Tuesday: One More Sleeps

The Stanley Cup Final is upon us. One night and one day away. Unfortunately I was unable to participate in the podcast, just too late at night for my household. I was up until about 12 am that night but with sharing a room and other rooms taken it was hard for me to find a place that I was able to talk without disturbing the peace.

So I will give a brief prediction here. I will start off and say I think Chicago is the better team. I do think they will win this series, and I will be cheering for them. However, I'm also very high on Tampa Bay. I think the bold prediction by most is that Chicago will get away with this one easy. Tampa Bay statistically speaking is a very sound team, and what's scary about them is they're only going to get better. They can definitely come out winning this series but I just think the veteran Blackhawks players are just too good in these situations, Tampa Bay is still very young, who knows though, it's the cup.

I say if the Blackhawks win, this will complete said term 'dynasty' (even though I already think they are). And if Tampa wins I think it's the start of a dynasty. Anyways, let's start looking through the concepts!

HJC Open Logo Comp (ends Tuesday, June 2 @ noon Eastern)



Jared L.

Dylan G.

Alan  (AJH)

Jeff H.

Washington Capitals Concept - Jacob S.
 Going to start off today with a concept that I think could use some touch up work. To sum it up, I think this concept is kind of boring. Don't take that in a wrong way though, some small changes could make this look great. First things first, blue on red, vice versa is very tough. Most of the time you need a white color in between. So, I would say change the logo so that the whole thing is white. The stars can stay the same, I think it's different enough. The striping though is the boring part. I would say make a blue stripe underneath the white the same size as the white but that would basically be their old jerseys and not a concept. To match your yoke though maybe you should have blue stripes on either side of the white stripe. Then eliminate the blue cuffs on the arms and below the hem. Also, I know the logo font is slanted but I think you're better off justing using a regular classic block font. Don't think the one you have fits.

7/10 - Keep working!

Montreal Canadiens Concept - Jamie R.

 I'm going to dual wield these two since there's only one difference on them, the off white stripe. I think the top one is much better. It adds a lot more contrast and I think it's more pleasing on the eye than the bottom one. The bottom one is still pretty damn good though. Couple changes to the top one though. I would add a blue outline around the logo instead of red, and make it a tad thicker. And taking away the red outline on the numbers and leaving it a blue outline. That to me would make those fit better.

Top Rating: 8.7/10
Bottom Rating: 8.4/10

Washington Capitals Concept - John V.
 Another red white and blue concept. This gives the Caps an entire new look. Introducing a blue jersey, and a new logo. I actually don't mind that shield, I don't think it's great or anything but it's not bad at all. I would just give the weagle a white outline or have the whole inside white too. Don't know if that would be too white though. Without any sleeve stars on the jersey though I think some arm stripes would complete this more. Add those in and this is a pretty nice alternate. Good job!

Rating: 7.8/10

Minnesota Wild Concept - Mike Sweezey
 Mike gives us a not so out of the box Minnesota concept for his 'Simple' Series. Nothing to complain about here too much. I think it's a great looking set. I just think the wheat color is a little too vibrant if that makes sense. It has more of a gold hint to it than it normally does I believe, I think the regular wheat color would look better, but again, that's me.

Rating: 8.6/10

Charlestown Chiefs Concept - Ryan C.
 As much of a hockey fan I am, I have to say I've never seen this movie. Terrible, right? But you bet I know what the jersey looks like. The blue jersey is roughly untouched, adding another yellow stripe to complete the hem. The white takes the reversal of that and adds a blue yoke. I would say to leave the numbers blue on the white, I think the color balance throughout the set would be better.

Rating: 8.4/10

Atlanta Hawks Hockey Concept - Taylor R.
Very cool to see a different look. I must say it is a very pleasing out of the box design that fits the Atlanta Hawks basketball uniforms. Well atleast old uniforms, right? I heard something about new ones? I don't know, not a big basketball fan. The blue jersey I think is great. I really have nothing to complain about. The white jersey is where it gets a little too plain for me. I think it could really benefit with a bigger hem stripe of blue, or adding in a fitting side panel? It just looks really empty right now. If you did make a matching side panel design and transfered it over to the blue jersey I think it could help that one out too. Nonetheless, very strong concept.

Rating: 8.7.10

The end of the concept day I'm going to give my COTW nod to 
Jamie's Montreal Alternate.
The one with off white.

To me out of the jerseys in the post that's the one I'd like to see on the ice the most for one reason or another. Until next week though I'm signing off. Let us know in the comments what you think about these jerseys. Or your Cup predictions! Agree with me? Disagree? I want to know!
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Anonymous said...

No thank you to hawks winning the Cup. The team isn't as great as one would have you believe. Look at their numbers. Tampa Bay is much more deserving of the win overall due to the way the took out the Rangers. That was impressive. I will be cheering for Tampa Bay to take it all. If the team is any reflection on the fans (which I believe it is) then they need to clean up their act. The city is filled with violent crime which says a lot about the people that live in and around here. Considering the team is from there I'm surprised the news hasn't found any issues of violent crimes committed by the players as they have found with the Kings.

Unknown said...

Numbers wise Chicago is a much better team. Any advanced stats system shows that.

Also the argument involving the city is pretty invalid. Closest thing you're going to get to a violent Chicago team is Pat Kane hitting a Taxi Cab driver in Buffalo when he was...19?

Unknown said...

I'm a fan of Tampa, with living in Syracuse, NY and seeing literally half of Tampa's team grow as players over the last 3 years has been great. And seeing them lose in the Calder Cup finals at home,(Go Griffins! Typing this at the UTI/GRR game right now)this would be great to see them rise to the occasion. Plus, I hate Chicago.

Anyways, the podcast was cool and I'd like to hear more.

And Taylor R's Atlanta Hawks concept for COTW.

Jeff H. said...

At this point in the season, numbers don't matter. The best team on paper doesn't always win it. Ask the Kings how much it mattered last year when they came into the playoffs as a virtual 8 seed and won the whole thing. They got it going at the right time. The Hawks did the same...well that and having guys like Toews and Kane on the roster never hurts.

The Hawks have a shot of winning their 3rd Cup in the last 6 with pretty much the same crew in place. A run like that with the salary cap restrictions in place is really impressive. They've dumped off key parts like Byfuglien and Leddy among others and still kept it rolling.

Yeah, I have to agree with Dylan here..the city argument is pretty laughable and highly invalid.

Not a Hawks fan, but jeez...respect is kind of due there.

As for who's winning it? No clue. As a neutral, I'll enjoy the series and tip my cap to the winner as both teams would be worthy champs. If Chicago wins, it's officially a dynasty. If Tampa wins, they'll have gone through the entire Original 6 to win it (yeah, I know, how? Simple. They finished ahead of the Leafs and my Bruins, and then beat the Wings, Habs, and Rangers, with the Hawks the last hurdle). Either way, no ill will to either team. Just give us a good series...maybe like the Conference Finals, but with a tiny bit more drama in Game 7 this time guys...

*steps off soapbox*

Back to the concepts...I'll second Jamie's Habs set for COTD.

T.G. Blankenship said...

I can't lie, I stopped reading when you wrote you haven't seen Slap Shot. Watch it this week or I never return to read Tuesdays lol

T.G. Blankenship said...

Also, Tampa Bay is winning the cup so that my old roommate can get his name on Stanley's silverware.

Unknown said...

Jeff, my only rebuttal to your comment is that the years LA won the cup, they were 8th seed but entering the playoffs (after trade deadline) they were in the top majority both years statistically. They were an 8th seed that actually wasn't an 8th seed. Like you said though it comes down to who can win 4 games first. Tampa stole some games in the playoffs when they were actually outplayed and they've lost games in the playoffs when they were the better team. One bounce can change the series. Can't argue there. Going to be a very fast and exciting series. Can't wait to watch!

Unknown said...

I also nominate Dylan N.'s COTW nom.

Ryan said...

Dylan G, your nomination isn't clear. I don't understand what/who you are nominating, as such I can not count it.

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