ Right away, a better striping pattern  than the current
+ Good colour balancing....aside from one issue
+ I like they Chase kept the arm stripes on the white jersey similar to what the Bulldogs have now and expanded them, that is the best part of the current jerseys
+ Decent execution

- The blue yoke looks SO out of place, it would look so much better with a red yoke
- The Captain's C is too low on the jersey. Looking on the actual jerseys, they are lower because of the CCM logo, but the CCM logo on this concept is already too low
- The NOB on the white jersey would look better with red, but keep the numbers blue

Rating: 7/10

Hamilton Bulldogs Concepts (By: Jay S.)

+ While 2 other OHL teams in gold & black, it might seem weird for this team to go for these colours, but Steeltowns look better in these colours!
+ That yellow jersey is beautiful, a perfect alternate
+ The home and road do a good job without looking like Bruins or Pens jerseys
+ Good execution

- Primary logo is much too large
- Again with the OHL logo, the colours should match the jerseys
- NOB is too small and the number is too elongated

Rating: 7.75/10

Hamilton Bulldogs Concepts (By: Chase C.)

+ This would probably be the best way for the Bulldogs to do
+ Love a big bold yellow jersey
+ The striping again is better than the current jerseys
+ Decent execution

- While I like the colour scheme, they are Belleville's colours, and after stealing their team, it would be a little weird to kick them where they're down
- The Bulldogs logo doesn't really work in this colour scheme
- White numbers on black rarely work well

Rating: 7/10


That's the post!
Don't forget to fulfill your voting duties!
Have a great rest of your week.
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads!!

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Unknown said...

FYI: The last concept is not mine..

Matt G said...

I really hope the adidas attempt at the NHL jerseys isn't as disastrous as the World Cup ones, but based on their track record I'm not optimistic. I was hoping that they would be manufactured under the CCM brand, but I don't think they are and it could suuuuck.

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Jay, sorry, typo has been corrected
@Matt G. I would hope for that too, but while i can look past the 3 stripes in some regards, a bad jersey is a bad jersey, and most jerseys make it work decently or at least not horribly, the designs themselves are underwhelming

Unknown said...

2nd to Taylor R. for COTW.

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