Friday: 3 For the 'Yotes/6 For the Rest

TGIF, welcome to the Friday post!

So Chicago won in 6, exactly as I picked (sarcastic party favour noise). Hooray, the Bhawks won in red and all the good news that comes with the Hawks winning...although Dbro and Jack may still be hung over, and have to shave their playoff beards (don't worry guys, mine lasted like 6 days...so I got a wee bit of fluff on the chin and it was gone, better than Crosby but still).

So now that the top 3 North American hockey leagues have crowned their champions, let's look at the champions of 2014/15 and their jerseys.

ECHL- Allen Americans

Photo from prohockeynews.com

Looks like we have a Caps copy...sort of. I don't think Allen was looking to copy the Caps, but rather the Brooklyn Americans white jersey that looked very similar to this. Funny enough this team transferred from the now defunct Central Hockey League (CeHL) in last year's merger with the ECHL and are now champions, good for them! I like their jerseys, but it would look better if the yoke was an arm band and the stars were within the band, like Brooklyn. 

Rating- 7/10

AHL- Manchester Monarchs

Photo from rinkroyalty.com

The relegated Calder Cup Champions wear Kings copies, with a hem stripe on the black jersey, which is a plus in my books since their jerseys actually match. Other than that, I feel the same about the striping as I do on the Kings, meh, nothing interesting. The black and white logo I think looks better than the purple version, since the silver really pops, but again, I'd love something more original, oh well, maybe next year.

Rating- 6.25/10

NHL- Chicago Blackhawks 

Photo from independent.co.uk

No words necessary, it's the jersey of Belfour, Mikita, Hull, Toews, Kane, Sharp, Seabrook, Keith and is the best in the NHL, never change 

Rating: 10/10

Hmm, help me with a crossword for a second....a 6 letter word for happiness....voting! Wait, both spongebob and Jack made that joke, oh well, 3rd time's the charm...although you've had plenty of time to vote already, you still have more, so get on that!

COTW June 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Two Colour Comp entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Let's look at the 2 Colour Redesign Contest Entries that have come in since yesterday's post:

Phil B.

Emin Z.

Jaimie R.

Matt G.

Lucas D.

Remember to get your entries in and read all the rules!

Onto the 9 concepts!

Niagara IceDogs Concepts (By: Brandon C.)

+ The IceDogs took a step in the right direction by dumping their Buff-a-slug jersey for Blackhawks jerseys, but Brandon goes for black and an original away jersey
+ Everything is still very simple, which is something the IceDogs haven't had since their 1998-2004 road jerseys in Mississauga (there's a throwback for ya)
+ The black bones on the white jersey's shoulder patch look fantastic
+ Great execution

- The black jersey would look more original and match the white jersey better if its stripes were inverted and not just copies on a different jersey
- The OHL logos should be swapped to make them more visible

Rating: 8.75/10

Team Canada 2016 Canada Cup Concepts (By: Christian C.)

+ When Canada wore a revamped 80's style logo in the 2012 World Juniors, I thought it looked amazing, and Canada could surely pull off something like this
+ No black, aside from possibly the gear, and striping that is uniform/goes on both arms
+ Again, simple is the key and Christian gets this perfectly
+ The curved extended yokes look great, better than an arm band
+ He's the reigning COTY champion, Christian's execution is perfect...except for one thing

- Including gear would make this concept even better
- The Maple Leaf shoulder patch is too small and too close to the collar, a simple mistake but it looks weird

Rating: 9/10 COTW nom from me!

Arizona Coyotes Concept (By: Brian B.)

+ Purple on an NHL jersey! Even is it is a little, it was a part of the Yotes original colour scheme and would look great if it had more of a presence of their jerseys
+ This new desert striping pattern is a lot simpler than the original, but still has the same artsy effect
+ It's a little thing, but adding an outline to the numbers makes them look a lot better
+ Good primary logo choice, better than the full body coyote

- Helmet logos are a must and something on the pants would make them look less plain
- The shoulder patch is too small
- Remember to stop the stitching at the hem stripe

Rating: 8/10

Arizona Coyotes Concepts (By: Chase C.)

+ Wow, this is something you'd expect out of the 90's...of the 70's, it's a really bright jersey, but I love the sunbeams on the Arizona flag, it'd be cool to include them on a jersey
+ Outline on the numbers is a big thumbs up
+ Overall, the jersey itself is well executed and credit to Chase, this is not design to pull off, but he does it nicely

- The jersey needs a shoulder patch to tie it back to the Coyotes, and not just "Arizona"
- The NOB is hard to read, maybe a namebar would make it easier to read
- The pants again need something to keep them from being blank
- Like Vancouver's gradient alternate in '95, the sunbeam socks look better than the all black ones

Rating: 7.5/10

Arizona Coyotes Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ That;s a nice original logo from Lucas, it's a simple of re-edit but it looks great both as a primary and maybe as a shoulder patch with their current primary
+ When Phoenix first introduced their current jerseys pre-edge, they looked fantastic with the hem stripe, bringing them back would look fantastic
+ I've never seen this template before, but the execution is pretty good

- The stitching should stop at the hem stripe and not continue down
- Including the back of the jersey and gear would give us more of an idea of the full look

Rating: 8.5/10

North Bay Battalion Concepts (By: Brandon C.)

+ I'm not a huge fan in the Batallion's identity, going back to Brampton, it's not that it's that bad but it needs to look more like a hockey jersey, this does
+ Moving the chevrons to the shoulders looks much better
+ Good execution

- The changes to the jerseys are good, but it doesn't change enough, the yellow and green still don't look good together and black stands out far too much
- The problems with the OHL logos continued
- Military numbers would look better

Rating: 7.5/10

Cincinnati Stingers WHA Concepts (By: CPM)

+ It's enough to take a bunch of stripes and call it bee stripes, but CPM liven things without using actual stripes aisde from the socks
+ The triangular sides and yoke are a nice mix of both bee, and pre-edge Pittsburgh
+ The pants design is perfect
+ Excellent execution

- The yoke is circular while the arms are triangular, making the yoke triangular would make match and unify the jersey
 - The arms would better on the white jersey if they ended in a triangle or had a curve on the black jersey

Rating: 8.75/10

2016 Stadium Series Concept (By: Danny R.)

+ I may be one of the few people who likes gradient, and would love to see something with that in the  NHL that isn't Canucks
+ For gradient, Danny does a good job splitting the colours, and using the numbers to fill in the colour gaps on Colorado's jersey
+ All the Stadium Series checklist is here, big numbers, big logo, minimal striping and crazy
+ Great execution all around, not just the gradient

- The Red Wings jersey could use a shoulder patch, like the D shield
- A larger cuff/hem cuff would look solid

Rating: 9/10


That's the post! 
Don't forget to vote and get your 2 colour entries in! 
Go Jets Go!
Have a great Father's Day Weekend!

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Unknown said...

COTW nom to CPM.

Caz said...

I'm usually a fan of CPM's work, but that Stingers concept is too busy. The yoke detracts more than it helps, and the triple-striped collar is unnecessary. Taking the yoke striping away and using a solid collar would do wonders.

Unknown said...

I think for a team in a resurrected WHA. it would work. All the concepts he's put out in this series have been mildly to extremely busy but I like them.

Unknown said...

@Caz & Dylan G
Yeah I deliberately went crazy on this one. In addition to the striping, I tried to use a neon shade of yellow!
My thinking with this whole series was to try designing the WHA from a 90s point of view, like what if the teams lasted into the 90s and how they might have rebranded the same way most of the NHL teams from the 70s did in the 90s (caps, isles, sabres, canucks, etc).

Unknown said...

@Colin M
Yeah, from a 90's point of view, I would definitely see something like this if not crazier. That's why I gave you the nomination.

Unknown said...

My COTW nom goes to Danny R.

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