Saturday: HJC's New Year's Eve

HJC's 2015 ends today with this post. This is the final post of the 2015 HJC Calendar. The concepts you see tomorrow will be eligible for the 2016 Concept of the Year.

In 2015 we had just over 1,850 concepts posted. In theory each week featured 6 concept posts plus an update post every Saturday. We may have missed a few posts, but that's still just over 300 concept posts during the year and then 52 update posts. Add on top of all that the competitions we did and I would say we surpassed 2,000 concepts posted on the site during 2015.

Of course quantity is nothing without quality. I certainly noticed a lot of artists improving over the year. Two stick out to me in particular, Ryan C. and Brooks F. as the most improved. There are many others but those are the two that come to mind immediately.

What's your goal for 2016? Some may set a goal of winning a COTW or HJC Competition. May I suggest an alternative? Create a concept that you would be willing to attach your name to. Create a concept that shows everyone what you are about and what you can do. Assume you are in a job interview and there are no questions. You just provide one concept that shows them everything you've got. That's what I challenge everyone to do this year. One concept that defines you. Some may get to that point easily and others will have to work to get there. It will be a process, but that is my challenge to the HJC readers.


The winner of the COTW vote for December 20-26 was Brendan P's Prince George Cougars concept!

Full Results
Brendan P. (PG) - 12
Tyler K. (SAR) - 9
Ryan C. (FLA) - 9

Congrats to Brendan P. (Bpoe96) for winning! This was the winning concept from the Prince George Cougars ReDesign, so we'll have to see if it can go on a run here to perhaps the Concept of the Year? We'll see this concept next week for the COTY-December vote.

The new COTW nominees for the final week of 2015 (Dec 27-Jan 2) have been listed on the side of the page in the black poll. You can vote until Friday at 11:59pm Eastern, assuming you have a Google account. To see the nominated concepts click the link in the poll or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab.


Here are the last of the Gatineau Olympiques entries to be posted.





It's now time to vote for the Olympiques entries. We have 12 entries into the competition, so this time around it will be a Top 3 vote. You'll need a Google account to vote and voting ends on Friday at 10:59pm Eastern. I've opened up the comments on the competition page so you guys can discuss the entries and maybe your voting. You can also see all of the entries on that page.


The 2016 Winter Classic was held yesterday in Foxboro. I thought both teams' jerseys looked great, but together as a match-up they were not as great. I suppose they may be better stand alone jerseys. It has become commonplace for Winter Classic jerseys to become part of a team's full-time rotation. I haven't been a fan of that practice, however I would very much like to see Boston use this sweater as a replacement for their current awful third jersey. As has been tradition for the past 5 or 6 years, the teams will likely wear their jerseys at least once more this season.
Photo: NHL.com
I also thought that Gillette Stadium looked unexciting. The fans were excited and were having a great time, but the stadium looked like it could have been any other stadium. Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, The Big House all had character and really added to the spectacle of the game. The past two Winter Classics have seemed quite generic. Is the magic of the event beginning to wear off so soon?

I would suggest that it's very likely that the 2017 edition will be held in Toronto at BMO Field. Reports suggest that the Rangers will be the opponent. I would have liked to have seen the Habs come in and play the Leafs, but having a team in the Classic two years in a row would be really tough for other markets to accept. Also, would American viewers watch an all Canadian match-up? Just imagine the sweater possibilities though...
(Photo edited) Original: IceJerseys.com


Thank you to everyone who applied to be one of the next HJC Writers. I will be reviewing all of the mock posts this weekend and I will make my decisions very soon. Each time I am looking for new writers the mock posts keep getting better and better. It makes it a really tough choice. People who would be quite good at writing for HJC have to be rejected because there are so many quality applications.


COTW Dec 27 - Jan 2 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Gatineau Olympiques Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)
Saturday: HJC's New Year's Eve Reviewed by Ryan on January 02, 2016 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words Ryan

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Ryan. I couldn't have done it without all of the help and criticism I've got on here. Also i'm confused about my panthers concept from last monday. It was seconded wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Brooks F.'s concept from Monday was nominated and seconded

Jake Miller said...

Yeah, my Cleveland (Lake Erie Monsters concept was thirded yesterday (Forthed if you include the non-Gmail account. Taylor's Minn-Duluth concept was only seconded.
Also Ryan C.'s concept was for the Pens not Florida, so this COTW vote is very confusing.

Unknown said...

My first goal for '16 is to finally see my Charlottetown Islanders concept here ))

Unknown said...

My goal for 2016 is to actually win a COTW.. I've been slacking on my casual/random designs and have been focusing on the competitions a lot. I also have a few really cool ideas/sketches brewing in my mind for some complete overhauls, so I'd like to actually get those ideas out too.

As for the Winter Classic, I felt the stadium & game had a lot more buzz around it compared to last year. For some reason I just didn't care about last years game. And as someone who completely hates the Bruins, that jersey is Godly. I'll buy a Landon Ferraro jersey just because it's so damn nice.. Go Wings.

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