Thursday: Year is Almost Over

Hello again guys welcome back to another Thursday post. I'm pretty happy today as it was basically my last day of school for the year, because we barely did anything in a lot of my classes and are doing basically nothing tomorrow too, and this also means I'll be making more concepts again which I'm definitely happy about. But anyways, you should probably go vote and/or submit a concept for the competition. 
COTY-April vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW May 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
IceCaps entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Here's the new competition entry that were sent in since yesterday's post.

Daniel L.

And on the the regularly scheduled concepts:

Brandon C. - Italy
So compared to what they apparently wear now this is a vast improvement. The current one looks very basic and empty, while this one has a more traditional look to it. I like the shield logo with Italy's flag, much better than just their name on the front. The striping really pops on the blue jersey and I like the unity between the two jerseys with the striping and the yoke remaining the same between the two. The only thing I would change is to add outlines to the numbers, those are the only things on this concept that are only one color. It could work with the name being one color but the numbers need more.
Overall: Traditional, solid improvement over the current (8.5/10)

David P. - Army West Point

According to a quick Google search the dark jerseys suffer from the same problem as Italy's did, while the light ones look a bit better. I like the logo that was used here, its definitely better than just a script. The dark jersey has a good look to it but I think it could use some white, but it also works just fine without it so that might just be down to opinion. I would probably just go with one pair of pants though, no need to have an extra pair just for two more (or less) stripes. The numbers on the alternate should be black too, because they blend with the chest stripe too much as it is.
Overall: Another improvement on the current (8/10)

Dylan T. - Bridgeport Sound Tigers
Right now the Sound Tigers use Isles rip-offs, and the best thing about this concept is that it is unique from those jerseys. The execution is also pretty good for what is there, except the shoulder patches should get cut off at the edge of the jersey (or under the "cutout" layer if you're using idraw, I know that's what this template was made for). However that's unfortunately where the good things end. While this jersey might not look terrible, as of now, simply a bucket fill job, which is not creative at all. Some hem stripes would look nice. The jersey is also missing numbers, on both the back and the TV numbers on the arms, and also a name. You can't have a jersey without them, or at least not one intended for game use anyhow. 
Overall: Not creative enough and incomplete, but keep working at it and experiment with new things, you'll get better. (3/10)

Mike S. - Florida Panthers
For this design Mike really simplifies the Panthers down, which I guess was the whole point anyways. The simple striping pattern has the classic look too them, but also looks modern to me. The stripes should be bigger though because there seems to be a lot of empty space on the jersey. The number outlines don't stand out very much either, and there are no helmet or pants logos. I do like the (sun rays, correct?) right above the striping on the arms.
Overall: Simple concept, as it's supposed to be (7/10)

Phil B - Leicester City
Our last 2 concepts of the day come from Phil's Premier League Crossover series. I really like the color scheme used on the jerseys, and compared to their uniforms on the field this set incorporates yellow a lot more. I really like white hems/cuffs on a dark jersey, I don't really know why but I do, and that makes me really like that jersey right away. The light jersey has an asymmetrical striping pattern and while normally I don't think it would work I don't mind it here. However, that might be because the yellow bottom stripe blends with the white of the jersey too much.
Overall: Would look good if they were to suddenly switch to a hockey team (8/10) 

Phil B. - Newcastle
Our last concept for the day comes from Phil again as I previously mentioned. The dark jersey does a good job of translating their black jerseys as best as possible to still keep it a good design, and while I don't like just black and white jerseys usually this one gets a pass. On the other jersey, the striping pattern and yoke stripes look good, they actually vaguely remind me of the Bruins, but that shade of gray looks awful to me. Maybe it's just me but I would just change the shade and it would be solid
Overall: Another solid crossover (8/10)

Well that's all I have for today guys. I'm going to give my COTW nomination to Brandon's Italy concept. I hope you guys enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys next week.

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Unknown said...

I'll second Brandon's Italy concept. Pretty simple concept but looks nice.

David Pooley said...

Cotw nom for the Leicester city concept. LCFC!

John E. said...

Phil B's Newcastle jerseys for COTW. Very sharp

Anonymous said...

And the funniest thing is, by the time my BPL series is over, I'll need three new sets of jerseys. QPR and Burnley are relegated, with one to follow, probably Hull or Newcastle, which was featured today. AFC Bournemouth and Watford need jerseys with one more to come up.

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