Wednesday: All Star

No the title isn't referring to me, it's referring to the All-Star jerseys the NHL unveiled today.  I'll discuss those below, but first let's talk about me.  I'm former HJC writer Steven Grant.  I'm sure most of you are thinking who is that?  I wrote for this blog a long, long, long time ago, between August 2012 and June 2013.  When I saw there were a couple of writer positions opening up I decided to apply once again, and Ryan was nice enough to choose me.  Thank you Ryan!

Since it's been so long, I better introduce myself.  I'm a tall, skinny, 21 year old, who lives in British Columbia, and the Canucks are my favourite NHL team.  I started reading HJC sometime in 2010, submitted my first concept in May 2011, and was part of the first group of writers selected back in 2012 (previously Ryan wrote every post).  Another interest of mine besides hockey jerseys is astronomy (really science in general), I just think the universe is fascinating.  It can be beautiful too, check out this photo of the south pole of Mars (which is currently my desktop background).

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By the way, do you know how intimidating it is taking over for Dylan Alexander?  He's a great writer (both Dylans are) and he's been around forever.  Plus I'm a bit rusty not haven written one of these posts in a few years, I'm probably going to be making lots of mistakes (I already nearly messed up the scheduling of this post, stupid time zones).  So if you're expecting me to be as good of a writer as him, you're going to be disappointed.


Image from nhl.com
The NHL didn't want my first post to be an easier one, as they decided to unveil this year's All-Star jerseys this morning.  I'm not a fan of these, which are in my opinion the most boring All-Star jerseys of all time.  The only real striping pattern are the big blocks on the arm (the top block does continue onto the back behind the players name).  I much prefer All-Star jerseys to be wild and wacky, as I like to see new ideas tried out, and the All-Star game is the perfect place for that.  Aesthetically these jerseys don't look that bad, but honestly I'd prefer ugly yet exciting jerseys over boring decent looking jerseys.

These jerseys do have some good qualities though.  I like the tie in to Nashville with the yellow added to the NHL logo, and the tri-star mark in the neck gusset (which pretty much guarantees we'll be seeing something new next year).  The jerseys will also apparently feature "numbers and letters designed as modern interpretations of traditional country music poster lettering", which sounds interesting.

Rating:  6/10

You can read the NHL Press release here, and the NHL also unveiled the full All-Star rosters today which you can find here.  Leave your thoughts on these jerseys (or the rosters) in the comments.


Before we get to the concepts, Ryan wants me to bug you about voting.  It's actually much easier to vote now than when I used to write, so there's no reason not to do it.  In the olden days we actually had to walk uphill in the snow to the post office, mail in our votes, and then walk back home which somehow was also uphill.  True story!

COTW Dec 27 - Jan 2 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Gatineau Olympiques Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)


ERC Ingolstadt, by Jay S:
Today's first concept is for ERC Ingolstadt, a team in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga.  The part of this concept that stand out are the cuffs, as each jersey has a cool striping pattern along the bottom of the arms.  I think those cuffs look great, it's a unique area for a design, and with modern gloves being so short they won't get covered up much.  The rest of the striping pattern looks good too.  I don't have any criticism of the uniforms, but there are a couple of things I think could be improved with the presentation.  First of all the Hockeyville logo should probably be credited to Kraft Hockeyville, and secondly I think the empty space surrounding the jerseys could be shrunk so the jerseys take up more of the image (the social media links at the bottom could be shrunk a bit too).
Rating:  8/10

Toronto Maple Leafs, by Nolan O'B:
We're going to see lots of Maple Leafs concepts on this blog in the coming months, because of their rumored new logo next year, and today Nolan takes a stab at them.  Starting with the logo, I like the idea of just a T inside of the leaf, however I'm not a fan of this particular leaf.  Something about the shape of the leaf just makes it feel like a weak logo to me.  The jersey striping is interesting, it's like a combination of their current jerseys and their Ballard-era 1970-92 set.  I still prefer their current jersey stripes (which I think are the perfect Leafs jerseys), but it's fun to see something new tried for concepts.
Rating:  7/10

Augsburger Panther, by Jay S:
Jay's second concept of the day is a also for a DEL team, but this time he tackles the Augsburger Panther (tackling a Panther sounds dangerous).  Augsburger's current jersey are covered in so many ads it's hard to see the design.  These jerseys are an instant improvement design wise just because of the lack of ads (although I don't think the team owner would appreciate no ads).  All three jerseys look good, yet nothing excites me about them, especially the third jersey which is just a recoloured Canadiens jersey.
Rating:  7/10

Augsburger Panther Christmas Jersey, by Jay S:
Jay also sent in this Christmas jersey for Augsburger, and I can't say this jersey isn't exciting.  This concept has it all, from the Christmas tree side panels, to bows as arm and sock stripes, even the panther in the logo is wearing a Santa hat.  The Christmas elements are used so well that this jersey still feels like a hockey jersey.  If I was feeling more Christmas-y I might end the review here, but I thought I should point out the execution errors I noticed.  First the snowflakes on the shoulder yoke have some red pixels between the branches, it looks like they were moved to the yoke from the main part of the jersey.  Also the way the side panels are placed, the tree would have two balls on top, one from the front and one from the back.  Those are just minor issues though, this is still a great concept.
Rating:  8/10

Before we get to the next concept, I want to mention the blue helmets on these Augsburger concepts.  The team actually wears these helmets in real life, my best guess is that they're some sort of advertisement.

Calgary Hitmen, by Ryan C:
We'll end today's post back in North America with a concept for the Calgary Hitmen.  Ryan C gives them a mighty fine looking chest-stripe (I wonder if chest-stripes are going to be the next "in" thing, the Florida Panthers are rumored to be getting a chest stripe next year, and I could see some minor league teams following suit).  He also creates a new logo using a silhouette of Hit Man.  I actually think the logo looks quite good, it works well with the chest stripe.  I still prefer their current logo, but once again it's nice to see something new on a concept.
Rating 8/10


That's it from me today.  Now it's time for you to have your say, let us know what you thought of these concepts in the comment section below.

See you next week!
Wednesday: All Star Reviewed by Steven Grant on January 06, 2016 Rating: 5


Burkus Circus said...

What I like about the new NHL All-Star Game/Tournament jerseys:

The 3-Star thing on collar sorta kinda represents the new tournament format.
That is all.

I shall now begin my list on how horrible the new NHL All-Star Game/Tournament jerseys are:

1.: The "Color-Blended" NHL logo looks ridiculous.
2.: The 3-star collar messes up the look of the entire jersey.
3.: There are SOOOOO many ways this is a Nashville-inspired jersey I can KNOW this won't be next year's All-Star Jersey.
4.: I guarantee the numbers will look horrendously stupid and busy.
5.: The arms look too blocky and dumb.
6.: The socks will probably be based off the arms, so they'll look blocky and dumb.
7:.: The full color team logos will clash with the jersey (especially Columbus, Florida, Minnesota, Ottawa, Dallas, Chicago, or teams with the same or similar color schemes as the teams above, a.k.a. 90% of the league)
8.: Only two jerseys for a 4 team format.
9.: "The top arm stripes extend to the back." Oh, God.
10.: I'm probably the only person in the world who thinks this, but I think last year's All- Star Jerseys looked pretty good.
11.: Switch out the NHL logo for Nashville's and change the black for blue and you have Nashville's new 3rd jersey.
That is all about the jerseys. I'll rant about other stuff in a later comment.

GO JACKETS!!! GO MONSTERS!!! GO BUCKS!!! GO ALL-STARS (but boo All-Star jerseys)!!!

Burkus Circus said...

This is a Part 2 Comment:

12.: "Reflective NHL shield and numbers." Oh, God.
13.: Diffent colors for the inside of the collar and the outside? Why? NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO SEE THAT.

Now onto the Rosters:
Absences: Metropolitan: Crosby, Lundqvist, Nash (I wanna see Nash in Nashville!), Johansen (this is just my CBJ fan); Atlantic: van Reimsdyk (did I spell that right?), Chara, Pacoretty (I didn't spell that right ... he's the Habs' new captain; Pacific: Getzlaf, H. Sedin (the Sedins are no good without each other); Central: MacKinnon, Wheeler, Toews
Shoe-Ins: Atlantic: Jagr (he specifically said that he did NOT want to be in the All-Star Game); Pacific: John Scott (#VoteJohnScott ? How about #Dont ?)
That is all.

GO JACKETS!!! GO MONSTERS!!! GO BUCKS!!! GO ALL-STARS (but boo All-Star jerseys)!!!

winnipegjets96 said...

Jan S's ERC Ingolstadt for COTW

Jlnhlfan said...

Steven, why did you shut down the blog? Now my SG94 return is all but a dream.

Zeke G said...

I wish the NHL put more effort into adding some flair to the ASG jerseys. It looks like they just used the paint bucket tool and thought it was good enough. Furthermore, in the press release, they say that they were inspired by Nashville's "vibrant nightlife". I don't see anything on them that could come even close to being vibrant. It's painfully dull. They also proudly claim that the inclusion of the black and white it was inspired by a piano. That's fine, but then why cover it with a massive grey block? The stars and the little bits of yellow are bright spots, but other than that, nothing screams "2016 NHL Allstar Game in Nashville".

2nd for Jay S's ERC Ingolstadt for COTW

Unknown said...

Jfc what was with Reebok/NHL's mindset this year on jerseys. Every single jersey they unveiled this year (other than Edmont, Anaheim & San Jose) has just been complete garbage and these are the worst of the bunch. I honestly don't understand how people are saying "well at least they're better than last year's". How? How are these even slightly better than last year's? At least last year's had character and were vibrant. Sure they were different, but they weren't bad. However, these are dumpster fires on ice. There are no redeeming qualities of these jerseys. Actually I take that back, the collar is nice, but other than that, I wouldn't let my worse enemy where this sh*t show.

Also, welcome back Steven!

Unknown said...

Welcome back Steven! Glad to have another BC boy on the writing team!

COTW Goes to Jay's Christmas Jersey

DBro Alexander said...

tehe, I'm intimidating!

Best of luck Steven!

Alan John Herbert said...

Welcome back Steven good to have see you writing HJC again!

And Ryan C's Calgary Hitmen concept for the COTW

Richard Mazella said...

I would like to bring this to the attention of ALL READERS! The link below shows an el cheapo site (some of you may know it) that may very well be using our designs to make a quick buck. The below link in particular is specifically for a Wild Wing related jersey. However it is not what it claims to be, but rather a completely non-team official design, which in my memory is an exact image of a concept submitted here by one of our own HJC contributors. It was Dylan Nowak's as you can see in a post from September 27, 2013. I have and do not buy from this site, but I wanted to inspect the source of the picture in Google, which did not say it was from any of our blogs in the URL listed. Just be weary that this could happen to any of us.


Burkus Circus said...

CORRECTION: I don't want to see Johansen in the ASG since he got traded to Nashville.


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