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Welcome to another Monday Wednesday postpost!

I expected to be in Blainville when this post went live  QC, enjoying a game with a friend who also happens to be from the suburb, and next week, you'll get to see my adventures in the twin cities because by the time this post goes live, we'll be at the arena or close to it. Unfortunately, my flight home from Orlando was delayed massively by the airline and by the shuttle service so I got into Toronto at 2:00am and then left for Montreal at 10:30am, and of course, I forgot to finish this post....oops. I left my laptop in Toronto and because of a bad snow storm...this is coming late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning...

Sorry sorry sorry! I try to stay on top of these things but travel can mess with ya!

The game was awesome, the Armada lost 3-1 to the Val d'or Foruers and I can safely say merchandise & tickets are at least 10x cheaper than in Toronto.

I'd like to take this time to wish well Dbro & Dylan N. as they are leaving HJC's writing staff. When I joined HJC as a writer in summer 2012, Dbro joined up too. We've been through it all with admin Ryan, and while I plan on staying for a while, Dbro will always be with the likes of Colin M., Thallos, Steven G., the other 5 original writers.

Dbro's first post from August 21st 2012

As for Dylan N. he came on to the team a little later, but he's been an off an on writer through the past 2.5 years or so. I can't remember Dylan's first post but if someone links to it I'll post it and you can all read it.

On with the post, and thanks for the ride guys, Go Hawks & Sabres!

Do you wanna replace these two? Think you can? Write a mock post and send it to Admin Ryan and he'll give you all the details in the bar up above with the lined paper!

Hey, do you think the Gatineau Olympique's jerseys are not the best....ME TOO! Wanna change them...well unless you have a hefty bribe that's gonna be hard. But you know what you can do, enter the Gatineau Olympique redesign contest!

Here are the entries that have come in so far:

Vaughan R.

Also, COTW is a great thing to vote for while you're working on you Olympique entry!

COTW Dec 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern)
Olympiques Competition entries (due Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern) 

On to the concepts:


Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ Very good choice of logos and colours, certainly looks like something you'd see in the Mighty Ducks series as an opponent in a bad montage
+ The striping and especially the yokes are very colourful and certainly stick out against the teal
+Numbers match the look and tone of the jersey
+Great execution

- This jersey reminds me of another Florida sports team from say....1995? Maybe a little too close
- I'd prefer the original Panthers logo recoloured to this logo

Rating: 8.75/10 COTW nom from me!

Kelowna Rockets Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ I always like how Ryan creates new patterns for jerseys without changing much, here he creates a yoke out of negative space, and it looks pretty solid
+ Logo looks good, a little Jimmy Neutron/cartoony but it works more than an aboriginal sea dragon from 15 years ago
+ Ryan's execution is pretty solid

- A hem stripe certainly would improve the jersey massively
- TV numbers are too small
- Shoulder patch?
- The side panels kind of work, but would look better if they had more detail to them

Rating: 7.5/10

Prince George Cougars Concepts (By: Andrew W.)

+This was certainly a unique entry to the Cougars competition I really liked, but the colour balancing was my favourite part
+ The red set is beautiful
+ Using the empty space in the logos on the hem stripe was a really nice touch
+ Good execution

- The hem stripes would look better if they were thicker
- tv numbers are too small

Rating: 8.5/10

Iowa Hawkeyes/Minnesota Golden Gophers NCAA Concepts (By: Matt G.)

+ The Gophers jersey is a yellow jersey of the red jersey we saw last week, so I won't talk about it much, I still like it a lot and like the logo choices, so this review will mostly focus on the Hawkeyes kersey
+ The striping is fantastic, while they don't match, they sure do look good
+ Great execution
+ The gear is really colourful, which is always nice

 -The Hawkeyes logo would look 1000% better with an outline
- Yellow gloves don't work as well as yellow pants

Rating: 8.5/10

Quebec Nordiques Concepts (By: Dylan T.)

+ Nothing too extreme with the jerseys, they remain almost them same which is nice, of course with a semi 1979/80 logo and a slightly darker blue
+ Call me crazy, but the piping wouldn't be the worst idea, it could look okay
- Good execution

- The piping template looks like two half circles on the sides, which is not how piping looks on any jersey
- tv numbers are too small and close to the shoulder yoke
- It would be nice to see something a lot more interesting and unique, I think we can picture this jersey in our heads

Rating: 7.25/10

Severstal Cherepovets KHL Concepts (By: Artem S.)

+ I originally didn't recognize the team because they're not wearing the Severstal corporate logo or their flames, so kudos for not just doing minor changes to the jersey
+ The new logo is pretty good, or at least better than the current, and it matches the simple striping
+ Good execution 

- The script on the hem still seems pointless
- Don't forget to get rid of the vector logo on the back of the collar 
- Pants logo is too small 

Rating: 7.25/10

Traktor Chelyabinsk KHL Concepts (By: Artem S.)

+ Traktor's current jerseys are pretty tame compared to these, and in some regards I like the buff-a-slug, but it isn't necessarily an improvement
+ Good logo choices 
+ Again, good execution

- The jersey really is just a cut and past template, it even uses the numbers and pants the Buff-a Slug jersey used, do try to be more original! This series for the most part hasn't been the most creative by any means 
- again with the script on the hem and pants logo, which looks awkward on the pants

Rating: 6.5/10

That;s the post!
Don't forget to get your entries in for the Gatineau Olympique redesign as well as your votes
Have a great week
Go Jets, Mooseheads, Moose & Armada!
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