Friday: Doing it Right

TGIF, welcome to the Friday post!

So let's give the 'Yotes about 6 months...I hate to give the prognosis without seeing Bettman sheepishly say "We are not concerned about the Arizona Coyotes", but things are really grim for the franchise. The lawsuit may change things if 'Yotes owner LeBlanc wins, but if the City of Glendale were to win, that would be a death stroke. As someone said  (I can't remember, it may have been Chris Creamer) " That Quebec Nordiques unveiled new jerseys and logos just days before they were announced to relocate". I'm paraphrasing but we may have plenty of concept fuel coming our way.

In the Cup Final, things are a lot closer than I expected. Kane has been almost non existent in this series, and with Bishop missing games for unknown reason, the series is wide open as I see it. Unless Toews has a great game 5 & 6, I see it more likely we see Stamkos explode for a couple big games, since, aside from Keith, the Blackhawks defence is wearing out. Tampa has a big problem with goaltending, though..Vashishsomething or other has played well, he needs to step it up and play like Bishop to keep things close. The point is...things are going to be interesting and either team can win this! 

In other news, the AHL continues to be a constant source of jersey news, with the Texas Stars doing a very good job in replicating their parent clubs new(ish) threads. 

Usually I'd put a photo of the new logo, but the Stars unveiled a video to show off their logo, that wouldn't be out of place on a jumbotron.

It's a thing of beauty isn't it? If the old Stars logo and new Stars logo were to mix together along with the previous T-Stars alternate, and it looks amazing! It's not a direct rip off but it no longer looks like the old Stars. The colours are perfect, nothing looks tacked on or forced. 

But the primary isn't the best part of the new logos. Look at what the Texas Stars will be wearing on their shoulders.

Photo from Sportslogos.net

Candidate for logo of the year? Maybe, but definitely for shoulder patch of the year!

Rating: 8.5/10 (Primary) 10/10 (Shoulder patch)

What do you guys think? Am I high on paint fumes or did Texas really get it right with this redesign? 


COTW voting, it doesn't end...ever, so get on it and vote, you've already procrastinated enough. JUST DO IT! DO IT!!!!

COTY voting, it's like COTW but double super important, also vote on that! There have been 90 votes so far and can be done on the poll on the side. Yes, that's right, HJC is using polls again on some votes (I don't know the exact details of it but that's what I think is going on, Ryan could comment how wrong I am at any point).

Also, the HJC Open logo voting phase ends tonight! Go to the page and vote!

HJC Open Logo voting (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
COTY-May voting (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
COTW May 31 - June 6 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the 7 concepts! 

Barrie Colts Concepts (By: Brandon C.)

+ Anything to get the Colts out of their....frankly disgusting current non matching set is a plus in my books
+ The 3 part striping works really well for the Colts, like the late 1980's NorthStars
+ Everything is really simple, which is perfect for a team with a decently complex logo, and everything works together very well together, even the simple numbers, which I'm not usually a fan of
+ Great execution, as Brando usually gives us

- The pants are too simple, and would look better with some bright white, like the Leafs have
- The Colts have a pretty solid arched script which would look excellent on the helmet
- The OHL logo on the white jersey should be blue

Rating: 8.5/10

Baltimore Blades WHA Concepts (By: CPM)

+ The Blades had.....frankly underwhelming jerseys, and didn't match, if the team were to be revived, I'd wanna put CPM in charge
+ I've seen double yoke outlines, but not 5, it matches the logo perfectly
+ Lots of black and grey, like how a blade would look, with orange used sparingly
+ Solid execution

- The only problem I have with this concept are the numbers, I get CPM wanted to try something new  but they aren't hockey numbers. Something more traditional would look better and match the 70's tone the WHA had so much of

Rating: 8.75/10

Greenville Road Warriors ECHL Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ The Road Warriors wear Leafs ripoffs and occasionally mimic the Rangers, but neither look contains any bronze. Brooks gets thumbs up for that inclusion
+ Getting rid of the axes on the shoulder patches is a little think but it looks good
+ I don't usually like piping, but it adds more bronze

- Remember to stop the piping at the hem
- The numbers on the back are way too large
- Shoulder patches are too close to the numbers
- While this looks better than the current jerseys, but it's still a Kings rip off

Rating: 6.5/10

Philadelphia Flyers Concepts (By: John E.)

+ Hey, I'm all for the Flyers 70's look, but that doesn't mean the Flyers can't wear anything else, I like seeing new Flyers looks
+ Those stripes under the yoke looks great, and I like they don't square off but continue on to the arms
+ Nice striping pattern, simple enough, but the black matches the namebar, a Philly staple
+ Bell shoulder patch, something they should be using now

- Numbers on the back are too small
- The Flyers logo is hard to see on the helmet

Rating: 8.5/10

New Jersey Devils Concept (By: Nick B.)

+ Love all the white on the yoke and hem, it looks like the logo
+ The striping is similar to what the green Devils wore, but not just a recolouring
+ Good execution (aside from one flaw I'll get to)
+ Red pants look a lot better than black, and add some needed colour

- Captain's C is much too large, even if the numbers are supposed to look like that, the C would interfere with the logo, it's also very pixelated

Rating:  8.25/10

University of Buffalo Bulls NCAA Concepts (By: Ben S.)

+ Compared to what the Bulls currently wear, this is pretty close, but without a lot of the gray
+ The team is very close to Toronto, which makes some sense given the location but has some differences with the grey and yokes, it looks good
+ Glad Ben didn't use the Bulls tacky Bull with a sword logo, and keeps things pretty classic

- Just like when the Leafs and Ducks wore them, rounded numbers rarely work, especially on a team with very little roundedness on their logo
- The angled arms would look better if they were straight, same with the hem

Rating: 8/10

Toronto Marlies Concept (By: J3)

+ This is like the minor league version of Jamie's Leafs alternate that's up for COTW May, and that's a good thing, obviously it's not the same but that sort of look is fantastic
+ The blue crown looks amazing as an alternate, like a updated version of the original Marlboros
+ J3 is one of the most consistent artists on HJC, this is no exception
+ I like how the arms are an inverse of the Leafs' 30's jerseys

- The arm cuffs are nice, but they look like what Chicago has on their road jersey
-Not sure I like the remove of the light blue, it gave them some differences between the Leafs and Marlies

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me!

That's the post!
Don't forget to get all 3 of your votes in by tonight  @ 11:59
Go Jets Go!
Have a great weekend!

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Unknown said...

John E's Philly jerseys for COTW... I can taste the orange on these ones.

Unknown said...

I'll second John E's Philly concept for COTW.

Also, those #'s on Ben S's aren't round.. I like that jersey a lot too.

Ryan said...

Sorry Scott. The nominations end at 11:59pm Eastern each Friday.

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