Thursday: Straight to the Point

Hello guys (or girls), and welcome back to another Thursday post!

As mentioned in the title I'm going to keep the intro of this post short and get straight to the point: the concepts!

Before we do that, though, I need to remind you about voting. I think I've become a bit cliché with these reminders lately so I'm just going to tell you to go do it. It's quick, easy, and helps out the blog a lot. So what're you waiting for, take a break from reading this and just do it.
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Like I said, short and sweet intro, onto the concepts now:

Lucas D. - Boston Bruins
Idea: While I don't think the winter classic jerseys were bad, I think they had a lot of untapped potential. This design is a fauxback based off of a previous design, and a fresh idea.
Design: While the jerseys remind me a lot of these, I'm pretty sure they're based off of these or possibly these. I like the new twist on it for sure, it's a solid look.
Colors: Love the use of brown instead of black. That's one thing I think that could have really helped their winter classic jerseys and honestly I wouldn't mind at all if they switched to that full time.
Execution: The numbers look a tad small and the name looks possibly a bit off center, but other than that things look good.

Overall: 8.5/10

Lucas D. - Calgary Flames
Design: Lucas is back at it with another gradient striping jersey. I'm not sure if it works better or not, because I like the addition of yellow into the stripes but I don't think the yellow next to the red gives it much of a gradient look.
Colors: On a similar subject, I like the colors used here. For an alternate jersey, I like the emphasis on black, and the white as the secondary color. 
Typography: I'm not really a fan of that font, but it would work better here than on a more classic design.
Execution: The numbers on the back are way too small. Also, the TV numbers would be split up a different way, per se. With the font being askew the way it is, the numbers wouldn't be split perfectly, part of the two would end up with the three and vice versa.

Overall: 7.5/10

Noah K. - Dayton Bombers
Idea: The skyline hem isn't a new idea, but it can look great when pulled off right.
Design: Simple design, but a pretty good look nonetheless. About the skyline though, I think that would work better if you sublimated it and added hem stripes in the style of the arm stripes. The bottom of the jersey looks very plain, especially on the back.
Execution: The name is way too small, and I don't believe the ECHL logo is supposed to be inside the collar the way it is, but that one is a very minor detail.

Overall: 7.5/10

Ross T. - Toronto Newleafs Maple Leafs
Idea: The Leafs are confirmed to be getting new jerseys, so why not see some ideas?
Realism: These follow a lot of the rumors that have been going around, so I wouldn't be surprised to see something similar next year.
Design: The main set reminds me of these, but of course with some different ideas. I think the leaf inside the stripes works surprisingly well. The alternate is based off of probably one of my favorite Leafs' designs, and considering how these look I'd love to see a full set based off them.
Execution: The numbers look a bit big and the name a bit small, and I'm pretty sure that you'd need a name if the third jersey was actually a third jersey and not just worn for one or a few games. 

Overall: (8/10)

Ryan C. - Albany Devils
Idea: Definitely nice to see a design that isn't a straight New Jersey rip off.
Design: It's definitely a new one for the Devils, considering that I don't think they've had anything else. It's not a new design, but a good one.
Colors: The design helps this one a lot, but I really like the emphasis of red on the concept. If you're going to have a black jersey for the dark jersey, I'd switch around the red and the black on the stripes of the other jersey.
Logo: Usually clip art doesn't work for a hockey logo, but I don't think it's bad here. I don't think it'd be great without the roundel though.

Overall: 8/10

Ryan C. - Medicine Hat Tigers
Design: Simple two stripes design with a Bruins' yoke. Nothing mind blowing but it's hard to go wrong with that
Colors: Orange is a really underused color in hockey, so the emphasis on the orange is something I really like.
Typography: I think this font usually wouldn't be the best fit for such a simple design, but surprisingly it works.
Logo: I really have nothing else to say here that I didn't last concept, so good use of clip art for these two.

Overall: 8/10

Vaughn R. - Boston College vs McGill University
Idea: I think the winter classic would be cool to see with some teams outside of the NHL, like the NWHL this year and the series you've been doing.
Designs: Both concepts keep it very simple with 2 and 3 stripe designs. Simplicity is the usual look for winter classics so it works out well. I'd make the stripes on the BC jersey a bit more thick and bold though, and drop the nameplate.
Colors: A color on color game. When those work, they're amazing. I really like the gold jersey for Boston College too, and it makes the most sense since the red would have been...well...a bit too close to the other color of..red..
Execution: On the BC jersey, I couldn't even tell at first if the things in the arm stripes were the TV numbers, so I'd definitely change that color. The logo is much too small as well. The concept is fairly pixelated too, mainly around the NOB on the McGill jersey.

Overall: 7/10

Viktor B. - Buffalo Sabres
Idea: Buffalo is bound to be in another winter classic at some point, as long as they keep doing it. No reason not to make a concept for it even if it wasn't possible.
Design: The striping pattern really fits the winter classic theme well, but it's a bit too busy. Drop the chest stripe and I think you'll be good.
Colors: White and vintage white usually don't go well together, pick one and stick with it. My suggestion for this one would be the regular white.
Logo: The new logo is a new take on what they currently use, and it's a pretty good looking one too. I'd lose the script above it though, chances are it'd be too small to see, especially from a distance.

Overall: 8/10

Well, that's a wrap for today. I hate to give it to a Bruins jersey, but my COTW nomination is going to Lucas' Bruins concept. There were certainly a lot of COTW worthy concepts in this post though, so be sure to nominate your favorites. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys again next week.
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Unknown said...

I'll nominate Lucas' Flames jersey

Unknown said...

COTW nom to Ryan's Devils concept.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Lucas D

DLowry said...

Concept of the week to Viktor B.'s Buffalo Concept. Love that logo.

Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Viktor

Ben Shaffer said...

COTW nomination to Ross T.- the execution could improve (missing name on back is most obvious), but out of all the 100th anniversary Leafs concepts I've seen recently, this is my favorite design.

Richard Mazella said...

I'm doing it here because I was remiss last week in not acknowledging a few things and because this is the most recent post from which I noticed my omission.

Thanks to the Dylans for their service, may you pull an epic return like Steven Grant (something I will likely never do though ever much I may want to apply). Speaking of SG94, welcome back my comrade in arms - glad to see you've returned to writing here and to find out our shared interest in astronomy. I find it only fitting that you fill in for our 2013 HJC Writer's Guild brother Dylan A. this time around. Also I send a warm welcome to Steve M. to the team with best luck in your duties.

Ryan said...

@Jets96: I would like to count your COTW nom, but Lucas has two concepts on this post and you have not specified which one.

Lucas D. said...

@Ryan Can you put it on one concept? Either one :)

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