Monday: Wile E. Coyote

Hello everyone!

Arizona continues to make headlines. They have been kicked out of their beloved arena, and are fighting their way in. I know that this is all old news to you by now, but what it's done for concepts. Today, one third of the concepts are for Arizona. I'm quite amazed more people haven't predicted that the Coyotes would be relocated to another city, I'd love to see a lot more of those concepts. The funniest part of this whole debacle, though, is that Arizona has planned to release new home and away jerseys for next season. But the real question is, will there BE a next season? Or will the NHL only have 29 teams for 2015-2016?

The Stanley Cup Finals are raging on as always, with Game 6 tonight. I'm constructing a fake cup out of a bowl, some plastic containers, and 3 or 4 rolls of duct tape for tonight before going off to a big viewing party. Tampa has really fallen short, and Ben Bishop is making some hilarious plays in this series (i.e "checking Hedman to give Sharp an easy empty netter). I think that Game 6 is going to be the final one of this season.

I love the fact that I grow up in Chicago and love the sport of hockey now more than ever. DBro and I have been absolutely spoiled ever since we got Kane and Toews. I gotta say, it's really interesting to see your team go this far in this short a period of time. I remember the days when my dad used to take me to for near free. We used to go Wolves games more often because they were usually more interesting. And I know I know, DBro, you're in Rockford so seeing the Icehogs is easy. But jeez, I live only 20 minutes from the Allstate Arena. We will, however, have to do a meetup some time during this summer. I'm calling it here. Let it be known.

Now, the Hawks are potentially one game away from dynasty status. And do I ever hope they win it tonight. Why do I want it in 6 so bad?

The Hawks have one of if not the most iconic looks in hockey and they've never won the Cup in their famous red jersey.

Also, congrats to Manchester for winning the Calder Cup. It is definitely a great way to say farewell to the franchise as they get shooed into the ECHL. But, luckily, the title will be given to the King's new farm team, the Ontario Reign for next season.

I've got a good joke for you guys? What has 6 letters, and makes HJC run the way it does?

Voting! Haha, g-get it?

Ok, terrible jokes aside voting is what makes this website run, PLUS it's super fun! Sadly we did have to remove the polling system, which I really liked, to account for the fact that people could spam votes for a single person. Oh well. One of these days we'll definitely have it simplified for you guys.

 COTW June 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Another imporant thing here: contests. And we've got one! The color competition! 
This contest is probably our most difficult yet in my opinion, as so many teams in the NHL have based their franchises around multiple colors, as well as white and black. It's difficult to make an away jersey without a light color, although it isn't particularly a necessity for the competition, just rather nice to have.

Luckily though, yellow is very common in the NHL, so many of us will most likely use that to the best of our abilities. I want to do something different though, try and completely rework the established scheme of a classic NHL franchise. I've already gotten to work on my design.

It's a great competition with a lot of great entries already. But we always want to see what everyone else can do, what you can do. So make an entry and send it on in!

Two Colour Comp entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern) 

Here's our newest entries into the competition:

Ryan C
 Brooks Freeman
 Vaughn Roberts
 Dylan Tusinski
I'm done with the ranting for today. On to the concepts!

Chris Weidler - Houston Aeros

Execution: Hit it out of the park with execution, except for I feel the primary logo is a little high. This may just be due to the crowding towards the top, but the Captain's patch feels very congested. (.75/1) 
Striping: I liked the old dipping Aeros design, but this seems like a whole new spin on it. The alternate does seem a little bland and familiar, but that isn't too much of a problem. The pattern for the main set with this faux gradient is really neat, and the yokes on all three jerseys look clean. (1.5/2)
Effectiveness: If someone ever decided to move back to Houston, I could definitely see this on the ice. (1/1)
Creativity: I never really see Aero designs that follow this dipping pattern, or any that follow it so well and do something original. As for the Aeros design, I feel like all that's new here is the yoke that's on the other 3 jerseys. (1.25/2)
Other: The Aeros logo is a really cool original. Remember to post where you got it from, or at least make note of it if it is an original. The Aeros wordmark also looks great. The same thing goes for this as well. I love the star patch, as it reminds me of the planes I used to see all the time as a kid, especially because that symbol is an incredibly important part of the US Air Force. I have to be honest, but I feel as though every Aeros jersey needs to feature this logo. (2.5/4)

Overall: This is a great concept. I just think with a few slight touches and additions, it could even make the AHL think twice about moving Houston to Iowa. (7/10)

CPM - Houston Aeros

Execution: Everything checks out just fine (1/1) 
Striping: I really like these clean simple patterns. They're definitely nice. I'm not too crazed about the font, though. It looks good with the thin word mark of the away jersey, but it just doesn't fit with the baseball style of the home too well. (1.25/2)
Effectiveness: If the WHA were to ever come back, or even if the AHL tried reinventing the franchise again, this is a potential jersey. (1/1)
Creativity: A great striping pattern I've seen a million times. Moving it to a team who's used similar designs in the past was smart, but not particularly groundbreaking. (1/2)
Other: I can't really think of any other issues with this concept. It looks great and seems like it could be a real jersey. (4/4)

Overall: We've had both the AHL and WHA versions of the same team. But something about the classic just shines so well to this day. (8.25/10)

Keegan Gelinas - Arizona Coyotes

Execution: First thing I noticed, there are no TV numbers. Second, the numbers on the back are way too big. Third, the logo is too small. Fourth, the inside of a black jersey should not be sand, especially where the there is a striping pattern on the back and sleeves. (.25/1) 
Striping: I don't like the fact that the arm and tail sleeves don't match. I can deal with them being farther distances, but they're different sizes with different strokes around each. The yoke here, while not the greatest, is a good fit for the Coyotes. (.5/2)
Effectiveness: With a few slight changes, Arizona might be able to use this. In its current state, no. (1/1)
Creativity: I can't really say this is an original concept because I feel like there is just so much missing here. (.5/2)
Other: There isn't really much other to talk about here. The jersey does have its faults, but I feel like what it does best is being simple. I just wish there was more here. (2/4)

Overall: Don't feel alarmed by this score. You've got a great base, but it's really about perfecting those tiny details that make a boring concept into something amazing. (3.25/10)

Danny Romkes - Arizona Coyotes

Execution: Everything is right where it should be. (1/1) 
Striping: I always love this tribal striping used for the Coyotes jerseys, it's absolutely gorgeous. Here is no exception. The full sleeve and tail fill is really nice, and pairs well with the yoke. My only issue here is that there isn't enough black, making the numbers look a little too dark, but this fact is only minute in the grand scheme of this concept. (1.75/2)
Effectiveness: This might just be what Arizona is showing us on draft day. (1/1)
Creativity: If this were for any other team, I'd say this isn't creative. But it's the way you used that classic Coyotes striping to the best of your abilities that makes this such a stellar concept. (2/2)
Other: My only issue that I have is that I wish there was a different Coyotes logo. I never was a fan of the running Coyote, but that might just be more of a personal opinion or gripe, as it is objectively a decent logo. (4/4)

Overall: I wish Arizona used this jersey. Period. (9.75/10) and a COTW Nom from me

Chase Carlson - Boston Bruins

Execution: If Chara weren't the name on the back, I'd be fine without a C. Also, simple mistake that a lot of people make, double check to make sure that your stitching stops at the stripe. Other than that, great work here. (.75/1) 
Striping: It's nice. I like how on the arm stripe there is a slight yellow space between the stripe and the fill, it's a cool little touch. (2/2)
Effectiveness: As an alternate, this could slide easily into the B's current spot. (1/1)
Creativity: Some interesting and great choices were made, and I love them all. You can see how there are parts from across the Bruins' history that just makes for a great jersey. This is just an appealing concept for me to look at. (1.75/2)
Other: There's just one issue that I have, and I think it's kind of strange, but the collar being yellow does not really make it pop. If it were a black collar with a yellow underflap, I feel like it would just have more zing to it. Other than that, all the equipment is a great fit for the jersey, especially those socks. (3/4)

Overall: Like I said, this would fit great as an alternate. It's a great mish mosh of all the Bruins jerseys of the past, that fits well with the Edge design. (8.5/10)

Brandon Cockeram - Flint Firebirds

Execution: Everything looks just as it should be. No complaints. (1/1) 
Striping: It's nice. Reminds of the old Penguins jersey, but just in a completely different color scheme. I like it a lot. (2/2)
Effectiveness: This is a high class OHL jersey. (1/1)
Creativity: I think for a team like Flint, this is incredibly original. I can't think of many teams you're emulating here. (2/2)
Other: I love the home jersey. This looks gorgeous in white, plain and simple. But there's just something about all the grey in the away that makes it look... for lack of a better word, heavy. Don't want to sound like the Sharks old management, but the grey just looks like steel sheets piled on to the concept. I really wish there was more white here. (2/4)

Overall: This could fit right into the OHL, and even better with Flint's identity. (8/10)

Nick Burton - Arizona Coyotes

Execution: Everything looks in order. (1/1) 
Striping: Again, I LOVE this striping. I wish other teams could have a cool pattern like this. Although I have to be honest, after looking at this font, I do not think it fits well with the jersey. (1.5/2)
Effectiveness: This could possibly be the lost alternate to Danny's concept. (1/1)
Creativity: It's nothing new, but it's definitely not anything old either. (1/2)
Other: Ok, big note. Love the fact that the word mark is on the helmet. I wish the Coyotes did that for every helmet now, it looks great. A big gripe though, the pants should get that same love. Either a stripe or a logo or something to make them look like more than just shorts. (3.5/4)

Overall: This is a very plain, simple, clean concept. I like it a lot. (8/10)

Ryan Christensen - Minnesota Wild

Execution: We good. (1/1) 
Striping: I like this pattern a lot, especially the pattern used on the yoke. It's really cool when teams do this with the yoke. (1.75/2)
Effectiveness: This works great as a set. (1/1)
Creativity: This is just a nice simple and clean concept, which I think is actually hard to find of rthe wild. Everyone always tries to add the vintage white and cream everywhere (including myself), but not a lot of people use just plain white outside of the logo. In terms of creativity, I feel as though I have seen a lot of concepts similar to this. (1.5/2)
Other: The shorts do not fit. The helmet logo on the away jersey does not fit. The fact that the nameplate extends only half way into the yoke stripe does not fit. Every other element molds pretty well. (2.5/4)

Overall: A good concept, and I feel as if I didn't separate my scores and really did look at this as one unit it would get a higher score, but it's looking at the jersey in parts that really helps push it forward. (7.75/10)

Christian C - World Stars

Execution: We have a pass. (1/1) 
Striping: There's not much here. I think it's good to have a simple pattern, but I've never been one for having the tail be bare, especially when the arm stripes are that gorgeous simple design. (1/2)
Effectiveness: The globe design and plain palette make this a prime candidate for the next World Cup. (1/1)
Creativity: I don't know if I can really call this creative. I have never seen these elements before, but the jersey is just so bare. I'm incredibly conflicted, but will have to go with the former. (1.5/2)
Other: Ok, I'm sorry for bashing on this concept so much, but I feel as though there were some choices that I just find to be tacky. It's just my own personal opinion, but I really feel as though this piping down into the armpit is weird. Everything you've done here is great though. It fits the bill of the competition perfectly. (3/4)

Overall: I'm not a huge fan of modern concepts like this. But this objectively a great concept, I can't deny that fact. (7.5/10)
Alright! That's Monday for ya!

As you can probably tell, I'm still coming into my own here. I don't really know where to take my posts, and I'm still learning a lot about jerseys while reviewing these great concepts. I love this place to death, and I can't speak any higher of it. I really plan to stay far into college. So I've been trying to make Monday a cool place with something that nobody else does. I have a lot of ideas for what I want to do and can do, but I just really want to know what you guys are interested in. So, I'll have my own little survey.

a) I host a weekly or biweekly podcast about random topics in the league
b) I have a little slice of life post.
c) I do a series of jersey reviews where each week I talk in depth about a single pro team's jerseys.
d) I do in depth tutorials on jersey making and my design process
e) I keep the post the way it is
f) Any other things that you'd like to see. Make sure you specify what it is!

I really hope this part of the post catches your eyes, because it's what matters most to me. I love reviewing concepts, but it's more about my creative freedom as a writer, that there are so many other things I could really put my skills and effort towards. But I only want to put this effort in if you want it, so please.

Leave a comment down below. Vote for COTW. Tell me if you disagree with my reviews. I want to hear from you guys! You're what makes HJC run!

And as always, GO BLACKHAWKS!!!

-Jack G.

Monday: Wile E. Coyote Reviewed by Unknown on June 15, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...
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Ryan said...

Only one nom per day Dylan.
Rules are on the COTW and COTY pages.

Unknown said...

Chris Weidler's Aero's concept for COTW. That thing is a beaut!!

SURVEY: (not sure how you wanted this done but I'm just answering them all)

a) I host a weekly or biweekly podcast about random topics in the league

b) I have a little slice of life post.
- I honestly have no idea what that means.

c) I do a series of jersey reviews where each week I talk in depth about a single pro team's jerseys.
- I'd read/ watch it for sure.

d) I do in depth tutorials on jersey making and my design process
- HE'LL YES. I love watching tutorials.

e) I keep the post the way it is
- YES. I personally love how you rate the jersey's. It's good that you go super in depth with a lot off the areas of the concepts.

f) Any other things that you'd like to see. Make sure you specify what it is!
- Nothing that I can think of now.

richard lewis said...

I'll nominate Chris' Houston set for COTW

Unknown said...

Colin M for COTW, those colours are so arousing ugh

Unknown said...

I'll also say Colin M for COTW.

Unknown said...

I probably should've specified what slice of life meant... It's pretty much me going more in depth about my own personal experiences regarding hockey

Unknown said...

Really 7.5/10? Ok, Chris W for COTW.

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