Wednesday: Book Club

Hello folks!  I need some book recommendations.  You see, I have a gift card to my local bookstore, but that bookstore is closing soon, so I need to use it up before the store closes.  If you've read any good books lately, let me know in the comments.

I'll share a couple of my recommendation's with you.

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My first suggestion is Ken Dryden's classic book The Game.  It's an inside look at the 1978-79 Montreal Canadiens (funny pranks, what goes on in the dressing room, etc), but what makes it special is that Dryden shares what it's like to be a hockey player.  He describes what it's like being in the spotlight, how your mood (and the teams mood) is so closely tied to the result of your most recent game, and much more.  This book will give you a better understanding of what it's like being an NHL player.

Image from xkcd.com
If you're not looking for a hockey book, maybe you'd prefer the coffee table book Thing Explainer, by Randall Munroe (who also created the webcomic xkcd, and wrote the book What If?).  The premise of this book is that Monroe can only use line drawings and the 1000 most common words to describe complicated things like the International Space Station (or the shared space house, using common words), helicopters (sky boat with turning wings), or submarines (boat that goes under the sea).  I haven't read the whole book yet, just the first few pages, but I know this book will be funny and that I'll learn some interesting things as well.


This week's voting is no joke.  Very serious stuff, we have the super important COTY Semi-Finals vote, as well as a cat in the COTW vote, and the voting stage of the ASG Redesign Competition.  Vote, people, vote.

COTY Semi-Finals votes (end Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
ASG ReDesign Pick 5 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)


La Ronge Ice Wolves, by Brad F:
This is a stolen concept.  It's a re-coloured Brian Brideau Dallas Stars concept.  Brad's Creighton Comets concept from the 18th was also stolen, that one was a recoloured Mike Sweezey concept, and Brad's Flin Flon Bombers concept from the 11th was a recoloured Bobby Pinkham concept.  Don't be a theif Brad.
Rating:  0/10

Buffalo Sabres, by Patrik W:
Our first non-stolen concept is from Patrik, and I use the word "concept" liberally here, because this is just the Sabres original jersey.  The only difference is in the equipment, but honestly I don't think any of those changes are improvements.  The yellow helmet is a bold choice, but ultimately I think it's the wrong choice.  Execution isn't that good either, the player's name is too small, and the pant-stripe shouldn't go all the way to the top of the pants.
Rating:  4/10

All-Star Jerseys, by Anthony C:
Next up Anthony takes on the All-Star game jerseys.  These jerseys remind me of the 2004 All-Star jerseys, with the use of cream instead of white, green, and the stars along the hem-stripe.  That was a good looking All-Star game, so it's a good year to take inspiration from.  The striping pattern looks good on both jerseys here, although I'd get rid of the hem outline and just continue the cream colour to the bottom on both jerseys.  There are some execution errors, the Blackhawks logo is upside-down on the back view, and the Lightning logo is backwards.  The back numbers are too big, the sleeve numbers are missing, and the sock stripes are too high.  Also the collar, player's name, and pant-stripe on the blue uniform should be cream instead of true white.
Rating:  6/10

Toronto Maple Leafs, by Ryan O:
Hey look, it's another Leafs concept.  Ryan also uses a leaf/T combo, using the 1963-67 leaf with the Toronto Arenas T, but he also adds in the word "Leafs".  I like the leaf/T combo, but I think adding "Leafs" makes it too cluttered, it would look bad at small scales.  The alternate logo is interesting, the 1967-70 leaf on top of the Arenas T, but I think it would be better with an outline separating the two elements.  The jersey itself looks good, I like the four-stripe pattern.
Rating:  7/10

Colorado Avalanche, by Alan S:
The Colorado Avalanche could really use some new jersey, here Alan modifies their original jerseys to create a new set.  I like the emphasis on just maroon and white, limiting the use of blue and silver makes it look less dated.  However, the stripes are a bit too thin right now, I didn't even notice them at first.  The shoulder yoke is also a good addition, I think it balances out the jerseys.  The third jersey is the weakest of the bunch in my opinion, I'd scrap it and go with just the home and road jerseys.
Rating:  7/10

Washington Capitals, by Lucas D:
Wow!  That's an interesting choice using a barber-pole pattern on the upper-arm area.  I don't think it looks good right now, but if you cut the total amount of stripes in half it might work, and it would match the US flag (13 total stripes, 7 red, 6 white).  The rest of the concept is good, I like the hem and cuff stripes, and the Weagle looks good as the primary logo.  There are a few small execution errors, the back numbers are a bit small, and the cuff stripe is slightly thicker on one side, but overall it's well done.
Rating:  7/10

Nashville Predators, by Lucas D:
Lucas also sent in this fauxback concept for the Predators.  That's a very clever use of the Predators former alternate logo.  Who would of thought that logo would look good as a single colour silhouette?  The striping pattern also looks great, very vintage-y, and I like the TV numbers in the arm-stripe.  Although, I think all the fonts are too modern, they don't fit with the retro-theme of the jersey.  I also think the Nashville script could use a blue outline.
Rating:  8/10

2016 Women's Outdoor Classic, by Matt M:
The NHL hosted the first ever Women's Outdoor Classic this year, unfortunately both teams used their normal jerseys, not anything special for the event.  Matt rectifies that with this concept, giving both team's beautiful fauxback jerseys inspired by past Bruins and Canadiens jerseys.  The Pride jersey, which is inspired by the Bruins 1926-32 jersey, is my favourite of the two.  I especially like the custom wordmark logo.  The Canadiennes jersey, inspired by the Canadiens 1935-38 white jersey, is good too, but I can't shake the feeling that it would look better in true white.
Rating:  9/10 and a COTW nomination!


Don't forget to vote.

That's all folks!
Wednesday: Book Club Reviewed by Steven Grant on January 27, 2016 Rating: 5


Ben Shaffer said...

I'll second Matt M's Winter Classic.

Unknown said...

COTW nom to Lucas.

Unknown said...

I'll nominate Lucas Daitchman's Nashville Predators concept

winnipegjets96 said...

I'd HIGHLY recommend Hockey Card Stories by Ken Ried
The Hockey Chronicles (either edition) is a good find
Cornered by Ron Maclean
Mark Messeirs' book looks interesting

Non hockey books: Clockwork Orange or Scamps & Scoundrels if you wanna read a bunch of Maritime stories

I'll 3rd Matt Mc for COTW, though Lucas did a good job with the Preds fauxback

Caz said...

Interesting that you bring up "The Game" Steven, because the post I've written for Sunday is inspired by it.

A 4th to Matt M!

Unknown said...

Steven dropping truth bombs today, shame on you Brad.

I'll nominate Lucas' Washington concept for COTW
(you should specify your pick Dylan)

Unknown said...

(Taylor, good point. Was in a rush.) I mean the Preds concept.

Anonymous said...

Props for calling out the thief. Be innovative people. Make something your own that you can be proud of!

Steven Grant said...

@winnipegjets96: Thanks for the suggestions. A couple of those books (Cornered and Hockey Card Stories) I've read and really enjoyed, so I'll have to check out the rest of them.

@Caz: That is weird. What are the odds?

Unknown said...

Open Ice by Pat Hughes. Good read about a high school star derailed by concussions.

Steve Marc said...

I'm going to have to go with Lucas on this one, Although Matt did a really good job with the winter classic concept.

Anonymous said...

Which one?

Steven Grant said...

Thanks for the recommendation Phil.

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