Sunday: Too Tired From All These OTs to Think of a Title

Hey everyone, welcome to another Sunday post!

Has anyone been watching all of the games in the NHL playoffs? If so, like me, you're probably getting to that awesome sleep-deprived state caused by lots of extended hockey games. But there's absolutely nothing in sports more exciting than playoff OT hockey, so it's totally worth it.

If you haven't seen yet, we've put up a survey that you can see by clicking the banner above. In it, we ask important questions that could potentially shape the blog and what direction we go in.  Participation is crucial by our readers and writers (I'll be putting my response in hopefully later today, possibly tomorrow), and it really doesn't take too long to do. All you need to do is click above, answer our questions in the comment section, and huzzah, the blog is a better place because of you.

You know what else doesn't take long to do? Voting! And this week we have two things to vote for. A really competitive COTW vote, and the voting phase for our Ice Caps Redesign competition. Those entries look great by the way, and good luck to everyone who sent in their concepts!

Alright, I think it's just about time for some concepts.

COTW May 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
IceCaps Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
HJC Survey (Click banner at top of page)
Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds - Tyler K.

Yay:  First up is Tyler's Greyhounds alternate. They look good with plain jerseys, but their current alternate is way too plain. The chest stripe really brings out the greyhound logo well, and helps balance out the red and white on the concept. Everything is well sized and well executed.

Nay: The thin hem stripe has no purpose on this jersey. Having a thick hem stripe would look strange with the chest stripe there, so having no hem stripe would be better. The numbers on the back don't have enough red outline, so it doesn't contrast from the stripe enough.

Overall: Not perfect, but a huge improvement. 7.8/10

 Calgary Flames - Ben S.

Yay: Next up is a new Flames alternate by Ben. This looks like it belongs with the Flames' previous jersey set, but with straightened and stylized stripes, the new alternate logo, and horseshoes on the arm. I love the horseshoes, and I like the logo in this style of jersey.

Nay:  I don't really like the chevron arm style, it almost looks like something I'd see on a Senators jersey. If they're supposed to represent wheat, then I can kind of see it, but it still looks more "Senators" than "Flames" to me. The TV numbers need to be bigger.

Overall: A good alternate for a set a decade old, but it still needs some work. 7.9/10

Winnipeg Jets - Brandon C.

Yay: Remember my rant last week on my some teams really don't need a grey jersey? Well, the Jets definitely are an exception. They really need and deserve a grey alternate, and this concept would be perfect. The colours look so sharp on this jersey. The classic stripe style is great and contrasts well with their main design.

Nay: The back number could be just a little bigger, and all of the text should have a blue outline instead of red, or blue and then red.

Overall:  Very nice! The Jets could definitely use this. 8.5/10

 San Jose Barracuda - Dylan T.

Yay: Next up is Dylan's newest concept, this time for the Barracuda. The simplified stripes are much better than the ones they went with, which just copies the Sharks' look.

Nay: Other writers have said how his concepts haven't been complete, so I won't go on about it too much. Just add the name, numbers, and TV numbers and then you have a concept we can talk about.

Overall: Incomplete, but I'd like to see this jersey style with a finished concept. 5/10

Swansea City - Phil B.

Yay: Our last two concepts go across the pond to England's Premier League. Phil is like our resident expert in sport crossover concepts, and these two soccer/hockey concepts look great! First, we have Swansea City. The Ducks' style looks great with the Swansea logo, and the arm style gives this jersey a really unique look. The font was a really good choice for this set.

Nay: The logo and hem stripes make this logo look imbalanced on one side, which is hard to prevent while keeping the logo and template.  But here's an idea: why not flip the stripes? So the stripes you see on the back are now on the front, and vice versa. That way, everything looks a little more centered. Just a thought.

Overall: I don't believe Swansea has an ice hockey club. But if they did, and they wore this, they'd be the envy of many teams across the globe. 8.8/10

Tottenham Hotspur - Phil B.

Yay: This next one looks really nice as well. The white jersey is almost like a Maple Leafs jersey, but the arms give it it's own style, and definitely fits with Tottenham's look. The dark jersey with the gradient neon green stripes looks different for hockey, but something we could have seen as NHL All Star Game jerseys last year.

Nay: The white jersey is perfect as is. The black jersey is almost there, but I don't like the piping on the sides of the jersey, and the white logo looks somewhat out of place with the rest of the jersey. It matches their kit, yes, but to me it just looks strange.

Overall: I don't love this as much as the Swansea set, but this still looks awesome! 8.4/10

My COTW nominee this week is an extremely tough call, but I'm going to pick  Phil B's Swansea City concept.

So hopefully you all know your homework to do for today: vote, vote again, and fill our survey. Our blog will be more awesome once you do those things.

Thanks for reading, and see you next week!
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Unknown said...

I'll second Phil's Swansea concept for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll second Phill for COTW, that'd be great to see in the Spengler Cup or some other international event

richard lewis said...

Being from Swansea I've got to nominate Phil for COTW.

Jerseys were very reminiscent of the club's football look about 5 years ago, makes a really good crossover. Way to represent buddy!

Vaughn R said...

Phil B's Swansea set for COTW

Unknown said...

Vaughn you need a google account to properly post COTW nominations

Caz said...

I'm really liking Phil's Swansea set. I don't mind the imbalance.

On a side note, anyone else getting fatigued with the amount of MLS/futbol/soccer jerseys being introduced with neon colors? I thought Recent Mexico and U.S. kits were particularly problematic.

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