Tuesday: Year End

How was everyone's holiday season? Whether you celebrate something or not I hope this last week was enjoyable. As for me, it didn't feel like Christmas at all, but that's okay it was still a great time with my family. Being at the age of 20 I'm at the age where all the gifts are gift cards, money, or gag gifts which I love, a lot of great ones this year. Any gift that you gave or received that was amazing? I gave my older cousin a huge charcoal portrait of myself I did for a school project as a joke (inside joke when he was intoxicated) and my sister who did the same project as me 5 years earlier still had hers, so we gave him both and his reaction was priceless. It's nice being at the age where I can also purchase a ton of presents for people. The reactions are usually always amazing to see. The only disappointing one was my three year old nephew. Bought him a kid drum set and he had to ask what it was and once we told him his response was "oh". It wasn't a very happy "oh" either. He's three though, I understood. The next day he was banging away at it causing an annoyance through the whole house. You're welcome family!

I'm finished with my boring talk! Now onto today's concepts..


I said this last week I believe, but I am greatly surprised at the outcome. There's not doubt I think this is a very nice logo, but the best in the league? I don't mind the shield, the script or the stars but I think the comet could have been done better. Specifically the puck. Comets are huge and bright and the puck I feel should have a bright spot or it should be larger (obviously pucks are black and should be darker but pucks are also not comets). The colors I think are awesome and at the end of the day, a great logo.

Rating: 8.9/10

Thank you to all that voted. Last logo tournament from me because I will be leaving this site as a writer shortly. Keeping that in mind we have 2 writers spots available! If you want to write for this site once a week, click the banner above!

COTW Dec 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern)
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SKA Saint Petersburg - Artem S.
 Let's start off today with Artem's KHL concepts. Out of all that I have reviewed so far this is my favorite. It's a very traditional design but that is what makes it so great. My knock on it? It's basically what they have worn. The only difference is that their is a shield in the logo. There's no doubt this is well done and looks nice but we lose a bit of creativity here. No complaints about the design, just want to see something new!

Rating: 8.5/10

Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod - Artem S.
 Artem gives us another red, white, and blue team! The plain side paneling with the yoke outline is something I rarely like. I don't think I've had ever liked it but I think there could be a way someday. I feel if there is going to be a side panel it shouldn't continue all the way up to the yoke and should have a more striped design feel to it rather than a paint bucket fill. To me that's where the jersey is lacking. If you took the sleeve stripes you have and made them onto the side panel, the same size and stopping at the armpit it might not be as bad, but side panels in general on hockey jerseys are very hard to pull off.

Rating: 7.4/10

Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs - Ben S.
 Minnesota might have one of the best jersey sets in the NCAA. Ben takes the basic traditional idea they have and simplifies the striping. I think the white jersey looks nice but the maroon one looks gorgeous. Only think that would make these better in my eyes (specifically on the maroon jersey ) would be to have the bulldog head on it. Maybe not on the white jersey since I think there would be too much yellow on the jersey. No real other complaints. I think the back numbers are riding a little too high and don't give enough room for a bigger name. Just that little execution notice, but this is really nice.

Rating: 8.3/10

Colorado Rockies - Dylan T.
 Dylan brings back the Rockies. In doing so he gives them a new jersey idea. To be honest, I love the striping done on the white jersey. I think adding a plain blue yoke or squared off yoke would be amazing. I think you should have done the striping the same on the other two jerseys though. Also, that shield logo you have with the mountains looks much better than the old logo. If you used that on all three I think it would look better! So close to an amazing set, just a few changes!

Rating: 8.7/10

Iowa Hawkeyes - Matt G.
 Matt G continues his BIG10 Rivalry series. For this one he has Iowa vs. Nebraska. Nebraska is the one jersey I like, however I think it would look fantastic if you flipped the color and the outlines for the number and logo so that there is more white. White pants is an out of the box idea and would match the football team but I think you're better off just sticking with red pants here. For Iowa the one switch I would have is to have the striping on the hem or maybe no striping on the hem. If you pick no striping on the hem I think a black yoke would be needed to balance everything out. Again with the pants, I think black would be the way to go. I understand it's what the football team wears but as a hockey set I don't think it would be effective.

Rating: 7.9/10

Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs - Taylor R.
T-Roy finishes off today with a Minnesota Duluth concept too. This one I think is awesome. Keeps a very traditional look but it's a striping style that is quite original. After analyzing the jerseys I really don't see anything I dislike. Honestly it's not a perfect jersey but I don't see anything wrong with it if that makes sense. Close to perfect. Maybe if they had a more modernly done bulldog now that you could use could make this great.

Rating: 9.3/10


That's if for me this week, hope everyone has a great week and New Years! See you all next week in 2016!

Tuesday: Year End Reviewed by Unknown on December 29, 2015 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...

Rockford IceHogs................

Unknown said...

What happened to Monday's post?

Unknown said...

Biased much DBro?

Unknown said...

Taylor for COTW

Unknown said...

Where's my concept?

Jlnhlfan said...

Exactly, Jan and Emin.

Burkus Circus said...

I know we all hate Mondays, but now that the post here on Mondays is gone, I have no joy on Mondays. Last comment on a Tuesday for me ever, as I will commit suicide on Monday. R.I.P. Burkus Circus.

Just kidding, but seriously where is Monday?

COTW Nom to Ben S.'s Minnesota-Duluth concept

GO JACKETS (Up 3-1 on Dallas as I'm writing this)!!! GO MONSTERS!!! GO BUCKS!!!

DBro Alexander said...

@Phil - Not at all ! ! !

Unknown said...

I believe it's pronounced "Milwaukee Admirals"

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