Wednesday: Rally Daze

Hey there all you rowdy HJCr's. The draft is this week and we'll get a glimpse of the new Arizona jerseys. And then the Blackhawks will have to start tearing apart their championship team so before that reality hits I'm going to share some more happiness with you.

I read the post Monday and yes Jack, I was at the rally at Soldier Field. It was a blast. I wa at the parade in 2010 and 2013 but wasn't lucky enough to get into the actual rallies due to a Cubs game in 2010 and too many damn people in 2013. But this year, due to storms in the area, Grant Park was too muddy for 2 million people to stomp around, so free tickets were given away for a rally in Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears and site of the 2015 Stadium Series game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The tickets were awarded to those with the best of luck. I sat on Ticketmaster for about 15 minutes looking at a "Please Wait" screen. I knew so many people trying to get tickets, but only 2 got some, myself and one of my friends who I went with.

I'll share one picture with you here and if you're even remotely interested you can check out my Instagram (@dbroalexander) where I posted more picture and videos. I haven't put everything I wanted to up yet but there's plenty of #TBT's coming up, about one every week, so keep an eye out. But even once the parade pics are done, I do post quite a few hockey related pictures and designs I whip up, like my "Blackhawks Did The Thing" image from last week.

There wasn't anyone checking your tickets and you could basically walk anywhere in Soldier Field so once the rally got done we all walked down onto the field and played in confetti because we're children. Look how happy I am. Also note, my t shirt has jersey stripes because I'm a geek.

While you're busy looking at how cute I am, you should vote. The COTW Vote ends Friday, as per usual, and the 2 Color Comp. ends Thursday. So. Go. Vote. Now.

Shall we take a gander at some conceptual jersey designs?

Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate Jersey Concept - Lucas D.
Essentially the Penguins first Winter Classic jersey and alternate from 08-11, which was based on the team's colored jersey from 1986-73. Lucas had added some yellow to the jersey and thinned out the navy blue stripes. I think the stripes should stay bold. I think the yellow could work here but not when it's very thing and surrounded by white. It's pretty hard to see. Not a huge fan of the font. Doesn't seem to fit to me. I think with a few tweaks this would make a good update to a classic Pens jersey.

Rating: 6/10

Stockton Heat Concept - Scott D.
Scott wishes to see the Stockton team in something other than a Calgary jersey. I don't think the striping is bad by any means, but I do think it comes off as a little busy for as simple as the the branding is. The striping on the pants could use some white, and the yokes could use the missing colors form the stripes as well. I think you could simplify the striping and ditch one of the colors. The gloves could use some black on them as well.

Rating: 7/10

Saginaw Spirit Concept - Brandon C.
Bam. This is it. Great! The striping here fits Saginaw's patriotic branding perfectly. Red and white stripes straight from the flag, plus I'm a suck for the colored hem/white jersey look. I with the team had some sort of alternate logo, because I'd like to see something in the shoulders. Maybe just a star or something. Nice improvement from their actual set.

Rating: 8.5/10

Los Angeles Sharks Concept - WHA Resurrection - Colin M.
Colin brings a little flair into the LA Sharks jerseys. The shark tooth pattern is clever. I think it could be improved though, the way the "teeth" are now they would never close because the points are on top of each other. Plus the pattern looks like black diamonds. It looks better on the collar. Move one of the rows of teeth over slightly so those teeth could actually close.

Rating: 8.5/10

Charlotte Hornets NBA-NHL Concept  -Taylor R.
Charlotte has one of the best logos in the NBA and a great color scheme. I love this scheme on a hockey jersey. The striping is basically straight from their basketball jerseys, but I would lose the baby blue. I don't really know where it's coming from. There's a couple other alternate logos that I think would look great on a jersey, maybe an alternate is in the works?

Rating: 9/10

Cleveland Cavaliers NBA-NHL Concept - Taylor R.
The NBA's most recent runner ups. I don't care much for the NBA but I would align myself with the Bulls, so I should dislike this. But as a designer with no bias, I think the Cavaliers logos/unis look great. I love the colors. Shoot, they've had a pretty good history of interesting jerseys. I'm very intrigued by the pants' stripes. Also, I think if you used THIS logo on the shoulders, and used the C logo as a captain's patch, it would be a very clever use of logos and would look great.

Rating: 9/10

Ottawa Senators Concept - Scott G.
I think it's only a matter of time before the Sens ditch their cookie cutter messes and adopt the classic "O" jerseys in some way shape or form. I'd like them to do something like Scott gives us, those beautiful O jerseys but with some modern updates and stuff. The gold trim looks great, and the laurels in the stripe is great as well. The only things I really don't care for are the yokes on the white jersey and the colored namebars. I could live with the yoke, but the namebars are killin' me.

Rating: 9/10 and a COTW Nom!

Some really great looking concepts today. I smell some other COTW noms comin' up. Have a great week everyone and enjoy the draft! Also... this got shared while I was writing the post...

Whataya think about that? Discuss...
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Second scott g for COTW

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