Thursday: Happy Anniversary

Hello everyone and welcome back!

In light of the four remaining teams from the NHL's 1967 expansion all unveiling their logos on Tuesday, I'll do my "countdown" on those this week - so let's get started shall we?

4. St. Louis Blues
Photo from St. Louis Blues
My initial reaction to seeing this logo was "...that's it?". While simplicity usually works, and it doesn't make this logo horrible, it makes the logo very boring. Anyone could put "50" behind the team's logo and call it a day. The logo looks off centered as well, and I assume there's a reason for that, but I don't think it works out. All in all, it's incredibly boring, but it could be worse.

3: LA Kings
Photo from Los Angeles Kings
I like the direction this one's going, but I don't think it was executed right. The blend of the modern logo with the original crown logo is a neat idea, and works decently well. The "1967 50 2017" is strange to see laid out the way it is, the 50 would look much better relocated. The gold used also just doesn't fit in, and this would have been a prime opportunity for them to use the gold/yellow color that's on their throwback jerseys.

2: Philadelphia Flyers
Photo from Philadelphia Flyers' Twitter
My ranking of these last two logos could easily come down to bias, as they're both solid logos. The keystone gives this logo a good shape, the gold actually works here, and it conveys well everything that it is trying to convey. Not much else to say on this one.
Photo from Pittsburgh Penguins
As with the last one, I think this one does a good job conveying what it needs to. Everything is worked together well, and the Stanley Cups are a nice touch, even better in my opinion since they're the only team in this group to do so. Hopefully they have to change the logo and add a fourth cup after the season ends though ;). Anyways, another nice design - and based on this mockup, it'll look great on the ice - literally.
First off, congratulations to Ryan on winning the COTY vote. You've been rising up through the ranks throughout the year, and all of the work paid off.
COTW-Jaunary vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Jan 31-Feb 6 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
White Jersey Comp entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm EST)
This week we have the white jersey competition, definitely a challenge as it's much more difficult to balance colors well on those. The usual concept of the week vote is going on as well, so go drop your vote while you're here.
Brooks F. - Vancouver Canucks
Colors: I like the color scheme used, and the emphasis on white on the home jersey.
Logos: I'm personally not a fan of the Johnny Canuck logos, but I think this is the best one of the bunch, and it works.
Design: Very simple, and while I like the small red trim, I don't think it stands out enough.
Overall: I wouldn't oppose this being used (8.5/10)

Daniel K. - Toronto Maple Leafs
This jersey is just a throwback to their 1930-34 set. It's a good idea but I think a lot of us could have imagined how that looks. I like the anniversary logo you designed. I'd have to see this on the ice to be sure, but the brown equipment could be a good vintage element and keep the uniform from being "too blue. I'd have changed the design slightly though - filling in the numbers to be more than outlines, and either moving or removing the TV numbers.
Overall: Good idea, but we could have imagined what this would look like (7/10)

Daniel K. - Toronto Maple Leafs
A lot of things said on the last concept can apply for this concept too, except with this jersey, but I do think improvements are made. The numbers are filled in, and the TV numbers are much more visible. Not sure if this is how they historically did it or not, but the way the C patch is executed works surprisingly well.
Overall: Again, good idea - but aside from a few details we could have imagined what this would look like without seeing it laid out like this (7/10)

Daniel L. - UCLA
Colors: Odd having the dark jersey take on a new color that isn't on the white jersey. Interesting to say the least.
Logo: Not a fan at all of arched wordmarks like that on hockey jerseys. Their script logo or even the bear would look much better.
Design: I like the shoulder stripes, but otherwise very simple. I don't really like the white gloves, I'd maybe make them black for both sets. The gold helmet usually wouldn't work either, but I think with only having one, it works as a good medium between the blue and white.
Overall: Good design, but it doesn't step out of the box at all (8/10)

Dylan T. - Carolina Hurricanes
Colors: The addition/emphasis on gray definitely adds some uniqueness.
Design: Bringing back the flag striping is definitely the way to go. This is right on the line of being too much of the pattern, but I think this would work.
Typography: The font works great on this concept, but it would look better to have an outline on at least the number.
Overall: Good start, and I'd like to see something similar on the ice again (8/10)

Jimmy T. - Charlotte Checkers
Design: I think the chest stripes work pretty well here. The subtle stripes in the yoke add a nice touch. The subtle red trims inside the stripes on the dark jersey, and the corresponding white stripes on he other, are too thin, and it would be best to remove them.
Typography: Not a huge fan of the font here, not entirely sure why. It also seems to have some conflict with the stripe at times, unless that's just me.
Overall: Good design that would add some separation from the 'Canes. (8.5/10)

Jimmy T. - Chicago Wolves
Colors: Really like the vintage white/beige color used on the "white" jersey. Don't see that very often, and it looks good when done right. The yellow does conflict with that color a bit though, especially on the number outlines.
Design: Very simple, but quite good looking. Double stripe patterns usually have a good look to them. The squares off yoke is a nice touch too on the light jersey.
Overall: 8.5/10

Lucas D. - New York Islanders
Colors: I really like the shade of blue used here, and the prominence of white is one of my favorite designs for a dark jersey, it looks really nice.
Logo: Good choice with the partial "NY" logo. The B inside the collar is a nice touch as well, but I'm not sure it's good enough to coexist with the NHL shield the way it does.
Design: Four thinner stripes make sense for the Isles, and this almost seems like a redo of their current alternates because of it.
Execution: The 4 stripes on the arms look thicker than the 4 on the hem. I'd keep them all the same.
Overall: Much better than their current alt, and I wouldn't even mind seeing something like this for the primary set (9/10) and my COTW Nomination.


That's all for today guys. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next week.

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Unknown said...

COTW nom to Brooks F.

Unknown said...

I'll second Lucas

Zach E said...

The class of '67 teams celebrating their 50th anniversaries have made mention of special jerseys for next season. Just a suggestion but I think this idea should be one of the next jersey design contests

Brad D said...

I nominate Daniel's UCLA for COTW

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