Must Win Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Hockey People!

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Big Big Big hockey tonight, as the WCF enter game 6 and a must win for my Blackhawks, and Friday we get the first of hopefully 2 game 7's! We're so close to getting to see Stanley you guys!

Enough hockey talk, you're not here for that, you're here for concepts...

Fotsvett City Chicken Wings Concept Thing - Bert B.
I don't think I can take this serious. The logo is the best part of this and that's saying something.

Rating: bleh

Toronto Marlies Concept - Joey F.
Joey applies the chest stripe to a jersey for the Marlies. I can't imagine Toronto fans being huge fans of chest stripes. The numbers on the back are huuuuge and I can't tell if the yoke is supposed to be pointed on the shoulders, or if you didn't take the time to try and round it out. The second 0 on the sleeves is unnecessary, just leave the one, no need for it to bleed off of the jersey. The inside of the jersey that you can see in the collar should be blue. Nothing extraordinary here and some execution errors hurt this.

Rating: 5/10

LA Galaxy (MLS) Alternate Kit Hockey Uniform Concept - Daniel L.
It would appear that Daniel brought back the green and yellow scheme from some old uniforms. But he left the red out. I agree this is a better scheme without the red, but the red sure made it interesting. I don't really care for the gradient side panels when there isn't a gradient anywhere else. Feels slapped on to me. Especially since the Adidas arm stripes 'HAVE' to be there the whole thing comes off as basic and templated. I do like the pants striping. If that striping pattern was applied on the sleeves (horizontally), the hem, and the socks, we'd have a slightly more interesting jersey. It's hard for me to see this as an Adidas jersey with the Nike collar. Especially since Adidas owns Reebok/CCM. You think it would resemble Reebok jerseys.

Rating: 6.5/10

Sporting KC Alternate Kit Hockey Uniform Concept - Daniel L.
I can't find too much on Sporting KC using a rainbow kit, but there does seem to be some history there. It's definitely an interesting look. I think you'd be better off with blank pants... the rainbow striping would be too much but the blue stripes seem out of place. The font doesn't really fit the rest of the uniform in my opinion. It's got a modern feel to it, while the uniform itself looks like a throwback. Maybe that's just me.

Rating: 7/10

Manitoba Moose Concept - Chris W.
Chris, like most of us, doesn't want to see the New Moose is Jets jerseys...except for his color swapped alternate jersey, which I'm a fan of. The striping isn't anything new but the big thing here is the Moose font is back. The new M logo is neat, though it'd be cooler if the antlers clower resembled the antlers in the main logo. It should be brighter too, it barely stands out on the navy blue shoulders. Bonus execution points for including the AHL tags and sponsor logo.

Rating: 8/10

Well there you have it! Get strapped in now, We've got some big hockey here in the next few nights!

Also, I don't want my harshness on one of the concepts today to be taken the wrong way. If a concept doesn't appear to have had any time put into it, then I don't really believe it's worth my time critiquing it... what was there to critique?

Good day, love you all. Call your mom.
Must Win Wednesday Reviewed by DBro Alexander on May 27, 2015 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

COTW for Chris's Moose concept

Nice 96 Kansas City WIZ concept by Daniel L. the MLS in the first 2 years were quite something to look at.

Caz said...

I don't think that's gradient on Daniel's LA Galaxy jersey, I think that's just a template representation of the under-arm ventilation on a Nike Swift jersey. The grey dots can make it look like a gradient, though.

Daniel L. said...

My galaxy concept was based on the 2002 home kit which did not include any red in the color scheme.

Anonymous said...

Chris W. seconded for COTW.

The rainbow in the SKC jersey is a throwback to the old KC Wizards. I like the throwback ideas from Daniel's MLS jerseys. But being a Red Bulls supporter, their jersey better be Metro-themed.

DBro Alexander said...

@Caz - Good call Caz

@Daniel - See, I'm not much of an MLS....or soccer guy... a quick Google of LA Galaxy jerseys did eventually show me the exact jersey you based your concept off of. Pretty good representation of it, carries over to hockey nicely.

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