Tuesday: A Broad Spectrum of Jerseys

Hi everybody! Steve M here. As our Monday writer posted, the Lake Erie Monsters (of Cleveland) will be wear Cleveland Barons throwbacks. Well I did some looking and found on the Monsters' twitter account a picture of the actually jersey.
From Lake Erie Monsters' Twitter Account
As you can see, it's the real deal without the numbers. That leads me to wonder if this is just for a preview or if they will actually sell the jerseys minus the numbers? I know they said that they would just auction off the game jerseys but these could become so popular that they just sell replicas at "The Q" on that game night.

Anyways, I have some important reminders. We have the COTW, the ASG competition, and the COTY semi-finals Voting going on. Now remember that your local concept designers worked hard to get to that stage so be supportive and vote for them.

COTY Semi-Finals votes (end Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
ASG ReDesign Pick 5 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern) 
 On to the concepts we go!
Anthony Cinerari- Quebec Nordiques
Positives: It's a Nordiques concepts (obvious positive in my book), It's also nice to see that you kept the three fleur de lis at the bottom. Also, the phantom yoke really works with the home and away jersey. As for the Alternate Jersey, I like that you gave it a more modern touch by using a word mark and added a hem stripe with that one white accent strip above the red.
Negatives: All that being said, while the designs are nice and are fairly clean, you are missing the names and sleeve numbers, both of which are required by the NHL. While I don't have any problems with the home and away jersey, the alternate's word mark bothers me. it resembles the Washington Capitals main logo on a navy blue jersey. You could say that if you slapped the Capitals' logo on there it could pass as an alternate for them.
Overall: 6/10 I must make something clear with you Anthony. This concept could have gotten more points if you remembered to put the name and sleeve numbers on the concept. It's understandable if you forget to do that, but I have to dock you some points because of it.
 Shai Rotbard-Seelig - Toronto Maple Leafs
Positives: Shai, this is a lot better than the last concept I judged from you so I'm glad you really stepped this one up. Anyways, the concept is well executed with with little pixelation. The mixture of styles of previous jerseys to create a whole new set really works nicely here.
Negatives: The back numbers seem on the short side. Other than that and the stray pixel here and there your in good shape.
Overall: 7.5/10 much better Shai.
Brooks Freeman- Minnesota Eagles (NWHL expansion)
Positives: Kudos on going all out for this expansion project. the concept and logos are really clean. the custom shoulder yoke is really fitting in relation to the logo and the simple design below it doesn't make the jerseys look busy. Also, adding the NWHL logo to the jersey is a nice touch
Negatives: While your concept is clean, the issue I have, as I did with Ryan C, is that the collar looks like it's just sitting on top of the yoke instead of being a part of the jersey. I would suggest that you put a jersey tag or maybe slightly darken the inside of the collar to give it that unified look.
Overall: 8.5/10
Lucas Daitchman- Montreal Canadiens
 Positives: The vintage round collar is a nice touch on this jersey.
Negatives: This is just the Canadiens' current jersey with the blue and white swapped in the stripes with the hem stripe added to the cuffs. While I understand that this is a concept of what it would look like, this is a rough concept and needs to be cleaned up.
Overall: 6/10 
Scott Garland- Tampa Bay Lightning
Positives: This is a good example of a well executed concept. While it is a "fauxback", it works. The "TAMPA" diagonal word mark looks really nice in that font, rather than using a plain block or full block. the simple striping and minimal use of black pull this jersey together to make it very easy on the eye.
Negatives: Not really a negative but the captains' "C" inside a plain circle isn't doing anything for me. Make the circle dark blue with a cream colored "C" and that would make it stand out more.
Overall: 9/10 
Glen Wilson- New York Rangers
Positives: well I'm glad to see you took this on more serious than your "Uno the Cat" jersey. The Concept of the Diagonal strip is really interesting, as well as the diagonal sleeve stripes. they remind me of the Lady Liberty Jersey.
Negatives: The name and number on the back of the jersey are too low. The crest logo is also a little low. Also about the crest logo, changing the colors to red, white, and gray/silver doesn't look that good on this. As for that diagonal stripe, I understand you wanted it to line up with the logo. However, you have the stripe going all the way onto the sleeve, which just looks awkward. I'm sure the stripe would look fine if it stopped right at the arm pit. Also, it could get pretty hard to see those sleeve numbers from a distance in just red. Either change them to white or put an outline of white or gray/silver to make them stand out. But most importantly, make sure that your concept is clean.
Overall: 6/10
Alan Su- Ottawa Senators 
Positives:  this concept is pretty clean. It almost has a soccer style to it with the crest patch smaller and to the left side of the jersey instead of being front and center. the two equal sized horizontal stripes are also a nice touch to the jersey.
Negatives: First, remember to put an ID on your concept! second, the back number on the white jersey can get a little hard to see. I would suggest putting a white outline after the black so it gives it that clarity that the red jersey's back number has.
Overall: 7.5/10 
Alan su- Pittsburgh Penguins
Positives: Glad to see you put an ID on this one. Anyways, having the Penguins go back to the Athletic gold was a great choice. The way they use the vegas gold doesn't do it justice. Your execution of the 3D player turned out fairly well, so kudos. Also, adding in the mix of gray reminds me of the Penguins 90's 3rd/away jersey, but the arm design is more 80's. 
Negatives: Those large stripes of color on the sleeves of the home and away just look awkward with just a little accent stripe at the bottom of the jersey. Also, it would be nice if you had a back side of these jerseys for us to see, Because from what I see on the arms of the player makes me question what the back of the home and away jersey looks like.
COTW Nominee is Scott Garland's TB Lightning 
Well that's all I have for you guys this week. Remember to vote for the COTW, ASG competition, and COTY semi-finals. Everybody have a good week and I'll see you guys this time next week. 
Tuesday: A Broad Spectrum of Jerseys Reviewed by Steve Marc on January 26, 2016 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

COTW to Brooks... Sorry but I just don't see the "collar issue" you speak of. Looks as it should to me

Ben Shaffer said...

Second for Scott's Tampa Bay Winter Classic.

Unknown said...

3rd Scott for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Brooks F, I like Scott's Tampa concept, but it's way too Toronto like, even with the black.

Steve Marc said...

I must say that I would agree that brooks is COTW worthy.

Cody Chretien said...

Just came across this post now - that Quebec Nordiques third jersey's logo (wordmark) looks a lot like the one I designed for a school project back in 2012 (posted to Behance in 2015), see link https://www.behance.net/gallery/30997363/Quebec-Nordiques-Logo-Jerseys

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