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Hello again guys and welcome back to another Thursday post. As many of you most likely know both of the conference final serieses...seriei...series..I think that's it series, are going to game sevens. I'm hoping for a Bolts/Ducks final. I really don't mind who wins in the west, but being that the Penguins were eliminated by the Rangers 2 years in a row I would rather not see them move on again, but that's just me. Let's move on with the rest of the post now, starting with the reminders. We have 2 votes going on this week, the normal Concept of the Week vote and also the IceCaps competition vote. Along with those we have the HJC survey up at the top of the page,  just leave your answers down in the comments on that page and you can potentially help change how this blog is run, any ideas will be appreciated.

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For today's post I'm going to try a new rating system, mainly since I have some more time to write the post. I also think this will help for when I sometimes get like a "writers block" and don't really know what to say about a concept initially. I will rate the concepts in a few categories individually:
Creativity: 1 point
Execution: 2 points
Pizazz, wow factor, just something that makes the concept stand out: 1 point
Other areas of the concept, or just the overall look, regardless of the other categories: 6 points
The final score will just be all of these scores added up, which is the most logical way to take this system.

Let's get this started then.

Daniel L. - LA Kings 50th Anniversary
The Kings, along with any other '67 expansion teams that have lasted to this day, will be celebrating 50 years soon. David gives us a jersey to celebrate it with.
Creativity: I haven't seen a concept like this before for LA, and the chrome logos are unique. It still seems a bit simple, but for this category it still gets the point (1/1)
Execution: Solid execution (2/2)
Pizazz: Again the chrome logos come up, and that I've never seen side paneling like that for a Kings concept, but I think that simple look outweighs that here, enough to deduct it somewhat. The yellow really does pop though (0.5/1)
Other areas: I think this concept would look pretty good on the ice overall. Just a few nitpicks I have though. This concept seems to have a more modern approach with the side panels and chrome logos that, with an anniversary jersey, you usually would see a classic approach. I'm not really sure how the chrome logos would translate to a jersey, but if it's intended to be like the stadium series jerseys had it I don't like that look regardless of the modern approach or not. (5/6)

Overall: I know it seemed like I've had some bad things to say about the concept but I really quite like it, I just think it's best fit isn't as an anniversary jersey (8.5/10)

Daniel L. - Long Beach State
So after doing a small bit of research here are a few pics that show what they wear or have worn in the past, not sure which one. I seem to notice a few of them use Bruins templates though.
Creativity: Like I mentioned before with the Bruins, these jerseys seem to borrow heavily from Boston's look, especially with the logo on the dark jersey (0/1)
Execution: Again, solid execution (2/2)
Pizazz: Nothing that really stands out to make this concept special (0/1)
Other areas: Don't mistake my other comments for me saying this jersey looks bad in the slightest. A simple pattern like this almost always works, and this one isn't an exception. While it does lack in creativity, going off of the Bruins' look is a good choice if you want a solid uniform set. I also like the yellow jersey too, gives it a breath of fresh air so to speak of the usual white jersey that would be there (6/6)

Overall: Definitely a good look, just lacking some creativity is all (8/10)

Daryl D. - Toronto Legacy
Daryl brings us a jersey idea for a proposed expansion team for the Toronto suburbs area.
Creativity: This concept is very simple overall, but the striping pattern is unique in a way that at least warrants something for this category, in my opinion. (0.5/1)
Execution: A few notes
-Loose pixels in a few areas, those being the arm stripes and logo
-Logo and name/number on back are off center
-Back name/number are too small
-Lack of TV/arm numbers
-Reebok wordmark logo should be visible on the upper back
Other than that execution is solid but most of those are some crucial areas so I have to give it a (0.5/2) in this category
Pizazz: There isn't really anything that makes this concept stand out (0/1)
Other areas: At it's core this jersey could be passable as an NHL jersey. Of course it would need some touch ups still. Also, the colored nameplate isn't needed for this, and the numbers would look better with an outline. (4/6)

Overall: I think this concept is slightly better than the score reflects, just improve on the areas mentioned (5/10)

Mike S - LA Kings
Mike brings us another Kings concept that looks quite similar to some past jerseys.
Creativity: This concept isn't really creative after all, it's a very simple pattern that looks similar to their jerseys from the 90s, but simplicity is the point of this series so I won't dock too much in this category. Still would be nice to see something a bit more unique though (0.5/1)
Execution: A few small nitpicks
-TV numbers look slightly small
-Shade of black in the logo doesn't match the jerseys
-Helmet/Pants logos should be added
Other than that, execution is solid (1.5/2)
Pizazz: Nothing on this concept that really pops out, no wow factor (0/1)
Other areas: I don't really have much to say that hasn't been said so far. Only thing really is that the pants look really plain, and on this concept they should have some sort of striping (5.5/6)

Overall: Again, I think this concept is better than the score reflects (7.5/10)

Tom V. - Edmonton Oilers
Our last concept of the day is what I am assuming is an alternate for the Oilers.
Creativity: Definitely a creative concept, something you don't see everyday (1/1)
Execution: Solid execution. (2/2)
Pizazz: The yoke outline type of design used here is something that stands for sure (1/1)
Other areas: I really love this concept. My only real complaint is that the jersey looks top heavy, the hem could use something to even that out. The way the current striping pattern is tied into this looks great and gives that connection, and also could be used as the aforementioned thing to balance the jersey. The recolored shoulder patch looks great. The only other thing, which is just personal opinion, is to maybe try the concept in orange, I would like to see the Oilers adopt an orange alternate. (5/6)

Overall: A great looking and unique alternate for the Oilers, this concept gets a (9/10) and my COTW nomination.

Well that's all I have for this post guys. I really liked this new format I used for the reviews, but leave me some feedback and tell me if you liked it and if I should continue with this. Did you like a concept today, or disagree with my reviews? Drop a comment and tell us! I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys next Thursday.
Throwback Thursday Reviewed by Bpoe on May 28, 2015 Rating: 5


Ryan C said...

Love the new rating system. Rating by catagory should really help people improve specific things

Ryan said...

Oh, I so second Tom's Oilers for COTW!

The oil drop arms working into some simple classic stripes really attracts me to the concept. Then the TV numbers work in perfectly without looking squeezed or shrunk.

Unknown said...

Bolts ducks I want that

John E. said...

Daniel L's Long Beach State concept for COTW

Unknown said...

I also really like the new rating system.

I'll 3rd Tom V's Oiler's jersey for COTW

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