Tuesday: HJC Open Logo Vote!

Hey everyone! Today the HJC Open Logo Vote begins! This is for you to vote on which logo represents the whole entire tournament. The logo that will represent all the concepts that will be entered. Representing the names that are facing off in it. So obviously we want you to choose your favorite! Being my stupid self I didn't save during progress of my logo and my computer froze..luckily I had a couple more days to redo it. A day later I made another version and saved it. Although this time I forgot to send it in on time. So I'd like to say this is our Phantom HJC Open Logo, because obviously everyone would have voted for it.

The Official HJC Open 2015 Phantom Logo

Enough pity for me ONTO THE CONCEPTS!


HJC Open Logo entries (due Tuesday @ noon Eastern time)
COTY-May voting (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
COTW May 31 - June 6 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Minnesota Fighting Saints Concept - CPM
 CPM always gives us a very nice concept. This one is no exception. The colors go great with each other on this concept. Love how the gray interacts with the blue and gold. Some things that I think this concept could do without are the number styles. To me the font you chose for the numbers seems really squashed. It doesn't seem to be taking up actual space numbers should. Taking away that factor though I don't think the logo fits the jersey too well. With the jersey design I would want a wild logo to fit it. Hell, even that shoulder patch logo you have could look good as the primary. Small changes in my eye can make this a great jersey.

Rating : 7.8/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept - Daniel L.
 Daniel makes a pretty easy Tampa Alternate. this would have been so much better than the one they unveiled. I firmly believe the lightning should have a out of the norm alternate to be opposite of their traditional home and road but this could also suit the bill. Thought I'm not a fan of the word mark over the logo. Think it would just look better with the bolt. Font is nice. Everything is nice. The only thing this concept is lacking is star power...it's just a nice looking jersey, you know?

Rating: 8/10

One execution note. Moving down the logo a tad, it's hugging that collar pretty tight. And as we all know, here at HJC we do not allow PDA.

Slovenia Concept - Christian C. 
 I really do love this color scheme Slovenia has. It's pretty, it's sharp, it's pretty, it's sharp. Did I say it's pretty? Well, it's also sharp. One knock right away I see is the Nike Shoulder filler you have. I've never been a fan and even though it might be more realistic with those, since it's a concept I would lean towards what looks better and to me those don't. Also on the white jersey the mountain striping is cutting into the numbers and I think it would look better if it was under that. Maybe bring that whole design down. These are great compared to what they wore at the Olympics though. Nice job!

Rating: 8.4/10

Elmira Jackals - Brooks Freeman
 I'm all for wacky designs for lower leveled team and this one really does a good job with wacky. Though it has a lot of faults when trying to do that. To me the first thing that pops out at me and irks me is the underaarm sleeve design. To me that's almost similar to the pit stains on the Sabres jerseys, it just doesn't seem useful to the design. It doesn't add anything it's just their. Like parts of different jerseys were stitched on each other accidentally. The hem design you have is an interesting idea, and I'm not against it but I think you could incorporate that into the sleeves better. Other notes I have is the name on the red jersey should be white or maybe if the gray is light enough. The blue blends in too much from a distance. Also, you have a full red jersey but the white jersey has red as only an accent color. I would find a way to make red a more dominant color in that jersey too.

Rating: 6.2/10

Iowa Wild Concept - J3
 J3's Get Your Own Jersey entries were all awesome. Out of all of them though this was probably my favorite. I think the balance between colors is done great and the subtle designs in the striping is great too. One thing that I think should be rid of is the number font. I think this concept is in great need of a simple block font. Doing that I think would make this a pretty gorgeous alternate. Maybe even a Minnesota Wild jersey.

Rating : 8.2/10

Nashville Predators Concept - Mike S.
 Mike's simple series is again back and again, unsurprisingly goes pretty simple. I'm not so sure how I feel about this one. I think this is fairly empty and I think that the striping could be bolder and thicker. Not only would it just keep it simple but I think it would make the jersey seem more full and add more character. I've never been a fan of slim striping and that doesn't change here. Beefing up the outlines could go a long way for this one. Also, the numbers seem to be too low on the jersey You have room under the numbers to move them up and I think that would be a good idea to take advantage of. That would also give you more room to beef up those stripes!!!!

Rating: 7.6/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept - Nick B.
Nick never had a disappointing concept. At least, I've never witnessed one. This jersey design is a design we see often I think. Whether it's icethetics or right here on this site. The design where it has simple traditional striping but that striping carries over to a yoke stripe. This is done really well though. The color scheme and just the execution is nice. Anyone voting for Columbus to make these their new home uniforms? I do, I do vote for that. This is a concept that's very simple, nothing too out of the norm but with great execution it makes it a great looking concept. 

Rating: 8.9/10 - I'll give it my COTW nomination too!

Game 3 was yesterday and I'm happy to see Tampa winning. However I hope they lose 2 out of their next 3. That means game seven folks! Want to know another thing I forgot? To put in my Playoff pick. I saw William would have picked the same thing that I have so if I remembered I would have picked Tampa in 6 so I would have a chance to win, man, another missed opportunity! Oh well, don't be like me people! Please, eat your Wheaties!

See yo next Tuesday!
Tuesday: HJC Open Logo Vote! Reviewed by Unknown on June 09, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I second nick b.

Also, Love colins concept today, would've gone nicely with my updated saints logo

And Dylan that is a beauty, I would have voted for it. For sure

Unknown said...

I'll nominate Colin's Saints concept of COTW

DBro Alexander said...

I think that Saints roundel actually fits really nicely with the jersey design. Everything's so round. And I like that font too. I give that concept a COTW Nom to A) Spite you and B) It deserves one

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

CPM's Saints jersey is fantastic! I honestly love how the whole jersey fits so well with the logo and it's quite unique looking. But to even the playing field, I'll second Nick Burton's - CBJ's concept for COTW. Simple, and classy.

Unknown said...

It's not that I don't think the roundel fits. I just don't think the logo inside the roundel fits. It's a lighter detailed logo while everything else is so bold. I just think there could be a way better fit as a logo. That being aside, the jersey is a very very nice design.

Unknown said...

KHL's team Avtomobilist announces a competition for new alternative jersey. Not quite well translation, but everything is acceptable. Strange that KHL team dont' have English version


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