Sunday: Copycats

Welcome to Sunday's post, and the first day of our "Get Your Own Jersey" week!

First off, I want to say congratulations to Scott, Christian, J3 & Taylor for winning their respective divisions in the Pairs Competition. It was disappointing having so few entries this time, but hopefully the competition will come back next year better than ever.

So you know what I hate? Copycats. When someone does something totally awesome and original, and another person takes it, calls it their own, and tries to be just as awesome. It doesn't work, it's just all kinds of lame.

Well that is what this competition is all about. Pick one of the 9 AHL teams who shamelessly copied their parent club's look, and give them their own identity. Its not that hard to make something new and better, some of the parent club jerseys here aren't even that great or original themselves. So its up to you to give some of these otherwise awesome franchise identities and make them stand out on their own.

Before we see the first batch of entries, let me quickly remind you to vote for this week's COTW. This week, we have two awesome Winter Classic concepts, and an insanely smooth Belfast Giants concept. Check them out and send in your votes!

COTW April 26 - May 2 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Get Your Own Jersey Comp (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Toronto Marlies - Jets96

Originality - It's hard to get too original with anything Maple Leafs/Marlies related without looking crazy. This is basically a modernized, dark version of their current alternate. But the extra arm stripe and hem being on the bottom makes it look different enough. 1.75/3

Design - If the Marlies really wanted to be different, they should embrace the secondary light blue colour from their logo. This concept does that, but only sparingly. The arms and hem look slick and match up well. It's not mindblowing, but it looks good. 2/3

Believability - I could definitely see this being used. This has links to the past (and technically present) with the full length arms and simplistic equipment and text, but still looks fresh and sharp by today's modern standards. 3/3

Bonus Point - Out of the 3 logos you could have used (including that goofy dog one), you chose the best one to suit the modern-fauxback look Toronto looks so good in. The dog looks too silly, and the crown logo is awesome but too vintage. 1/1

Overall -Solid work! 7.75/10

Albany Devils - Jets96

Originality - Also like Toronto, designing anything for New Jersey is difficult when they look so good in a jersey they've worn for so long. But you've totally thrown out the textbook on this one, love it! 3/3

Design -I never really like the crescent "fang" yoke design, but it somehow fits the devilish theme. The slick arms and yoke go well with the modern side panels. Although, to be a more consistent design, I'd swap the black and white on the side panels so the black is on the outside of the jersey, matching the arms. 2/3

Believability - For New Jersey/Albany? Nothing beyond what they wear now is believable, so that's not fair. But from a typical modern jersey launch for a team identity like this? I'd think so. 2.25/3

Bonus Point - This jersey easily translates to a white jersey with red as a secondary colour, without losing the punch that this design has. So a full set with this design is easily do-able for the Devils, and I'd be all for it. 1/1

Overall - Devilishly good. 8.25/10

Rockford IceHogs - John E.

Originality - Rockford is a little different from Toronto and Albany. Yes, they use the Blackhawks' jerseys, but they've mixed it up and have had some crazy special jerseys in the past. What they haven't done? Used blue, which makes total sense as it is the background of the logo. Brilliant! 3/3

Design - The Blackhawks jersey looks classic, because it is. This jersey looks classic, despite neither club ever wearing something similar. That is extremely impressive. The unsymmetrical-ness of the chest stripes bug me though. I feel like the bottom stripe should have a bottom white stripe. Same goes with the socks. 1.75/3

Believability -They've done crazier. But honestly, using the blue from the logo is such a brilliant move, I'm shocked that they haven't used it yet. 3/3

Bonus Point - Despite how badly the NHL overuses Chicago in outdoor games, Rockford has appeared in 0 AHL outdoor games. This concept would go great with some fresh snow and stadium lights. 1/1

Overall - Fantastic! 8.75/10 and my COTW nomination!

There we go, the first three competition entries are in the books. And honestly, these concepts might be a tough act to follow!

Don't forget to get your own entries in this week, and also to vote for COTW!

Thanks for reading, and see you next week!
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Unknown said...

I'll second John E's Icehogs jersey for COTW

richard lewis said...

I'll second John's Rockford jersey for COTW. Beauty

Anonymous said...

I can't second John's Icehogs concept because of the awkwardness of the black in the jersey.

I do think Jets96 could've done a bit more for his Marlies concept. Give us some light blue in the pants and the socks, just like the sleeves.

Ryan said...

No need to nominate this week. The comp winner will be COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Phil & Wiliam

Thanks for the critiques, I will work on those and use those when I make a set w/ a 3rd jersey

I do like John's concept, I just wish that the blue and black were to switch places on the jersey, oh and more Pig but logos

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