Sunday: Time for Some Soccer

Hello everyone and welcome to another jersey-packed Sunday post!

So Chicago won the cup, and I won the Playoff pool. One of these things is a big surprise, the other thing is Chicago winning the cup.

But now there's no hockey for a long, long time. Do I worry? Not yet, as there's the NHL Awards, NHL Draft and Free Agent Frenzy still to come. But after those things, then I worry, because that's a long time to go without hockey action.

But for now, I'm preoccupied with something else. Soccer. It isn't my first sport of choice, but I get excited for anything where Canada's sporting pride is on the line, especially when we're actually a contender. Tonight, Canada plays Switzerland in the round of 16 in the Women's World Cup. Do they win? I think so, but offensively they've been pretty weak so far, and they won't last very much longer if that doesn't change.

Alright, back to hockey. We just wrapped up the entry phase of the 2 Colour competition, and it seemed like such a fun competition that even I decided to enter this time.  Now it's time to vote for your favourite, and there's a bunch of good concepts to pick from.

*** Edit by Ryan ***
There were some entries that weren't initially in the slide show. Whoops. They are there now. If you voted on Friday and Saturday your vote very likely doesn't count now. Go to the 2 COLOUR COMP page to see if your votes count. If they do not, you can vote again.

Now, before I start talking about soccer again, let's get to some concepts!

COTW June 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
2 Colour Comp Top 5 vote (ends THURSDAY @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Iowa Wild - Alan H.

Yay: Let's start today with the Iowa Wild concept by Alan. He uses the alternate logo and adds some extra red to both jerseys. The colours in the striping pattern look really nice together, and works with the Wild theme without being a total copy of a previous design. Execution is spot on, and this could be a nice upgrade for the Wild.

Nay: Not necessary a point against you, but it would be nice to have a different logo than just the parent club's logo in a roundel. Something should go on the helmet, their wordmark logo could work well.

Overall: White and vintage white together is a tricky design choice, but it looks great here. 9.1/10

Owen Sound Attack - Brandon C.

Yay: Next up is a pair of OHL concepts from Brandon, the first being for the Owen Sound Attack. I always thought that their logo is downright awful, but is saved by a cool colour scheme. This uses a pretty basic design like their current set, but using a black jersey is much better than red, and the coloured stripes and yokes are much more exciting than what they wear now.

Nay: The Attack used to have some really crazy jerseys, and in a league full of the same sort of design nowadays, I miss having the wild cuffs and stripes like they used to have. There's nothing really flawed about this concept, besides the helmet logo being too small and the front logos being a little too big, but overall it's good... just somewhat boring.

Overall: Very respectable jersey, but this team deserves a crazy set of jerseys. 8.6/10

Oshawa Generals - Brandon C.

Yay: Brandon's next concept is for the Oshawa Generals. Unlike Owen Sound, anything but an old-timey jersey would be a mistake for the Generals. The design here is pretty similar to their current set, but their red jersey is now blue, and he adds a beautiful set of yoke stripes. Blue makes the logo stand out better.  This set is sharper than anything they've previously worn, but keeps their timeless style intact.

Nay: The helmet logos are a little too small, but that's really all I can nitpick.

Overall: Fantastic! 9.5/10

Birmingham Bulls - CPM

Yay: Now we have CPM's newest addition to his WHA series: the Birmingham Bulls. The wordmark and striping pattern keep this team looking old-school while fitting into a modern and fresh era as well. The fonts and equipment look perfect, and the darkened blue really looks nice with the rest of the colours.

Nay: Birmingham is such a long word to use as a wordmark. It works, and it still looks good, but it makes the logo look so small in comparison. I propose three options: A) the home jersey only has the logo, which is enlarged; B) home jersey has BULLS wordmark; or C) leave as is, but try to move text/logos up just a little, and maybe make the text a little smaller, if possible.

Overall: Besides the wordmark, I think this set is perfect. 9.3/10

Montreal vs Boston Winter Classic -  Danny R.

Yay: Next is Danny's Winter Classic design for the Canadiens and Bruins. He chooses the very plain and old-school approach, which is great for this type of game. The Bruins design is basically their 1940-44 alternate jersey, and the Canadians is a slightly altered version of their 1935-38 white jersey (they only used those against the Red Wings). While the times don't match up perfectly, they're close enough, and would look great to see.

Nay: The logos on both jerseys can be moved down, to look more centered and give some breathing space to the collar and captain patch. The hem stripes and cuffs on the Canadiens jersey here weren't introduced until 1939, but I think it looks better this way anyways so we'll let it slide.

Overall: Not much new here, but the use of relatively unused jerseys and the slight alterations done with them actually makes this a jersey match-up that looks great and very believable.  8.5/10

Las Vegas Aces - Lucas D.

Yay: Next is a pair of concepts from Lucas, starting with a concept for the currently-fictional Las Vegas Aces. The logo is a bit clunky, but at least it's an original design that I assume you made, which is always cool. The colours are interesting, and while the suits on the stripes looks a little strange, using them somewhere on the jersey is still a great idea.

Nay: Again, the logo needs some word, and the suits as they are now look really amateurish on the jersey. Although if they were smaller, and you had some dual stripes on either end, it could actually turn out to be a cool design choice. There are no TV numbers, and I'd really like so a a back to these jerseys.

Overall: Right now, it's a work in progress, but it has some potential. 6.1/10

Montreal Canadiens - Lucas D.

Yay: Lucas goes from fictional to flashback, as his next concept is a cream coloured Canadiens fauxback for the Winter Classic. Using a cream colour for the jersey looks fantastic, and using the 1944 chest and arm stripe with an older logo is a great choice. I'd love to see something like this being used.

Nay: No TV numbers. The back number should be red so it stands out against the blue background of the stripe. I'd also add an outline to the logo on the front, or simplify the outline on the number, so they match up better.

Overall: A much better design than the previous concept, but still needs some work. 7.5/10

Aston Villa -  Matt G.

Yay: Naturally, we'll end today with some soccer concepts.  First is a set for Aston Villa. Aston Villa uses a really cool combination that can be translated into a really awesome hockey set. The main set is pretty plain, but it fits the team. The alternate has a distinct design so it stands out nicely against the main set.

Nay: The home jersey should have blue on the arms, and use a white or blue logo, which making the text on the back a matching colour.  The away jersey is perfect, but would be nice to see the sublimated checkers on it as well. The alternate's shield should be a different colour, and yellow text on a light blue background is awfully hard on the eyes.

Overall: Interesting, but problematic. 7/10

Hull City - Matt G.

Yay: And finally we have Matt's concept for Hull City Tigers FC, or whatever they call themselves (I think I've made that joke before...) The alternate is a perfect jersey for hockey, and the tiger style stripes look fantastic. The black and white main set is radical, but looks cool.

Nay: The alternate is perfect, do not touch. The main set however is a bit of a miss. The H logo is cool, but extremely hard to see, as is the number. There needs to be more of an outline on both. Even if the outline is black or white (opposite of the chest stripe), at least it would be readable. I don't get why you'd go with a black and white main set in the first place though.

Overall: Make a white version of the alternate, make the white and orange alternate as the main set, then fix the black jersey and use it as the alternate. Then you'll have a fantastic set. 7.3/10

A couple of really beauties to pick from today, but I'll go with Brandon C's Oshawa Generals concept as my COTW nominee.

Alright, you know the drill, vote for COTW, vote for the 2 Colours Competition (revote if you were one of the early voters, sorry for the inconvenience), and get yourselves ready for the HJC Open!

That's it for me today. Thanks for reading and see you next week!
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Unknown said...

I'm going to the Canada game today! Is it wrong that I'm cheering for Canada and Switzerland both the same?

Unknown said...

I'll also nominate Brandon C.'s Generals concept for COTW.

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