Sunday: Happy World Juniors

Hello everyone, welcome to an awesome HJC post!

So Christmas came and went, (yay)
And I didn't get any jerseys this year. (boo)
But I did get NHL16! (yay)
But I don't have the console to play it on. (boo)
So the World Juniors have started. (yay)
And Canada lost the opener to the USA. (boo)
But I still have HJC, which never lets me down. (yay)
Except HJC is now missing 2 awesome writers. (boo)
But those writers could be you! (yay)
So check out the link at the top, and get your mock concepts in! While you're at it, vote for the COTW, and nominate the concepts this week, as they're the last entrants into our COTY competition for 2015! In the next few weeks we'll be determining this year's best concept! (triple yay)

(Let's just hope Steve Harvey isn't the one announcing the winner...)

COTW Dec 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern)
Olympiques Competition entries (due Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern) 

Now lets get to the concepts!

Barrie Colts - Brooks F.

I like seeing designers make their own logos. These could be more polished, but have a great look to them.
Colours are well used and well balanced.
Alternate jersey contrasts well with main set.
Simple but not too simple striping pattern works best with these logos.

Still not a huge fan of the contrasting shoulders look, and this concept doesn't change that at all.

Overall: For the 2nd time, I get to review a really sharp Barrie Colts set that somehow didn't win the competition. 8.9/10

University of Denver - Ben S.

The Denver Pioneers have a nice classic look that is easy to change a little and still look sharp.
As far as I can tell, they don't use black on their jerseys currently, while this one does just a little.
The brown and white are switched on the dark jersey, which I think looks more effective.

There really isn't much to talk about here. The design is almost exactly the same besides swapping the colour positions and adding a tiny bit of black. Looks good, but nothing noteworthy here.

Overall: It's not bad, but it has been done better several times. For a common, traditional-style team like Denver, you really need to try and stand out more. See Taylor R's concept from November 29 and note how sharp it looks and how it has more key differences without losing the theme. 7.0/10

Vityaz Podolsk - Artem S.

Side note: If there was a Russian equivalent to the Charlestown Chiefs, I'm pretty sure this would be it.

As far as I could research, this is a team that wears Red Wings-style jerseys, so right away I'm happy that there is more going on here.
I've never been a fan of this arm style, but it has it's place in modern jerseys, and it does look good here.
This is a fairly well balanced set.

I think we can do without the piping.
The font for the numbers bother me. A team with WHA-style logos and looks should have a more classic font.
There is definitely room for a black alternate in this set. A black alternate done right would make this a great complete set.

Overall: Yeah I dig it, this is a pretty good set. 8/10

Spartak Moscow - Artem S.

Now for a team that could look like Detroit. They've been flashy in the past, but this is all they need to look good.
The thick arm and chest stripe combo seems to work best for timeless teams like Spartak Moscow.
The balance of space for the chest stripe and logo is perfect, that's something most designers have trouble doing.

The logo could use a thicker outline so it stands out just a little more.
With the classic style of the jersey, I'd get rid of the extra outlines on the numbers. 

Overall: Sometimes simple is better, and this is one of those times. 7.8/10

Toronto Maple Leafs - Josiah B.

The primary mark is really the big thing coming from Josiah's rebrand. It's a simple idea of combining two logos, but I think it works perfectly here.
The triple-stripe style was used briefly in the 60's and again as an alternate in the 2010's. It definitely has room to come back full time now.
The jerseys look sharp and are well executed.

The alternate logo is alright as is, but just a little too boring and familiar. 
The wordmark is definitely boring and familiar. If anything can be brand new in this concept, it should be the wordmark.

Overall: The jerseys and primary logo are great. The other logos need work, but overall this is a solid rebrand. 8.4/10

Toronto Maple Leafs - Lucas D.

Using a classic logo but changing it to have the current font, that's not a bad idea at all.
You know the awesome triple stripes I mentioned in the last concept? Well, this concept doubles that for a completely unique and busier look.
Less radical than the one above, but just as believable.

The problem with the text in the logo is that its a little too big, and its not completely centered on the dark jersey.
The back number could be a little bigger.

Overall: The extra stripes are cool, but the change in logo font kind of flopped. Good try though. 7.4/10

Pittsburgh Penguins - Ryan C.

And now for something completely different, like 40's-style Penguins.
I can honestly say I've never seen the Robo-Penguin logo adapted to look as good as this.
Colours are well balanced, jerseys are really well executed.
I love the number font used here.
If a naive William was told the Penguins were an Original 6 team and this was an old uniform, he'd believe it.

The only big problem here is that this almost looks better as a Bruins concept, and that would be much more believable. And if this isn't meant to be a fauxback, it still encroaches on Bruin territory. Maybe with their current gold, or their old baby blue, this jersey could still look great AND be their own.
Small thing, I'm not sure if the circles on the logo are really necessary.

Overall: I want to love it, but it suffers from an identity crisis. 8.8/10

My first try nominating a Barrie Colts concept for COTW didn't work, so why don't I try again. I nominate Brooks F's Barrie Colts concept as my nominee this week.

Don't forget to vote for COTW and to send in your Gatineau Olympiques redesign entries before Friday! Also, get your HJC Writer applications in!

Thanks for reading and see you next year!
Sunday: Happy World Juniors Reviewed by Unknown on December 27, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Is it weird that yesterday I predicted that it would be a Gatineau Olympiques redesign!

COTW Nom to Ryan C.

Unknown said...

2nd Brooks for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Ryan C.

Unknown said...

Love what Ryan C did with the robo penguin. We've seen the scarf penguin in a roundel before and the skating penguin, but not the robo penguin. I'll third it for a COTW nom.

Jlnhlfan said...

No post yesterday?

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