Sunday: Open Season

Man, a lot has happened in the last few days. I'll quickly summarize, and colour code it, because why not.

Edmonton unleashed their gnarly WHA-style orange 3rd jersey. Give the people what they want, what a novel concept!

Arizona also shown us some new jerseys. There's no real sense of identity in these jerseys, and it looks lazy, even for Reebok. Their old jerseys were decent, but there was a lot of room for improvement. Unfortunately, there was no improvement anywhere on this new set. Call Ted Black and fire up the oven, we have ourselves a turd burger.

Montreal, Columbus, Colorado and Anaheim made small but good changes to their jerseys. Montreal somehow found a way to be more old-school, Columbus recoloured their alternate logo and used it as a patch, Colorado traded their beloved Bigfoot logo for the "C" from their flag, and Anaheim changed their laces.

Washington also had a "new" jersey, swapping alternates by using the red jersey now instead of white. Both look great, but a dark alternate jersey is much more logical and convenient.

No team did too poorly at the draft, besides the Bruins. They lost Hamilton and Lucic, and gained the 13th, 14th and 15th overall picks, a few other picks, a prospect and Martin Jones. Not bad, but they wasted all of the picks, and could have done better in the backup goalie department.

As a Flames fan, getting Hamilton for that price was a steal. Great move!

Backup Goalie Musical Chairs!!!

Chris Pronger was traded, confusion ensued.

Aaaaaaaaaaand last but not least... it's HJC Open time!!!

Our annual tradition of a knockout jersey concept tournament is back, and is underway right now!  This year you'll have to survive 5 rounds and design 5 concepts to win, and the time-frame is really short, so it's an endurance, sprint, and test of skill all at the same time!

In case any of you didn't see the schedule of entries/voting, here it is:

(All deadlines are 11:59pm Eastern on specified day)

Round Robin entries: Saturday, June 27 - Tuesday, June 30
Round Robin voting: Wednesday, July 1 - Friday, July 3

Quarter-Semi Finals entries: Saturday, July 4 - Tuesday, July 7
Quarter-Semi Finals voting: Wednesday, July 8 - Friday, July 10

Quarter Finals entries: Saturday, July 11 - Tuesday, July 14
Quarter Finals voting: Wednesday, July 15 - Friday, July 17

Semi-Finals entries: Saturday, July 18 - Tuesday, July 21
Semi-Finals voting: Wednesday, July 22 - Friday, July 24

Final entries: Saturday, July 25 - Tuesday, July 28
Final voting: Wednesday, July 29 - Friday, July 31

And of course we also have our COTW vote, with a new and improved polling system on the side of the page!

COTW June 21-27 poll (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
HJC Open Round Robin entries (due Tuesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Alright, time for some concepts! Colour coded as well, because I'm just in a colour coding mood today.

Sudbury Wolves - Brandon C.

 We all know how much I love the Wolves and their spectacular design choices. *Sarcasm*. Most concepts over-complicate their look and skew their traditional roots too much.

Striping pattern and colours fit a classic team like Sudbury.
Their alternate logo needs a lot of work, but it should be their primary logo, as shown here.
 The blue alternations you made to the logo look very nice.
The fonts are outlined perfectly.

The font doesn't match the throwbacky feel to this set.
Using their current main logo as a shoulder patch would be a good idea.
The concept is too good. Sudbury's designers don't deserve this.

Overall: Pick a more classic font and a fixed up logo and this would be a perfect replacement. 8.5/10

Alaska Nanooks - Daryl D.

The Nanooks have pretty good jersey game already, so how does Daryl's uniform compare?

The stripe pattern is perfect for them.
The colours are balanced perfectly.
This logo is barely (if at all) used for their sports programs, but it could make an interesting alternate.
Yellow pants.

The logo could use some sort of an outline.
The white numbers having a yellow outline is a bad idea.
The gloves could have a bit more of a design to them.

 Overall: Not all that exciting, but would make for a decent 3rd jersey.  7.6/10

Montreal vs Ottawa - Taylor R. & J3

Ah the Pairs Competition, good times! I thought Vaughn and I had a decent chance of winning, but Taylor and J3 put out an unbeatable set of concepts. Here are a few of those concepts.

Montreal's striping pattern is probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
The old Canadiens logo looks perfect with the jersey.
The cream colour for Montreal's jersey was a good choice.
Using the Senators shield logo was a good move as well.
The colours on the Sens jersey are well balanced and look fantastic.
Very original striping pattern on both jerseys. 

The Sens jersey is busy, and having the chest stripes so high up looks strange.
Having the main logo where the captains patch goes makes things problematic for the captain.
I'm not really liking the name font on the Sens jersey.

 Overall: Montreal's jersey would be 10/10, but I'd give Ottawa's a 7.7/10, so the total (with a bonus for solid presentation) is 9/10.

Calgary vs Edmonton - Taylor R. & J3

The Battle of Alberta hasn't meant much in a while, but adding a specialty game to the mix would be the perfect thing to spice it up.

That Flames logo is absolutely golden.
The Ronald McDonald stripes would be lame for any occasion besides a Retro Night.
The Oilers diagonal front is very interesting and unique. And it also looks great!
Both jerseys (and both concepts) are executed extremely well.

The name seems really small and hard to read on the Flames jersey.
While the jersey itself looks fantastic, it's hard to get a retro feel from the Edmonton set. It looks like a perfect Stadium Series set, but doesn't resemble a retro jersey at all.

 Overall: A jersey matchup I'd love to see, even though they look like two very different eras.  8.3/10

Winnipeg Jets - Lucas D.

Besides the name, there's nothing much connecting the new Jets to the old. But if they combined the two, like Lucas does, could it work?

Updating the logo to have the new Jets jet, and a maple leaf, are terrific ideas.
The old Jets logo in the new colours looks great.
Font is a little more modern than retro, which fits the design nicely.

There are no TV numbers.
You could use the current Jets logo on one shoulder instead of the same logo on both. 
A better-presented concept would have the shoulder patches not sticking out of the jersey.
The concept is a little rough and pixelated.

Overall: With a little bit of polish, this could be a fantastic redesign. The idea is perfect, it just needs some finish. 7.4/10 

OKC Thunder - Taylor R.

Taylor comes back with a pair of basketball-to-hockey concepts, the first being for the OKC Thunder.

Fantastic colour scheme that works extremely well on a hockey jersey.
Colours are well balanced, and stripes are well designed.
Everything is a good size.
Font is a very good choice for the modern feel I get from the rest of the jersey.

The TV and back numbers should be dark blue. Orange doesn't contrast as nicely against white.  It would also match the dark jersey better.

Overall: Really sharp design. With one little fix, I'd say these would be perfect. 9.3/10

San Antonio Spurs - Taylor R.

Can Taylor top his Thunder concept with this one for the Spurs?

A black, white and grey colour scheme is hard to balance, but it's done perfectly here.
The side panels brought over from their basketball uniforms match up nicely.
Font choice is good.
Good use of their alternate logo.
This concept does a good job of being similar to the LA Kings in colour, yet looking nothing like the Kings in style.

The arm stripes don't go well with the side panels.
The pants stripe looks a little too thick.

Overall: Well executed, and certainly fits, but I'm not digging it as much as the Thunder concept. 8.8/10

My COTW nomination for today is Taylor R's OKC Thunder concept!

So don't forget to vote for COTW (with new poll system, sign into Google to use it), and send in those HJC Open entries before Tuesday night!

As always thanks for reading and have a good weekend.
Sunday: Open Season Reviewed by Unknown on June 28, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I second Taylor R's OKC nomination. It looks great!

J3 said...

The Oilers jersey was based on the Edmonton Eskimos (the hockey team from the WCHL around 1920) mostly on the diagonal script logo and stripe. It wasn't written anywhere, so it's normal that you didn't see the reference. Also, the Calgary one was based on the Calgary Tigers from the same league with the logo using the Calgary Stampeders logo (again, the hockey team, not the football).

Anonymous said...

I would like to see that Spurs jersey Taylor did with the new Ontario Reign logo in it. Very nice jersey

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