Thursday: Can't Think of a Good Title

Hello again and welcome back to HJC on another Thursday and for another post of concept reviewing and some other stuff some of you might not even read. I'm honestly quite surprised with how many concepts are being submitted to this competition considering the small amount of concepts we have been getting the past few weeks, and I'm impressed by a lot of the entries too. So let me remind you to go place your vote for COTW this week and let's get down to the entries we have for today. 

COTW April 26 - May 2 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern
Get Your Own Jersey Comp (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Albany Devils:

Mike B.
Our first of 4 entries of Mike's today, and the only reason this one is first is because of the alphabet. I like the overall look and idea of this concept, and it actually reminds me of the Sabres' "goathead" jerseys, but I think it works better for a team named the Devils too. I also like the addition of gray to the color scheme which further separates the NHL and AHL teams, which was the entire point of this competition. A few issues with this concept though, the main one being execution, but also below the stripes on the arms they are very bare, they need something added to them so they aren't virtually just plain white. Now onto the execution, this concept is done sloppily, but it is still good sloppy execution, if that makes any sense. The stripes all look uneven and asymmetrical, it almost looks like it was drawn onto the jersey on your phone, and this is much more evident on the socks since those stripes are supposed to be straight. The red on the jersey also looks different than the red in the logos, and the numbers are way too large and the letters of the name look to be at different heights and different spacing. Some of the striping lines seem to go outside the template also.
Overall: Good idea, but execution brings it down (6.5/10)

This concept takes a much more simple approach than the last, going with a simple striping design overall, and it actually is similar to the striping on the original NJ Devils' white jersey. The curviness however makes it stand it from the simple straight stripes and I think it fits well with the logo. The font also looks really good and matches the rest of the jersey well. The only thing I would probably change is to get rid of the striping on the pants to match the Devil's pants or change it up, it seems out of place to me.
Overall: At it's core a simple design that would look good on the ice (8.5/10)

Bridgeport Sound Tigers:

Mike. B

Since this contest is aiming for uniqueness the black and orange color scheme is definitely unique from the Isles. This concept however looks to be just a Reebok cookie cutter jersey. If you were going to go with this template I would reverse the orange and black on the arms, because besides those this jersey almost looks like a glorified practice jersey. The number is also much too bit again. I like the idea of having the arched "Islanders" as a shoulder patch but it doesn't work out well though. I also have no idea what that logo is supposed to be, their regular one would have worked better.
Overall: Just doesn't do it for me (5/10)

This jersey for the Sound Tigers keeps the blue and orange color scheme of its parent club, however it now utilizes orange as its main color to differentiate, and it looks good. I also like the striping, the white really pops and the small blue stripe on top keeps it from becoming an eyesore next to orange. I would darken up the gray color, or light blue as it almost appears to be, as it blends with the white right now. Aside from the stripes, I think the white on this jersey pops out in a good way, and the logo also looks good in 2 colors.
Overall: Another simple yet effective look (8.5/10)

Toronto Marlies:

Mike B.
Another concept we have from mike that adds a new color to the jerseys, and as I've said each time it also adds to the uniqueness of it. This jersey seems to try to take a classic approach with a few modern elements, but I think it would look amazing without the modern bits. The simple changes I would make is to use a more classic block font for the name, remove the piping and yoke's outline, and straighten out the stripes and bring the ones on the arms together. That would also fix the problem of the TV numbers being too small most likely. The number and name also look too big again. 
Overall: Would look great with a few tweaks (7/10)

Utica Comets:

Mike. B
This concept seems to just have a few clashing elements that could be fixed fairly easily. The yoke outline is unnecessary and the tv numbers are too small. The contrasting arms can definitely look good but I would add some white into the stripes and make them bigger too. The only other thing is the hem. It would look better matching the arm stripes and the puck/comet thing looks like it was slapped on there. With some striping it would probably blend better but it also would be better if it wasn't in black, that is seen nowhere else on the concept. I do like the font though, even though most don't (I think). I'm not sure why it really just doesn't look that bad to me.
Overall: Also could look really good with a few tweaks (6/10)

Ontario Reign: 
David P.
Our last concept for the day belongs to David. This one is the simplest concept of the day, having only just one stripe (in each place) The concept almost seems to simple and can be used by just about any team to a degree. However the main thing that sets this apart is the word going down the jersey, and not just that. It has the streaks coming off of it like it does in the logo. I really like that effect and I think it saves that aspect from being too boring. However I would add some gray around the stripes, it still looks boring in just black and white in my opinion.
Overall: Almost too simple but with a small touch that makes it work (7.5/10)

Well those are all the concepts I have for today. A good turnout for this comp so far and plenty more concepts are still left and coming. Hopefully I'll be able to make at least one before it ends. I hope you guys enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next week.

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winnipegjets96 said...

J3...that Albany Devils entry....WOW!

16royta said...

J3 demonstrating exactly why I wanted him as a partner. Amazing.

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