Saturday: New Comp, Two Colours

Get your beers ready. Get your snacks ready. Get your couches ready. Game 5 is tonight. I hope you don't have any plans tomorrow because I feel like we're in for multiple overtimes tonight. I picked the Hawks to win the series, but they haven't given me any confidence in my pick. It's always said that defence wins championships and Tampa has shown that they can shut it down and play really tight. They would be up 3-1 in the series right now if Crawford didn't steal Game 4. But that's what good teams do, they find ways to win games when they are not at their best. That's why this series is locked at two's.


The winner of the COTY-May vote was Jamie R!

Full Results
Jamie R - 44 (30%)
CPM - 34 (23%)
Daniel L - 34 (23%)
Taylor R - 32 (22%)

We tried to do a poll directly on the blog for this one. It just isn't going to work right now. I had several people email me and tell me that they were able to vote multiple times. Thankfully they placed one vote for everyone to cancel out any goofiness. Polls will be on the blog, but not at the moment. Once we can afford to pay for some sort of service, then they will be there.


The winner of the COTW for May 31 - June 6 was Christian L!

Full Results
Christian L - 5
Brandon C - 2
Taylor R (DET) - 2
Jamie R (MTL) - 1
Jamie R (CHI) - 0
Taylor R (MIN) - 0

Continuing with our weekly tradition, we have a new group of COTW nominees for June 7-13 listed on the side of the page. You can click the banner to see the concepts or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Email your vote in before Friday at 11:59pm Eastern.


The winner of the 2015 HJC Open Logo Competition was Christian L!

Full Results

I love the structure and overall look of the logo. I will admit that I am a little disappointed that the logo reads the "OPEN CUP". However you guys have spoken and it doesn't affect you. This logo will begin to be used in a couple of weeks when the 2015 HJC Open tournament begins. Keep your eyes on the blog as details will be released soon. If you want to win this year, you'll need to create 5 new and awesome concepts.


Our new competition was suggested to me a while ago, but I forget who came up with the idea. I am sorry to that person for not writing down that it was your idea. Anyways, this week you'll need to create a set of jerseys (or just one) for a NHL team and you may only use two colours! We're challenging you to be creative this week while limiting your colour pallet. Good luck, entries are due on Friday!


COTW June 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Two Colour Comp entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Saturday: New Comp, Two Colours Reviewed by Ryan on June 13, 2015 Rating: 5


Tyler Gross said...

I have one question about the comp. Let's say for example you do the Buffalo Sabres and you want to do navy and gold, does the away jersey have to be navy and gold ONLY or can we use white to go with the navy and gold on the away uniform?

DBro Alexander said...

Weird that the poll didn't work. I tried to vote more than once to see if it could happen but it wouldn't. Were the people that voted more than once turning off their cookies perhaps?

Ryan said...

@Dbro: Probably

@Tyler: White counts as a colour in this comp. So for your example navy and gold would be the only allowable colours.

Unknown said...

Yeah, something must've happened with the voting. We're not that many readers. I could believe around 100 but nothing more than that. I was able to vote around 3 times on my iPad and once on my computer without changing anything. Also something to note. But Jamie R was at around 16 to 20 votes Thursday night, and by Friday he had 44 votes.

Disappointed this didn't work out, I was looking forward to this voting method.

J3 said...

Could I use a past NHL Team (ex. Whalers or Nordiques) for the 2 Colour Comp or it's only present teams that we have to use?

Unknown said...

Would it be possible to make the vote IP restrictive? I know Strawpoll does this. There was I believe like an hour left and the vote was pretty much at 31-32 for everyone. I'm really surprised with the numbers at the end due to that. I think the voting on the site is a good idea, but it could be exploited way too easily. I can get my family/friends to just go on the site and click the button while e-mailing could be filtered with members of the site.

Ryan said...

@J3: Yes, a past NHL team would be allowed.

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