Friday: The Outdoor Ensemble

Hey there, folks! It's another Friday afternoon, and that means Jack is back!

Well, I'd like to apologize formally for my absence last week. Finals are much more of a doozy than I bargained for. Well, luckily as the year rolls to an end, I'll be able to much more frequently write these posts for you guys.


The first logo challenge I've done in a while, and I'm gonna change it up a bit. This week's theme is WHA teams! I've picked two of my favorite logos from this classic league, and it's up to you to choose which one is better! 

I also want to hear some debate down below, talk about the elements of each logo and what you like and dislike! 


Wow, is this logo cool! We've got ourselves an M inside of this deer. That is next level layering right there. It's honestly a clever logo, that does have this kind of cute kind of angry stylization about it. The red and gold combo is a rare one, but a great one in my own opinion.


It's simple, clean, and should be brought back. No questions. Imagine if the 


We've completely streamlined the voting process for this Colts vote! If you haven't already seen it, check it out! On top of that, the COTY and COTW votes are ending today. We've completely cut down on all the commenting and made each vote just two simple clicks!

COTY-November vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Nov 29-Dec 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Barrie Colts Comp vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)


Jack S - 2008 Winter Classic Redo

Execution: Both names seem way to high to me, and the logos too far down (70%)
Striping: The yellow Pens jersey is one of my favorite of all time. It just looks so dang stylish. A little confused about the striping, as the pattern that was on the torso had this weird parallel between itself and the arms. Here I don't see this parallel. The Sabres one is a new design, although seemingly based on the 80s jersey to a degree. The ghost yoke is a new edition, and I think it works well for this design. (75%)
Effectiveness: I honestly think these jerseys are just way too modern for a Winter Classic. While designing something for these, remember that the aesthetic has always been 60s and prior. Maybe it could happen some time in the future, but I just can't see it now. (50%)
Creativity: Their both things we've seen to an extent before. Not terribly ripped from a source, but not wholly new. (70%)
Other: I'm a little confused as to what these numbers are. I can tell the Pens one, it's just a little small. I would've gone with a larger, bolder font. But the Sabres one, I don't really see where the connection is. Is it like weaving? Why the grey tone? (70%)

Overall: A lot of great ideas and concepts that do need to be tweaked, but far from any Winter Classic jerseys we've seen before. (69.5%)

Jake C - Chicago Blackhawks

Execution: No name or numbers on arms, the inside is black, you're using an older template with the old Reebok logo (they've since then changed to a worded logo), and the logo is really big! Try to think about it this way. The roundel should be the same size as the real Hawks logo is. Try playing around with it to find that happy medium. (65%)
Striping: It's actually really nice. I think it should have been black down towards the bottom, seeing as the inside of the jersey is colored in black. I think as is though, it's really really nice and simple. (85%)
Effectiveness: I think as an alternate, this does have some potential. (100%)
Creativity: Not incredibly creative. Seems to be based heavily on the Stadium Series jersey we saw this year. Maybe it's just me but I definitely do see some similarities between the two. (85%)
Other: I think that with the regular Hawks font this could be brought up a few notches. Don't settle for the fonts you find in paint! You can always find all the NHL fonts for free online, or just use one of the templates and digitally cut them out yourself. (70%)

Overall: A great start to jersey making, but a few simple details that can really get pegged down. (80%)

Josiah B - 2017 Stadium Series Canes and Caps/Panthers and Bolts

Execution: Just missing that NHL logo. (95%)
Striping: Really cool. It's just a simple chest stripe. That's it. It's not super fashion forward, but it's still just a really nice design. (95%)
Effectiveness: I think both of these potential games are totally believable. People eat up the whole rivalry thing. (100%)
Creativity: Strangely enough this is the first time I've seen something like this for the Caps, Canes, and Panthers. (90%)
Other: I think the numbers should've had a larger, thicker stroke to make it pop out more against the chest stripe. The color balance on all of these are pretty darn good. (70%)

Overall: A really cool, simple design that does have that forward look about them. A great series. (87%)

Lucas D - Pittsburgh Penguins

Execution: Great work! (100%)
Striping: I like the slanted pattern and the V, it helps accentuate the triangular logo. But the stripes on the socks could've also had this pattern as well, which would've looked super cool. (85%)
Effectiveness: Anything with the Pens in yellow is a step in the right direction. (100%)
Creativity: I'd say that this ranks pretty darn highly. Great work! (95%)
Other: I think the flaps should not have been the reverse color. I think the black should've been black, and the white white, that way color balance is much more solid and flowing. The stroke on the back could've been a bit bigger. Also, add some detail to the pants! A little logo would've been nice, maybe a stripe at the bottom. (80%)

Overall: It's simple, modern, and slightly vintage. It's just that fun 90s aesthetic. (88.5%)

Ryan C - Toledo Walleye

Execution: Great work, even included the ads! (100%)
Striping: Wow! I love this pattern. It's classy, it's fresh, it just works incredibly well. Also double blue looks great with gold. (100%)
Effectiveness: Much better than what they're wearing. (100%)
Creativity: It's the first time I've seen something like this. Excellent work. (100%)
Other: I think the logo is leagues better than the current, but I still don't really... get it. I actually prefer this alternate when it's in the Roundel, but that's just my stupid self talking probably. I think it would've tied in much better with the whole classic look. (95%)

Overall: Astounding work! (99.5%) and a COTW nom from me

Ryan C - Wilkes-Barrie/Scranton Penguins

Execution: Looks like there are a lot of little loose pixels, and for some reason the image looks like it's really low res. (60%)
Striping: Above, when I said I like the Penguins in yellow, this isn't the Penguins I was referring to. The combination of gold and this shade of burgundy are fantastic, and highlighted perfectly here. On the black jersey, I would've removed the black between the white and gold. It just adds unnecessary separation between the two. (95%)
Effectiveness: Much more original than the current set. (100%)
Creativity: So much, that I'm gonna say that I think this is incredibly creative. Knocked it out of the park in terms of originality this week! (100%)
Other: I hate the WBS logo so much. This Pittsburgh one here just looks really strange. I understand it's the best tool to work with, and the colors and jersey work well with it, but christ it just looks so dumb. Other than that, just watch those little pixels! Every pixel matters in graphic design! (80%)

Overall: Another well done jersey by Ryan! (88.5%)

Ryan H - Colorado Avalanche Winter Classic

Execution: Stripes are just duplicated copies. What the heck are you even doing. (0%)
Striping: I get it's called a sweater, but this looks like something my grandma would wear! (0%)
Effectiveness: Not even close to looking good! (0%)
Creativity: Seen it a million times. (0%)
Other: Are you even trying here, Ryan? (0%)

Overall: Just kidding, man. I think it's really cool, silver and navy are great together. But I think that if the Avs were gonna go Winter Classic they'd further vintage-ize an old Rockies jersey. Also the numbers are a little strange to me. I think with the grey they look further washed out and don't mingle too well with the logo. (90%)

Zeke G - Detroit Red Wings

Execution: It's missing the Reebok and NHL patches and the numbers seem a little high up on the arms. Also stitching! (70%)
Striping: I love this pattern, it's so clean and pretty. A perfect example of two color patterns. (95%)
Effectiveness: It works incredibly well for Detroit. Yes. (100%)
Creativity: I've seen similar designs around, but it's something the team has never done amazingly. (80%)
Other: Not much else to say. It's simple clean and pretty. (100%)

Overall: A few minor touches here and there will elevate this concept to Cloud 9. (91.5%)


Another great day of concepts, and another end to another week! 

I hope your weekends are great, and I wish those of you in college do well on your finals! And don't forget, vote and keep sending in those concepts. We've had 9 per post this week! Maybe we can shoot for more!

Until next time...

-Jack G.
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Zach E said...

COTW to Jordan B's stadium series sets

Unknown said...

COTW nom to Zeke.

Unknown said...

Cotw nom to Josiah B

Zeke G said...

COTW to Jordan B. Those Hurricanes jerseys are especially nice!

Unknown said...

I think you got my name wrong...Jordan?

Ha don't worry about it, it happens...

Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Ryan's Toledo set for COTW.

Anonymous said...

@Ryan C, is there a certain place I can find that template you use? And would you be cool with me using it?

Ryan said...

@Anonymous: Here on the blog on the TEMPLATES page...

Unknown said...

Josiah, I am so sorry about the mixup! The name in the post has been changed.

Unknown said...

@Anonymous... Sorry didnt see your comment but yes as Ryan H. said, that Template is on this site under the Templates tab. All kinds of great stuff there, def check it out!

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