Thursday: Still Bad With Titles

Hello again guys and welcome back to another Thursday post. This week hasn't been the best for me, and I also had to take a standardized test in school the last few days, but at least tomorrow I get to do nothing for a few hours while the freshmen take theirs. Five concepts to review for today but first you need to go vote for the pairs comp. Like now. Go do it.

Get Your Own Jersey vote (ends Friday, May 15th @ 11:59pm eastern)

(Ironic because I haven't voted yet...whoops...)

Ben.B - Edmonton Oilers
So I'm pretty sure the Oilers, or any team for that matter, would ever hang up a banner that shows their fans how consistently bad they've been, especially with all of these players they're getting from it. A few things though, and this is based solely off of Googling the Pens' championship banners, but the banner should probably have the years they won the first overall pick, or at least how many they have won. I would also change the line at the top to be straight to save more space, the Edmonton looks cramped at the top. Also, don't forget to add ID to the concept.
Overall: not really sure how to rate this, but I'll give it a (7/10)
Another Oilers concept from Ben, this one being an actual jersey. This one uses the same theme as a lot of concepts lately with the double colored jersey (you know what I mean), and it's starting to get old quick. That being said I still like where this is going. I think the white lines almost give it a gradient-ish effect without being a gradient. The TV numbers, back numbers, and C patch look a bit too small, which is really my only complaint. Orange pants though?
Overall: Not a bad idea for a stadium series (7.75/10)

David K- Stockton Heat
As opposed to yesterday's concept of his of the Heat, this one shares more resemblance to the Flames' unis with the weird stripe coming from the hem... I really don't know how else to explain that. This set is a lot less traditional, but also has a 90's look to me, rather than a 2015 look. The execution looks flawless. The only things I don't like too much are the pants, they would look better if it matched the striping, and the black jersey would look better if the red and white on the extended yoke were switched. Nice touch with the Atlanta Flames logo for the A patch too.
Overall: I would prefer the other set but the black would make a good alternate (8/10)

Dylan T. - Anaheim (Mighty?) Ducks
I don't really have much to say about this concept. I like bringing back that logo, and it actually looks pretty good with black. The yoke stripe things are interesting, I'm not sure how well that would work. It would look better with a different colored yoke I do know that. And then theres the obvious absence of any sort of number or name or patch, and it would also be nice to see some equipment.
Overall: Incomplete, but for what's there I give it a (7/10)

Taylor R. - St. Louis
Our last concept for today is definitely a bit..out there. I honestly like the red with the Blues, it gives them a unique color scheme in the league. This concept is a bit crazy with the sash and half-half designs, and in my opinion it looks better for a stadium series game, it looks too wild for a regular set. I like the "string" striping and the bringing back of the trumpet logo, and again the color scheme. Also, the color on the jerseys below the sash stripe wouldn't connect and would be on opposite sides of the jersey. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.
Overall: Not bad but a bit too wild for me (8/10)

Well that's all I have for today guys. I'm going to nominate David's Stockton concept for COTW. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post, and I'll see you guys again next week.

Thursday: Still Bad With Titles Reviewed by Bpoe on May 14, 2015 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

David K's Stockon Heat seconded for COTW

John E. said...

Third David K. for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

Taylor R. for COTW

richard lewis said...

I'll second Taylor for COTW

Unknown said...

Yeah...uh...completely intentional. *suspicious cough*

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