Monday: Brought in Part by Readers by You...Thank You

That's a PBS reference, which some of you might get...if not, happy Monday!

With Reimer getting settled into San Jose, the Kamloops Blazers wearing Propants (Hank Hill jokes) and Winnipeg getting an outdoor game, the hockey world is doing quite nicely after the shitstorm that was the unveiling of the World Cup jerseys. The Czech jerseys have only grown on me since, but Young Guns nailed it. If you wanna read an alternative perspective, a very well written and well argued perspective, check out Caz W.'s post yesterday, he nails it!

BTW, TSN decided to do an Old Dogs team, which was +35 and had the obvious Marleau/Thornton, Iginla/Taungay and other greats, but in the goalie department put 30 year old Thomas Griess, who is having a wonderful year this year and a great 1B for the Islanders...but should be playing for team Germany, maybe if he keeps this up in 5 years he'll be on the old dog, but give some love to Jason LaBarbara, who's having a decent last few years after fading into obscurity. Not to mention Dan Ellis, Michael Leighton, Yann Denis, Ryan Miller and I'm turing I'm missing at least one. Sure they aren't great, but they certainly deserve some attention. This is also a huge nostalgia boost.

This week, let's talk about jerseys that I have disliked in the past, but now have grown on me a lot. I might not love them, but I can tolerate them. The Arizona redesign is the best example of this, but these are some other examples.

Los Angeles Kings Yellow jersey (1967-1970, 1979/80, 2015/16 Legend's Nights)

I had to make the distinction because the horrible yellow pants ruined this jersey in the 9 years they existed. I thought this jersey was kind of gaudy, and it still is, it's bold and bright and not really for everyone. After seeing this jersey at a card/memorabilia store in Bayer's Lake, it really is one of this jerseys you need to see in person to appreciate more. I like it more than the forum blue jerseys now, the crown really looks better in yellow. One thing that the throwback jerseys did better was the yellow helmets, which only add to the look and helps those without blonde hair match the jerseys.

Original rating: 6.75/10
New rating: 8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Fauxback (2011 WC, 2011-13 Alternate)

Photo from pensburgh.com
Another jersey I had to see up close I was REALLY against this jersey. Maybe it's because during the years I hated the Pens, but they didn't feel like Pens jerseys to me, more like something the team scrapped during their expansion bid. The logo seemed like something that should have stayed in the past but seeing the crest up close, it really worked. The striping looks better up close and I agree that if the jersey had skipped the vintage white, it's look better. The round numbers and the Captain's C are something 5 years ago I wouldn't have liked but now I love it. Pens fans might think this jersey is cursed after Crosby's rash of injuries, but it's still a great pick up as most jersey stores will sell it cheap to make room if they still have it at this point (friend of mine got it for $99, not bad from a retail store).

Original rating: 5.75/10
New rating: 7/10

St. Louis Blues Forgotten 3rd (1997-98 Alternate)

Photo from stltoday.com
I can't find any photos managed to find a photo of this jersey in action. You may not know, but this jersey is slightly different from what the Blues wore up until 2007 as their white jersey with curved arms instead of straight diagonal ones. This jersey grew on me because I could imagine it being such a new design in 1997. No more red, no more squished numbers, last year of the great Brett Hull, this jersey meant a lot of change in StL. I saw this jersey and thought "it's just the same jersey" but it wasn't. In that set, it was a unique jersey that brought a fresh look to a team that in 1998 was beginning to look dated. I still don't like the set itself, but it worked as an alternate.

Original rating: 6.5/10
New rating: 7.5/10

Calgary Flames Heritage Classic

Photo from Ottawa Citizen/Ridewood
I'm gonna call this jersey the most knocked off jersey on the internet. Seriously, go on eBay and try to find a real one, a confirmed real one. I feel bad for anyone trying to sell a real one, but that's eBay for ya. Anyways, this jersey when it was unveiled was semi-popular, but I wasn't much of a fan. I thought it wasn't a good design and Calgary was stretching to throwback. Now, I love the colour scheme and it's one of the jerseys that during a time where every team seemed to want to try off white , it worked. It was the first original Heritage classic jersey and set the bar for Vancouver & Ottawa's beautiful game, and a hopefully even better Winnipeg/Edmonton game. Wish the team wore these jerseys more often, maybe once a year versus another Heritage classic jersey?

Original rating: 7/10
New rating: 8.75/10

Are there any jerseys you might not have liked for a period of time, but now really like? Tell me in the comments below.

Let's look at some of the entries into the Buffalo Sabres 3rd jersey competition:


Lucas D.

Ryan C.

Brooks F.

Jimmy T.

Great stuff

On the subject of contests, remember that all entries to the pairs competition need to be sent to the REGULAR HJC EMAIL, not the contest email. Today you should be getting emails from Admin Ryan as to your pairing. You can still get pairs in until the contest ends, this is not the be all end all day to get your entries in.

Also don't forget your COTW & COTY February votes!

COTW-February vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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Buffalo 3rd Jersey entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)

On to today's concepts!


Anaheim Ducks Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ The striping is beautiful and the colours are balanced perfectly. This would be the best way for the Ducks to do a mix of the Mighty Ducks & Ducks 
+ Great execution, Lucas continues to improve and it has shown
+ While I like the duck mask logo, the foot works really well on this jersey too
+ A really appealing jersey 

- The numbers on the white jersey would look better black 
- The Adidas stripes on the yoke, which I get are to be realistic, throw off the yoke a lot. The stripes on the back of the neck are the perfect way to put the 3 stripes on a jersey, the yoke is too much
- Shoulder patches?

Rating: 8.5/10

2016 All Star Game Concepts (By: Jay S.)

+ The guitar pick logo with the NHL logo inside it looks amazing, I wish they had used this logo
+ This is the template that having lots of stars will work on
+ A good mix of All-Star and Nashville
+ Good execution

- The numbers could use an outline
- The socks and hem stripe on the white jersey would look better with the blue and yellow are swapped
- The hem stripe and sock on the blue jersey should have some white in it
- If you're gonna use the front helmet template, don't forget the numbers on the front of them

Rating: 7.5/10

2016 All Star Game Concepts (By: Alan H.)

+ Love that old school logo, it looks fantastic
+ Another great aspect is the shoulder patch, with the guitar pick having the striping of the team they play for  in it
+ Good execution
+ Lots of stars, especially on the pants.
+ The old school Nashville numbers are a nice touch

- UGH Alan you're killing me. The white jersey would look so much better with the yellow and blue swapped not everything except for the numbers and NOB
- Don't forget the helmet logo

Rating: 8.5/10

Minnesota North Stars Concept (By: Dylan N.)

+ This would have been a perfect alternate had the NorthStars lasted until 1995 and got a third jersey along with Boston, Vancouver & Anaheim
+ Colours are laid out perfect
+ Good logo choice that Stars logo from the '91 Cup final looks fantastic in yellow, better than how the Stars looked when they tried it a decade later
+ Dylan's execution....pretty good

- Shoulder patch?
- Helmet logo?

Rating: 9.25/10

Penn State Nittany Lions NCAA Concept (By: Taylor R.)

+ Holy hell these are gorgeous...look at these
+ Perfect colour balancing, one of the few jerseys I've seen where the yoke and hem stripes work well together
+ The font on the back is perfect for the logo, reminds me of the Stars numbers
+ Perfect execution

It'd be interesting to see this concept with two arm stripes to match chest/hem

Rating: 10/10 COTW Nom from me

 Chicago Express ECHL Concepts (By: Chris W.)

+ The home and road remain the same but christ thankfully spices up the striping with railroad tacks and victory stripes, a huge improvement from the first jersey
+ The road alternate, like most well balanced light blue jerseys looks fantastic
+ The best jersey of this set is the home alternate, the Chicago flag colours make for even better versions of the Express logo
+ Great job modifying the logos with the stars and more colour
+Good execution

- Pants are pretty plain
- The socks should match the jersey, or at least not just be copies of the old striping
- I do wish there was so light blue, even some faint colour, on the jerseys other than the laces

Rating: 9.25/10


That's the post!
Don't forget to vote in your appropriate votes.
Also don't forget to work on your teams and your Sabres 3rd entries
Have a great week
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads
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Dylan N for COTW

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I'll 2nd Dylan

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I'll 2nd Dylan N. for COTW.

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