Red Dead Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday everyone, we've got it all for you here today. Playoff talk, concepts, voting reminders, and a whole lot of red. 5 concepts today and they all feature color schemes with red and at least one red jersey.

Ok playoff talk... Just like we did in the first round, we're just waiting on the East to finish up so we can get round 3 going...which would be nice. (Yay Blackhawks) The Bolts took down the Canadiens last night so once again, Canada will go another year without a cup. Womp Womp. Tonight we get another sweet sweet game 7 between the Caps and the Rangers... That's going to be a great game. We should all get together to watch it but I'll be at a playoff game myself, the IceHogs are in the second round against the Grand Rapids Griffins. Remember guys... #OneGoal #TwoTrophies.

And lastly, your voting reminders. Well, reminder, since last week's COTW winner will also be the winner of the Get Your Own competition all you have to do this week is go to the competition page and vote in the comments. Good luck, there's a lot of potential winners in the bunch, 79 total entries! Wow!

Get Your Own Jersey vote (ends Friday, May 15th @ 11:59pm eastern)

Ok now your concepts!

Ottawa Senators Concept - Chase C.
First off, it looks like this is taken straight from nhluniforms.com. Obviously some work was done to change the designs on the jerseys but the rest of the equipment is from the site, and even the NEIL 25 is still there. I suggest learning how to use an actual template. It's really hard to rate anything highly when you're just taking most of your concept from somewhere else.

The white jersey is essentially the team's original white jersey with the current font. The old 2D logo is ok, but if you're going to use the modern font why not use the modern 2D logo? It's way better. The red jersey is a darker version of the white jersey which hasn't been used before. I think it would make a good looking set for the Sens but it's nothing we haven't seen around these parts. Also, the Reebok branding on the back of the white jersey is illegible and it's non-existent on the red jersey.

Rating: 6/10

Virden Oil Capitals (MJHL) Concept - Brooks F.
First and foremost I think the name is stupid. These jerseys are nice though. These are like evolutions of their current look. Give em a Google. I think overall it would be a lateral move. Nothing to dislike here except for the name. I do think the shoulder patches could be a tad smaller so they aren't almost touching the silver in the yokes.

Rating: 7.5/10

Stockton Heat Concept - David K.
David suggests the Heat use a set of jerseys closely resembling the Flames jerseys of the 80's instead of carbon copies of the mess they wear now. The one difference between old Flames jerseys and these is the yoke striping. I think it's unnecessary but doesn't look bad. I think you should also be using the current font that the Flames use. It would match the logo better and most any font will look good with the striping pattern used. I think you could also use the S logo on the pants instead of the C. The Flames don't really use those pants, and even when they do I don't think they have a C, so no need for them to have to supply 20-something pairs of pants they won't use if the players get called up. Let the Heat worry about it. Pretty good look, I wish they had gone this direction.

Rating: 7.5/10

Ottawa Senators Concept - John E.
I can't honestly say I've seen anyone use the laurel leaves on the chest like John has. And if I have, it's been far too long because I don't remember it. I gotta say, I'm a fan. The striping is nice but the red jersey could use some white in the striping to lighten the jersey a bit, and the socks on both jerseys should have the extra white/red stripe like on the sleeves...at least they should in my opinion. The laurels on the pants are also really cool. I don't like how the TV numbers and the back numbers are colored different. I think the name and numbers on the red jersey should be white and and the name and numbers on the white jersey could go either way, but I prefer the black. Lastly I don't care for the font choice at all. I think something blockier would look best, or even what they use now.

Rating: 8/10

Stockton Heat Alternate Jersey Concept - David K.
Pretty good idea for an alternate. Doesn't really draw any design cues from the Flames, although you could make an argument that it resembles the Heritage Classic jerseys the team used a few years back. I'm a fan of most everything here except for the new pants. I think the pants used for the home and away set seen above would look better here. Plus it's hard to imagine an AHL team "Stock"ing up on two pairs of pants for different jerseys.

Rating: 8.5/10

And BOOOOM Wednesday is dead. It's over. All done. Bring on the Thursday! I'm ready for it are you!? GO VOTE
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