Wednesday: Don't Call it a Comeback

Actually, please do call it a comeback. I don't know what else it could possibly be called.

For those who were expecting Steven G., I will put you on hold until Friday. He's taking Jack's spot on Fridays now. But today, I am announcing my return to HJC's writing team.

But who am I? Don't you dare scroll down to the bottom just yet. I want you to figure it out yourself. Here are some clues:

- I wrote for about 4 months within 2014 here at HJC. I left to take a job with my favorite team, whom I mention in the next hint.
- I am an Islanders fan who is a member of their soccer-style supporters group: the Blue & Orange Army. Sometimes you may hear me on the drum. Yes they let us into the Barclays Center with a drum. I don't know how.
- I rebranded my design "firm" recently. It was formerly known as DDragon60 Studios, and is now named after me directly.


That's right! I'm back to writing here. For those who do not know me, just look at the hints I gave you above. I am an Islanders fan from Long Island (somewhat obvious) and an aspiring sports journalist, studying at Farmingdale State College. I also ramble, so this is your advanced warning/apology, and the only one.

The best part about my return is the ease of voting! Back when I first wrote you had to email your votes in. Yikes. Now all you have to do is click your mouse on a poll option. So much easier. Therefore there is now no excuse to vote. I already did it, so JUST DO IT!

COTW-Jaunary vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Jan 31-Feb 6 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
White Jersey Comp entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm EST)


David K: Toronto Arenas Tribute Concept

As part of the Leafs 100th anniversary celebration, David decides to throw back to the days of the Arenas, with a perfectly executed vintage look without vintage white! No name on the back works here. Now I know that you're trying to be historically accurate, but I'm not feeling the brown equipment, as well as the lack of sock stripes. The TV numbers get lost in the striping, which is why the Canucks went without them in their Millionaires get-up. I'll get to the patch in a moment. One minor note, the jersey should have Reebok branding, not CCM because the Reebok deal expires after the 2016-17 season, and is followed by Adidas, not CCM.

Classic look for a classic team: 83%

David K: Toronto Maple Leafs Anniversary Logo Concept

You had ID on the previous concept, dude. Come on. That aside, This is downright beautiful. It has the classic Maple Leaf that was recently revived, plus all the details an anniversary logo needs to send the message, also using the Leafs' jersey font. Only gripe is the dash between the years. It should be centered more and the same blue as the rest of the logo.

100 Years: 87%

Dylan T: Buffalo Sabres Alternate Concept

Past readers will remember my rants about colors looking good against each other. My biggest point: yellow and white. The white logo and numbers get lost against the yellow jersey. Get an outline for both or use navy. Otherwise a nice jersey, and a good pattern from the sleeves to the hem and to the shoulders. I'm a sucker for shoulder stripes. The other thing I will mention, since your execution is ok minus the name bar being so high up, is the presentation. Ideas are always better when presented in a manner that appeals to your audience. Your presentation here doesn't promote your concept. The jersey itself is too small. The labeling is way too big, and the logo up top isn't necessary, because its already on the jersey. If you want to keep the logo, I'd make it smaller. Plus add equipment. I want to see how the whole uniform would look, not just the sweater.

Presenting to you my rating: 60%

Dylan T: Calgary Flames Concept:

[Insert previous rant about presentation here]
[Insert previous rant of yellow on white here]
Rants aside this is a nice simple idea. I also enjoy the idea of a yellow C on the red jersey. But throw in the rant of color, you can see why the Flames added black into their color scheme. It isn't BFBS (black for black's sake). It avoids the white on yellow issue. It's a classic look, as the white jersey proves, but the black was a healthy addition. Or if you don't want to include black, use a double outline of red and yellow and ditch the white on the home jersey. Execution note: the name and number should be given a bit more space between each other, and the road jersey's Adidas logo is black when no other black exists on the jersey.

Heating up: 65%

Jimmy T: Bridgeport Sound Tigers Concept

It's about time AHL teams stepped away from using parent club copies for their own jerseys. They had beautiful jerseys at the Bridge too. But I will say that they look good in my Islanders blue & orange. I love the design here but what kills this concept is execution. Your shoulder patches. You were fine with the Sound Tigers shoulder logo, but the Islanders logo is a mirror image of the left half on the back of both jerseys. And while the striping looks nice, when spreading the striping to other parts of the jersey, you took the stitching from the arms with you. Don't do that. Otherwise a brilliant idea.

Not quite NHL ready: 75%

Jimmy T: Providence Bruins Concept

We continue our AHL roadtrip up north on I-95 we head from Bridgeport to Providence. The weird thing about this jersey is that the white gets lost against the yellow on the black jersey, but there's no issue on the white jersey. Same issue with the stitching as before. Interesting choice to go without the logo outline on the white jersey. I think it works, believe it or not. I do believe that with this thin of a striping scheme, having a full color hem doesn't look good, as you can see with the WHL's Edmonton Oil Kings. Side notes: there is no branding label on the shoulder yoke. The branding on the tail of the jersey should also be CCM, not Reebok, as is the case with the tag inside.

Still not quite NHL ready: 75%

Jonathan H: Sherbrooke Phoenix Concept

Jonathan has garnered a reputation here, by his own doing, but I think he's gotten better. Although to be fair, I don't frequent the CCSLN forums, so if anyone wants to alert me, feel free. I will review this under the assumption that this is his own work.

With that stuff out of the way, I see something here that I really like: that shoulder yoke design. The striping is also looking good.  This concept is STARTING well. I say starting because you have a great idea but need help executing better. The collar and laces are sloppy. The yoke is not colored properly. If you zoom in you'll be able to see the yoke lines marred under the design. No sleeve numbers are present. The Q logos are simple recolors (formerly red) which make me suspicious. So let me give you some help: Photoshop is easy when not confined. But when executing something like a jersey design, use Paint.net. We also have a great set of templates on this website that are easy to use, like this one. Check them out up top.

You have the ideas, now you have the tools. CREATE!: 45%

Jonathan H: Saint John Sea Dogs Concept

See what happens when you use the template as originally presented? The yoke looks much more realistic. Same suspicions as before with the Q logos, but this striping pattern definitely fits the logo. I would have just made the arm stripes thicker to match the logo, and angled. Still need TV numbers and a cleaner collar. But back to my comments on photo editing, another cool thing that you can do with any photo editing software is the selecting of existing colors within the photo to use. Do that with the black. Another common mistake is the use of two different shades of black. One in the logo and the other elsewhere. Should be the same unless you are sublimating something with black, like D.C. United (boooooo) is with their new kits this year.

Better looks, but still at a junior level: 50%

THE WINNER OF MY COTW NOMINATION IS: David K and his Toronto Maple Leafs Anniversary Logo!

Well it feels good to be back, just like riding a bicycle. See you all next week. I may or may not hand out free "I voted" stickers to those who voted for COTW and COTY-January. And get your white jerseys in soon! Deadline is Friday! It's your chance to wow with just one white jersey. ALSO NOTICE THAT SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE AT 10:59 EST, NOT 11:59! SORRY FOR YELLING!

I hope I don't fall off that bicycle.
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Unknown said...

Welcome back Phil B.!
COTW nom to Jimmy T's Sound Tigers. Yes some execution errors but the jerseys are good and hopefully the feedback will be encouraging.

Steven Grant said...

Welcome back Phil!

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