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Since Caz talked expansion yesterday (and I agree with him for the most part), I figured I'd talk more about North American expansion and what would come design wise from one of several expansion places.

Québec City, QC:

Photo from: calgaryherald.com
Most people would want a full revival of the Nordiques and as a throwback/alternate that could work, but frankly, after what the Jets have done, I want to see a new look. Teams with the same name can have fantastic new logos and jerseys while being inspired by the old look. I've seen the idea of double blue thrown around and the Jets already do it. I'd want to see navy replace the baby bleu, and have an actually striping pattern rather than simply relying on the Fleur-de-lis. Should the NHL expand here? I'm not entirely sure, but I do think the city deserves a team!

Seattle, WA:

Photo from: sportspressnw.com
Although they are out of these expansion talks, Seattle has prospective honours and once they sort out the arena issues in the city, safe to say the relocation rumours in Glendale might heat up again. Knowing Bettman, if there's enough money, he'll move a team. Frankly, the Thunderbirds have a nice enough kit to make the move to the NHL. Perhaps brining back the Breakers, Mets or a completely new team name. Though I think we can predict the colour scheme (green/turqouise, silver & navy)

Las Vegas NV:

Photo form vegasnews.com
I'd call Las Vegas the weirdest and yet most fitting expansion city brought up. They've been the only American city to step up and get a plan going, which says something. It does seem odd throwing in another South Western team, but Dallas, LA, Nashville, Tampa, Anaheim & San Jose are all doing well and Florida has seen a resurgence this year with the help of an aging Czech guy with good hair. If these team does come to exist...which my money is on that it will...Black Knights just sounds....bleh, like something out of an 80s sports drama staring the guy from Wings. I like the idea of a casino theme for the team, like Gamblers or something, even a streamlined train and call the team the Silver Bullets. Could just go back to the Wranglers before the awful look you see above


Photo from hometowninvasion.com
 Milwaukee is a perfect AHL city and should stay that way with the Admirals. Vaughan, ON & Hamilton, ON really...don't need teams...even if Leafs fans are frustrated. Halifax....HAHAHAHA that's a joke, same with most other Canadian city suggestions. Kansas City and OKC can't hold teams in the minors. As for Europe... I'm all for a "champions tournament" between NHL/AHL teams and european teams, but the NHL should stay North American!

But SHOULD the NHL expand....No...it shouldn't. It certainly can, but I think Caz nailed it with the talent. The last thing the NHL needs is a 31st/32nd team that has Chad Johnson or Jonathan Bernier as their starter, and Scott Gomez as a salary dump. The NHL is extremely talented right now, a lot more than 5-10 years ago. Teams can miss the playoffs one year and through good management/acquisitions get back (look at San Jose) and vice versa (look at every Canadian Team not named Edmonton or Toronto). Right now, Edmonton is the DUMPSTER FIRE of the NHL, but frankly...expansion will inevitably lead to 2 more Edmontons for at least a few years. Sure, Minnesota was competitive within a couple seasons...but Atlanta, Columbus, even going back to Tampa in the 90s-2003 and Ottawa, it took them sometimes almost 10 years to become competitive, and yes, they did eventually (aside from Atlanta), but none the less...in this NHL, you don't have that time...if you ever did as a franchise in Las Vegas to build a fan base that might not be there.

If you're entering the pairs competition, your work is due this FRIDAY @10pm EST, not 11:59pm EST like most concept, 10pm EST sharp. Looking at the groups this is going to be a very competitive contest that anyone could win, though we have yet to see any entries.

Don't forget your COTW votes! That does end Friday at the usual time

Once more with the reminder with the coloured bars:

COTW Mar 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Pairs Competition (ends March 25 @ 10pm EST)

On to today's 8 concepts:

Czech Republic logo Concept (By: Jay S.)

+ This would be a great way to spice up the shield logo used on the WCoH jerseys
+ Colour layout is interesting, having the red and white alternate and surrounded by blue really works
+ The lion stands out decently 
+ Good execution 

-The logo has a lot of short corners and pixelated sides which comes from the program used in making it, it's not bad but making it look sharper would obviously look better
- Claw marks on the sides of the flag don't really make the logo any better and the logo would look better without them

Rating: 8/10

Czech Republic jersey Concepts (By: Jay S.)

+ Always like a jersey with flag striping, and this is one of the better ways to attempt a Czech flag striping
+ Good colour balancing 
+ There's a healthy balance of classic and modern striping
+ Good execution 

- I feel this jersey would look better if it wasn't templated. This template rarely works for teams outside of teams that have already worn it, and it doesn't add anything to the jerseys 
- If you have the flag on the logo, you don't need it on the shoulder
- NOB is too small and number s are too large 

Rating: 7.5/10

Washington Capitals Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Ever since Washington's most recent WC jersey, retroish Caps concepts have been coming and are I really like the idea, it's nice to see an idea that isn't going back to 1978
+ The Weagle logo, despite being modern, works well on an old school jersey
+ Colours are decently balanced considering the layout doesn't alway for perfect
+ Good execution

- The jersey needs some stars and a shoulder patch, otherwise it's too generic to be a Caps concept
- Blue tv numbers should be red, and I would try it with the back numbers but I understand it might not work

Rating: 8/10

Detroit Red Wings Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ Despite the common opinion, I was NOT a fan of Detroit's SS jersey, but loved the logo, it's nice to see this logo on a better jersey
+ Striping is perfect for a Red Wings alternate; looks like something the Falcons/Cougars would wear but not a direct copy
+ While there's only 2 colours, the clouds are balanced well 
+ Great execution

- This is a tough one. I don't dislike the yoke flares but it certainly stands out. I'd either put it on the back or scrap the yoke all together, that would keep the jersey from resembling Minnesota's away
- If you do take away the yoke, add the regular Red Wings logo as a shoulder patch 

Rating: 8.75/10 

Manitoba Moose Hockey Homicide Concept (By: Alan H.) 

+ Excellent idea, I love this Disney short and it'd be nice to see a team(s) wear these jerseys if Disney will allow it 
+ The Moose logo really lends itself well to this idea, the numbers have a nice 40s Cartoony feel to them 
+ Good execution
+ It's a nice touch having the Jets logo on the shoulders, it inadvertently/on purpose looks like a WWII air force logo which further adds to the vintage feel

- The logo and numbers are pixelated from the recolouring
- This isn't much of a negative but WHERE'S THE RED TEAM?

Rating: 8.75/10

Michigan Tech Huskies Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ Right away, this roundel logo stands out as excellent. I don't normally like these types, but having the stripes inside the logo
+ The striping is simple enough and looks excellent with the logo
+ The numbers (which I think are Dallas's numbers but thicker) work really well, big and bold but not too overwhelming
+ Perfect execution

Rating: 9.75/10 COTW Nom from me

CSUN Matadors Concepts (By: Daniel L.)

+ I love this striping pattern Daniel has chosen on the arms, it really works and has a sort of bull horns or waving curved cape, fitting the name
+ Perfect colour balancing
+ Daniel has chosen the parts of the Matadors' new old look
+ Good execution

- Looking at the N on the front of the jersey, it makes for a great shoulder patch, but I wouldn't call it the best choice the team could use as a primary (call it the Columbus issue).
- The NOB is too close to the yoke and numbers are too large on the back

Rating: 8.5/10

Dallas Stars Concept (By: Ryan C.)

+ While I love the Stars current jersey, something more original and adding more black would do that quite well
+ Colours are balanced well aside from one issue on the white jersey
+ Good execution
+ Ryan does jerseys without hem stripes pretty well and this is one of his best examples. It's not easy to make a jersey without a hem stripe that works

- The white jersey would have a green yoke
- The NOB is too small and the back numbers are too thin

Rating: 8.25/10


That's the post!
Don't forget to vote in COTW and finish you pair contest entries
Have a great week
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads

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Unknown said...

Who should get a team first?
Portland OR Seattle

Burkus Circus said...

Uhh... Columbus changed their shoulder patch this year to a re-colored version of their 3rd Jersey logo.

1: What do you think is a good name for Seattle team (if they were to get one)(Mets, Mariners, Kraken?)
2: Same as above but for Las Vegas (Aces, Jokers, Silver Bullets, Outlaws, Dealers?)
3: Most underrated jersey in the NHL (Mine is Columbus' 3rd: The Vintage White looks AWESOME in person)
4: Most overrated jersey in the NHL (Mine is Carolina's Home: I just find them boring)

Ok, maybe it was closer to a half dozen. Sorry.


Burkus Circus said...

Non-Google users can't nominate because you could sign in under any name... So people would nom and second there own

Unknown said...

I don't think having an event based on homicide would be a good idea for Winnipeg

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