Sunday: Champions of the World

Hello everyone, welcome to another Sunday post!

When this post becomes live, the gold medal game at the World Championships should just about be over. As of right now (Saturday morning), I predict Canada will win. I doubted their goaltending, and still do, but they just have too much offensive depth and firepower for anyone to handle. But Russia and USA are good as well, and I predict a very exciting match.

So this week we're starting a new competition! Staying with the AHL, it's the Ice Caps' turn for a redesign. Create 2 or 3 jerseys for the newly-affiliated Ice Caps, and make it better than just putting a recoloured logo on the Canadiens jersey.  Who knows, maybe the team's designers will be inspired by our work, and make their actual jersey an original design (wishful thinking).  Stay tuned this week to see the entries as they come in, then vote for your favourites next week.

Also this week, we have two big votes going on. The COTY April vote and the weekly COTW vote are full of great concepts to pick from.

COTY-April vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW May 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
IceCaps entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Are you ready for some concepts? Lets go!

New York Islanders - Daryl D.

Yay: We start today off with a "Brooklyn" Islanders concept. A greyscale Islanders concept has been attempted and failed many times, it just never seems to look nice. The grey and black logo looks really sharp on this concept.

Nay: The white on the arms stands out like a sore thumb, and not in a good way. Add some white to the hem, or the logo, or make the arms grey. There's also no need for the yoke outline. The back number is a little too small, the name is too small and doesn't need a white bar, there are no TV numbers anywhere, and using an orange number on the front is awful for contrast and defeats the purpose of the black and white theme.

Overall: Another one bites the dust. 5.5/10

 Vancouver Canucks - Dylan T.

Yay: Next up is Dylan's idea of a Stadium Series jersey for the Canucks. A green jersey would look great for the Canucks, and anything using the Johnny Canuck logo is a big win in my books. The style of the jersey is well suited for a stadium series, and it looks like something the Canucks would wear.

Nay: The yoke should have a grey outline, to match the yoke. There should also be some sort of white outline or stripe on the hem and/or yoke to match the arms. There are no TV numbers, which is a crappy way to lose execution points. The stripes on the arm seem very weirdly angled, but maybe that's just me.

Overall: Good design, but not the sharpest execution. 7.1/10

Los Angeles Kings -  John V.

Yay: Now we have John's LA Kings concept. This is an awesome mix of 70's colours and modern logos and fonts. The logo and lettering looks fantastic with these colours, and the jersey still fits today's era and the 70's where this jersey design comes from. The concept is well designed and well executed.

Nay: Besides the colour and logo/font combo. There isn't much to like. The design isn't bad, but it's not all that new and exciting. If you were to do this design with the 1980-87 jerseys, it would look much more interesting.

Overall: Its totally believable, and it looks nice, but I'm not as excited about it as I'd like to be. 7.8/10

Calgary Flames -  Josiah B.

Yay: In my mind, the Calgary Flames logo is an extremely underrated logo. It's remained relatively untouched for 35 years besides colour changes, and yet looks just as awesome as it did in 1980. And it works in red, black, white, and vintage white. But what about yellow? Weirdly, they haven't tried that yet. Josiah does, and it looks great! This fauxback is really minimalistic compared to other Flames' jerseys, but it fits the awesome classic look that the Flames look best in.

Nay: The font... what's up with that? It's not a bad hockey font, but it looks strange and somewhat modern, which doesn't help the classic theme at all. I'd also go with a white name on the red jersey, because skinny yellow on red background just doesn't contrast enough.

Overall: I like it! I'd take this set over their current look. 8.1/10

Calgary Flames vs Vancouver Canucks - Vaughn R.

Yay: Finally we have Vaughn's Stadium Series concept for the Canucks and Flames. I'm really happy to see a black Flames jersey, especially with the subtle colours that Vaughn uses here. Using the Johnny Canuck logo, as I said earlier, is an awesome thing. The jersey styles of both jerseys are well chosen and look great.

Nay: On the Flames' jersey, the white stripe on the hem should be put on the other side of the red stripe, so it better matches the arm stripes. On both jerseys, the name is a little too small and the back number is definitely too small.  On the Canucks jersey, I have no idea why you used grey. It makes sense for some teams, but this jersey would look just as good and be more believable with white instead of grey, especially since the logo and collar still use white.

Overall: It's different, and it's cool because it's different. But I'm not a huge fan of the grey jersey. 7.3/10

I'm having a hard time nominating a concept for a COTW today.  There's some good concepts here, but nothing that really stands out and screams "Look at me, I'm awesome!!!" to my face. So I won't name a nomination, but hopefully you guys can help these concepts out by nominating your favourite in the comments!

How are you guys doing in the hockey pool? I'm winning, somehow.  I thought last round was going to kill me, and it would have if the Rangers didn't pull through like they did. Are your playoff hopes dashed? Don't worry:


So that's my post for today.  Thank you for reading and have a good week! See you next Sunday!

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Richard Mazella said...

One of the few times I have to disagree with you, Mr. Butala . . . The Flames logo if anything is over-rated. So much so in fact that it took them too long to replace the horse-flame logo with the current one (although it is a roundel).

The primary logo is dull and has little character, turning the "C" black had made it even worse. Unfortunately it would be difficult to have a new non-roundel logo as the primary and I would have to settle for the current alternate roundel if that were an option.

Unknown said...

And so are World Championships...

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