Wednesday Spectacular: First Post of the Final

Happy Wednesday Hockey Fans!!! It's the best day of the year (even better for two of the fanbases) Tonight's the night we've been waiting half a week for. Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final! I'm not going to be going into it so much, that's what the podcast was for. If you haven't heard it yet, I recommend it. Some good pre-game listening.

Basically, everyone thinks the Blackhawks are going to win. Normally Tampa Bay is a team I root for. They're a fun team to watch, they have a pretty good design/identity, and Steven Stamkos played in Sarnia. Why not root for them? Well they're playing the team I grew up cheering for. Sorry Bolts, you're no match for the Mighty Blackhawks.

For those who don't have a team in the Final, you do have a good series to look forward to, and if we're lucky, the Champions' hats and t-shrits will look really good.

Get your Playoff Picks in by gametime, and while you're at it, why not vote? And while you're at that... Why not design a logo for the HJC Open!?

COTW May 24-30 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Playoff Pool pick (due Wednesday @ 8pm Eastern)
HJC Open Logo Comp (ends Tuesday, June 9 @ noon Eastern)

Speaking of the Open... Only one new entry today. Hopefully the well isn't drying up.

Well let's get to the most important thing of the whole day... THE WHOLE DAY...EVERYTHING...CONCEPTS

FC Bayern Munich Hockey Concept - Daniel L.
These are exact copies of jerseys the team has worn. It's nice to see a soccer jersey that translates over into a hockey jersey so well, but I'd rather see a jersey that has a design that resembles the soccer kits, or has design cues from different jerseys, not an exact copy. However, I think the white jersey works best here. I think for these to work better, the Adidas stripes on the sleeve have to go in order to be replaced with traditional arm striping. Imagine the white jersey with burgundy, blue, and sliver striping. I'd rather the pants striping match the jersey stripes, not the Adidas stripes. Also, white pants - meh.

Rating: 6/10

Houston Outlaws Away Jersey Concept - Daryl D.
Daryl designs a jersey for an Expansion team in Houston. Not sure if that's the best destination for a new team, but hey, it's a "concept". The striping on the sleeves looks the best. The hem striping should match it. The logo choice is off for me. The logo here looks like it would fit best in the minor leagues. The Houston Astros logo doesn't look bad on the shoulders. I think the name and numbers should be white in order to pop off the jersey better. The gold and maroon don't have much contrast, so they kind of get lost to me. It'd be nice to see what the rest of the equipment would look like. I'm imagining black pants and helmet, with black and maroon gloves.

Rating: 6/10

Edmonton Oilers (If Nike Took Over Series) - Ben M.
Pretty straightforward swap from Reebok to Nike. The orange cuffs are gone from the blue jersey, not sure how I feel about that. Also the numbers change colors on the primaries. I think blue numbers on the light jersey work best. I could go either way on the dark jersey. The most interesting jersey here is the orange alternate. I don't know about everyone else, but I've wanted to see the Oilers in orange for a long time. It'd be nice to see the back of the jerseys as well as the rest of the equipment. Seems incomplete without it.

Rating: 6.5/10

New Jersey Devils Alternate Jersey Concept - Dylan G.
Oh yeah, Other Other Dylan. We're still takin' over HJC, you watch out. Devils in black is something I think everyone has wanted to see for quite some time. Maybe someday it will happen outside of this website. Very basic striping, basically their primaries without a yoke. The circle behind the logo is gone, which is very meh. I think the logo looks better with the circle. The only other thing that differs from their primaries is the striping on the pants...which I like.

Rating: 7/10

Williams Baptist College Concept - Jacob S.
After a quick Gewgle search, I've come to the conclusion that Willams doesn't have a hockey team. This is a pretty good look to start with for a first year team. Nothing wild and crazy, makes it look like they've been around for awhile with such a timeless look. The name and numbers on the back are pretty big. The design is pretty straightforward and there doesn't appear to be any continuity errors... The only thing I'd probably change is make the W behind the Eagle on the blue jersey white. The black doesn't have enough contrast. A secondary logo on the shoulders would be swell as well.

Rating: 7/10

Syracuse Bulldogs (Slap Shot) Concept - Ryan C.
In the movie, the Bulldogs had Flyers jerseys. This is a very good step in the direction of having their own identity. The black is now brown and I love it. The Ducks numbers look really good, especially with the groovy old font in the logo. OGILTORP!?

Rating: 8/10

Detroit Pistons Hockey Concept - Taylor R.
I love love love the striping. I love when two different jerseys use the same striping pattern but they're colored differently between the two. The Blackhawks are an example of a team that does it. It's done very well here. Taylor's work is always well done and this is no exception. I have no complaints. Which is weird, it's a Detroit team.

rating: 9/10 and a COTW Nom!

That's it! Now go get in front of your tv and wait for hockey!
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Unknown said...

The striping from the NBA jerseys I'm doing come directly from their jerseys. My goal really was to simply see what their jerseys would look like transitioned over to the NHL.

Anonymous said...

The houston Outlaws jersey logo was actually the short lived Kansas City Outlaws. Supposedly the cost of the logo design put them in bankruptcy and they ceased operations after 1 season.

John E. said...

I'll 2nd Taylor's Pistons jersey for COTW

Unknown said...

I nominate Ryan C.'s Bulldogs jersey.

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