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Welcome, once again, to Monday. Today means that Ryan has left the happiest place on Earth and is safely home in Toronto.

First, let me just say sorry for not including any of your wonderful last minute GOYJ contest concepts. There was a flood of them last night and a shortage of time for me. On another note, Prom was fun. On another another note, voting starts for the Get Your Own Jersey contest. Make sure you do that!

Get Your Own Jersey vote (ends Friday, May 15th @ 11:59pm eastern)

I know that it's been said before, but the Manitoba Moose are the AHL Affiliate of the Winnipeg Jets! What extra commentary do I have to say about this? I prefer the team's original color scheme.
I think the fact that they changed the classic green and brown to work better with the Jet's jersey looks really lazy. I really hope this trend stops. If the topic needed an entire week dedicated to it, then that probably means that people (especially those who love jerseys) hate it.

Since I haven't said anything about it yet, let me talk about my bracket for the playoffs.

As you can probably see, I flubbed in two match ups the first round. Of course, Blues Wild was a very hard one to call from the start. I went with a wildcard and thought the Senators would've slipped past the Habs. Oops, silly me. Outside of that, my bracket has been pretty spot on. It's kind of scary seeing the Caps and Rags getting so close, though. Although I wouldn't complain about Stamkos v. Ovechkin. On the Western side of things, I am proud to say that my two favorite teams will be duking it out for easily, without question, the best series of the playoffs. When it comes to the Hawks winning, I think that the Hawks are by far the biggest threat in the league, all biases aside. Also I really just want another parade.

Jets, be glad I gave you the benefit of the doubt by giving you 7 games against Anaheim.

Well, that's all I have to say about that. Here's what we have for today.

Brooks F. - LA Kings

Today we start it off with a concept for a team that is in dire need of a redesign. I hate the black and white almost as much as I hate the LA Kings (Also I should state that I despise the LA Kings).

Pros: Of course, the whole gold and purple is a relic of the past, but damn does it look great. And it definitely works well here too. I love the old Burger King and his purple beard. The sash-like design invokes thoughts of nobility. The LA shoulder patch looks great repainted, and I love the font used on the numbers. All around well executed design.

Cons: First thing I noticed while looking at this, the purple beard gets lost inside of the home jersey. The logo just doesn't "pop" enough. Maybe if the beard were grey in the home and purple in the away, it would create some more flair. The font used for the name looks too much like just basic Arial from a distance. Try to find some thicker block letters or find some fonts on our resources page. I don't really know what's going on with the pant stripe here, it just looks a little confused to me. that shape isn't found anywhere else in the concept. Maybe take a thinner version of the arm stripe down the leg.

The away jersey looks a lot better than the home here, which is something I don't really say often. If I was grading this on just the away, it would be a 7.5, but the home just lacks any sort of oomph or flair. 6.5/10

John E. - Chicago Wolves

Ah, the Chicago Wolves. I used to live a lot closer to the Allstate Arena than the Madhouse, so I spent a good amount of time at Wolves games growing up. Alright, enough nostalgia.

Pros: I LOVE the striping on this jersey. The simple slant works perfectly here. The inclusion of a yoke on the home and having full colored shoulders on the away makes this series look both separated, but the hem and sleeves make it look incredibly cohesive. Also, A+ for those inverse laces, they make almost every jersey prettier.

Cons: First, interesting choice using the Canucks patch. The Wolves are currently affiliated with the St Louis Blues. Unless this concept was made 3 or 4 years ago or you see them signing back with the Canucks for a future season, this choice just seems weird. Second, that font seems too round for a jersey where the main element is that sharp angle at the hem. Lastly, the Captain's patch is on the opposite side, unless you see Chicago taking a Detroit-esque approach to jersey making.

A solid set. It looks both classic and modern, a great style for any team. 8.5/10

Ryan C. - Greenville Road Warriors

Have to be honest with you here, I never really follow the ECHL. Once I move closer to the Quad Cities, I'll probably start following the Mallards a lot more. I've never really seen or heard much about this team.

Pros: Ok, I know these aren't yours, but I have to say that these logos are gorgeous, especially for a minor pro team. Looking at the jerseys this team currently wears, you already trumped them. The inclusion of copper and silver in the striping ties the entire piece together perfectly. Your execution here is flawless, too. I can actually see the team switching to something like this, or even this in the next few seasons.

Cons: One big gripe I have is the striping on the pant legs, it's just too plain having a single copper stripe. Your striping on the sleeves is so sharp and intricate, either carry that down or just use a simple wordmark or logo. Also, note where your logos came from. It's just one simple step we all have to follow here.

This concept looks absolutely fantastic. I'm not joking, man. Send this concept to Greenville. 9.5/10

Ryan G. - Star Wars First Order

STAR WARS 7 WHAT WHAT! The newest trailer showed us the logo the Empire has switched to, and we already have someone using it on a jersey concept. Needless to say, the hype is real.

Pros: I have to say, that diamond in the sleeve stripes looks so incredibly nice. The use of fonts from the series is always awesome, the fan community always ceases to amaze me. Also, great job stopping the stitching at the stripes. Take note, rookies.

Cons: I hate this logo on a jersey. From a distance, it just looks like a giant hexagon. If that lotus shape was a white, it would make a lot more sense here. This jersey style just looks too vintage and too plain to represent a hyper advanced military force, there needed to be some crazier art choices here to really make this stand out or at least fit in better with this series. Also, the collar looks really weird here. If the underflap were that maroon color, it could probably net an additional .5 to your score.

Does it, from a technical standpoint, look nice? Yes, but there just isn't much there, and most of what is there doesn't really work. Maybe this would work for a jersey night on May 4th for a minor leagues team. 4.5/10

Scott D. - Colorado Avalanche

If any team is in need of a new jersey, it's Colorado. This, though. This is a step in the right direction.

Pros: This jersey looks tight. The striping is uneven, which is usually a gripe for me, but it looks gorgeous here. The execution is spot on, and your presentation on the slide is fantastic. The use of also using a mirrored stripe on the pants was smart. Color choices all around are strong, picking blue numbers on the away jersey was interesting, but I actually really like the look.

Cons: I cannot stress this enough. Include where you got your logo from! As artists ourselves, we need to respect other artists, especially when our art form is about making changes to something. Outside of that, I think you could have done more with the pants here. They just look sort of bland. Also, I'd make the silver darker. It just gets lost in the white. The same goes for the shoulder patch on the away jersey. Maybe a yoke could fix this? And on the topic of white being blended in, the laces on the away jersey could probably be a different color.

Overall great jersey. Just a few simple changes could make this really be a 10. What we have though, is a 9.25/10

That's the monday post! Again, I'm sorry for the lack of GYOJ concepts. This week moving forward will be very crazy, as hopefully we have a backlog of concepts to review. Also, Ryan will be posting a survey about changes to the blog. This could be very exciting, as none of us really know what to expect.

As always, cast your votes! It's up to you, the community, to decide!

And last but not least, GO HAWKS!!! GO DUCKS!!!

-Jack G.
Papa Jack Serves Up Some Tasty New Concepts Reviewed by Unknown on May 11, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

COTW for Scott D.'s Avs. Designers named Scott really have a knack for designing(citing Scott M(insert last name I wish I knew how to spell) and Scott Garland)!

Unknown said...

I'll also nominate Scott for COTW

Anonymous said...

That Chicago Wolves jersey looks great. Reminds me of a Kansas City Blades though because of the coloring. Thats a great thing though since I am from KC

Unknown said...

I nominate Ryan C.

Unknown said...

I'll also nominate Scott D. because he has my same name. And I think Coby is on to something ;) Thanks man!

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