Monday: All Star Intervention

Happy Monday post!

Jump right into jersey news...and yeah..let's get rid of the elephant in room, the really bland, boring, mundane elephant in the room. The All Star jerseys....

There seem to be two camps, they're either better than last year, or worse than last year. The camp that thinks it's better than last year certainly wasn't a fan of the neon/silver/chrome. Last years jerseys, looking at them again, were frankly pretty good. They were exciting, new, edgy, and frankly, could be used again with the worst thing being said is a hypothetical "well think of all the better jerseys we could have gotten". I doubt I'm the only one who looks at last year's jerseys and thinking "well they weren't that bad". Let's look at the last two jerseys from the past 6 years.


Photo from NHL.com


Photo from khandyman.com


Photo from nhl.com

You know...the past 3 All Star jerseys were unique, they were exclusive to their game and looked...pretty good, and FUN! THAT'S THE BEST part. Look at the smiles on the players in the flashy jerseys, it looks so right!

This year....

Photo from NHL.com

I'll let spongebob say this, but replace the word salad with All Star jerseys

They're so uninspired...so...boring...so....bland....soooooo..zzzzzzzzzzzz

What.....oh..you're still reading....well...yeah..

Rating: zzzz/10

Look what's come around. With a new year comes not only new chances to win COTW, but also COTY 2015 is in its LAST MONTHLY VOTE. The best of December is up for voting right now and the winner will enter the 4th quarter vote. The best of the 4 quarters will face each other, and the top 2 will face off for COTW.

COTY-December vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

COTW Jan 3-9 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to Monday's concepts!

Winter Classic- Vaughn R.

+ The Boston jersey isn't really anything new, but the white numbers do make the jersey look better
+ The white C looks good against the lighter blue
+ Both jerseys are decently executed, though both need some work
+I do like the special old school captain's C
+ I do appreciate when people put info on their concepts

- The RBK vector logos on the back should be replaced with nothing aside from the SP on the hem, since these are supposed to be on the SP template
- The chest stripe doesn't really add anything, and if you made the H red and got rid of chest stripe, the jersey would work better
- Hem stripes are much too thin
- tv numbers on the Boston jersey are smushed on the arms, and would look better on the yoke if the arm stripes need to be that wide
- The concept is very cluttered with all the extra logos and text, putting that all off to the side would look better , though

Rating: 7/10

Toronto Maple Leafs- Tristan M.

+ Every Leafs era that HASN'T been officially thrown back to in at least a decade is here, which is nice to see, the '67 jerseys are great but I mean, we've seen them recently
+ The home and road would be perfect, and feature my personal favourite Leafs logo
+ The Winter Classic jersey is original, but still contains multiple Leafs eras
+ Each throwback is true to its era, but none of them look overly dated (using a darker blue on the Arenas jersey) My favourite is the St. Pats one
+ Tristan's execution is fantastic

- I would be curious as to what the gear would look like on the Arenas and Pats jerseys (Canvas, brown pants or green/blue pants)
- How's about a 1997-2004... just saying it was a good era for da Leafs

Rating: 10/10 COTW Nom from me!

University of Western Michigan Broncos- Taylor R.

+ I really like this template. It could have worked for the early edge Oilers or the OKC Barons
+ Great colour balancing
+ Despite me not knowing much about this team...or university, this would be attract people to the brand
+ Great execution
+ Small note, but I love the numbers

- A shoulder patch would fill in the empty shoulder
- This really isn't a problem with Taylor as much as the league logo, doing what the OHL does with colouring with the team colour instead of league colours would look a whole lot better

Rating: 9.5/10

NHL 07 Canadian Colours- Jared L.

I'm not sure what this concept is supposed to be honestly? Is it a what if for if NHL 07 came out on the Sega Saturn with a script on the top? Is it supposed to be like an ad that's city specific? There's no Winnipeg so it's supposed to be from 2006/07...I'm not sure, some explanation would be pretty useful but as is, it looks like...NHL 97 which would be cool for NHL 16, but in 2007, this wouldn't have really caught on

Flin Flon Bombers- Brad F.

+ Flin Flon is a pretty well known junior team, from a few different leagues, but this looks like something you'd see in the late 90s to the recent vintage revival phases
+ The recoloured Dayton Bombers jersey is pretty good, and looks better than the primary colours
+ Good striping, and the addition of black doesn't detract from it
+ Decent execution

- Shoulder patch is almost done right, but is much too close to the collar
- We have templates for numbers and typeface for names and captains logos, so you don't have to use the pain fonts
- Same thing I said with Taylor's concept with regard to the league logo
-Primary logo is a little bit pixelated
- Don't forget helmet logos

Rating: 6.75/10

Stadium Series (OTT v. WIN)- Jared L.

+ I kind of like the idea of teams using their old eccentric templates from the last 5 years, they both kinda work
+ The Winnipeg jersey could work with a few changes
+ It's nice Jared is trying new templates, as opposed to drawing them. this will make it easier to work with

- The numbers are still a huge issue, I get if you want to use a unique font, but these look...well what they are, not centred, over sized and look drawn on with a pencil. Use the template section
- The jerseys don't work in that there's nothing tie the logos to them, it's all very abstract
- Don't forget to change the vector to the CCM or Reebok logo
- The primary logos are way oversized

Rating: 4/10

University of Colorado Buffalos- Mario A.

+ Sometimes simple works, and this works really well, the striping matches the logo perfectly
+ Execution is getting better, Mario

-Most things on the jersey are undersized, Captain's C, PAC 12 logo and tv numbers are much too small
- The NOB and numbers are too simple, and don't match anything
- A shoulder patch would really save this concept and fill the bare yoke

Rating: 6/10

Anaheim Ducks Concepts (By: Chase C.)

+ I like the idea of the angled hem stripe and the curved arms, they don't match great but it works
+ The colours are decently balanced, and considering the original, the green makes sense
+ Decent execution
+ Overall, I would call this an improvement over the previous look and uses the unused colour scheme well

- Orange socks don't work, black socks would look much sleeker
- Duck foot shoulder patch could look pretty good
- The Captain's C is much to far right

Rating: 7.75/10


That's the post!
Don't forget to vote in both votes!
Have a great week!
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads!
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Unknown said...

I'll second Tristan. That is pinpoint accuracy of what I would love to see the Leafs do next year. Amazing job!

Burkus Circus said...

Mostly agree about ASG jerseys: This year's is horrendously horrible, last year's was underrated and actually really awesome!


Burkus Circus said...


SpongeBob is love... SpongeBob is life... SpongeBob is great at explaining the boringness and stupidity of this year's ASG jerseys...


Jlnhlfan said...

They were indeed city-specific ads. They were meant for the game NHL 07, going by its supposed prototype name. They were meant for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

Unknown said...

I havent been around for some time due to my previous computer dying on me. I used to be able to vote using my google account, but now it doesnt even show up. I had Windows 7 before but this computer only has Windows XP. Is that the possible reason? Any help is appreciated.

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