Friday: The Manitoba Moose Are On the Manitoba Loose!

TGIF, welcome to another Friday post!

I love when I can start off a post talking about new designs in the hockey world, and today it involves my favourite team, and an old look. The Manitoba Moose are back in the AHL. This time, sporting the Jets double blue & silver, and doing...exactly what the IceCaps did with their jerseys....great

First let's look at their new logos:

Photo from: Manitoba Moose Official Twitter Account 

The logos are the same as the 2010 Moose (which if you don't remember, click here for a refresher), and that's not a bad thing. I liked the IceCaps logo, but the Moose had one of the best logo sets in AHL history, and it looks great in the Jets colours. The old colours looked good too, but this seems fitting. I don't think we're done with the old colour scheme (IE throwback to the Calder Cup Finals of 08-09?). Think I'd be less in favour of this look if the Ice Caps were going away, but they are not, they're now the Habs affiliate. I have family in Newfoundland and the IceCaps are huge and like Manitoba, they deserve hockey, so A+ for both Winnipeg & Montreal for keeping that team in St. John's! Even if they are the St John's Canadiens (which to be fair, Sherbrooke, Verdun & Fredricton had Canadiens at one point or another). 

Rating: 8.25/10

On to the jerseys...and yeah, I'm not liking this recent trend 

Photo from: Manitoba Moose Official Twitter Account 

They're Jets copies...I mean, right down to the numbers. COME ON! The Moose had the most unique and coolest number fonts that didn't look gaudy. I wouldn't even mind the Jets template being used but JUST THE NUMBERS, PLEASE! I don't mind the shoulder patch but still, if the AHL wants to make money on jersey sales, put something new on the table! Logo looks nice though.

Rating: 5/10

Hey, you know that COTW thing. It's the hip and cool thing right now, all the kids are voting for it right now. You wanna be cool, get picked first in dodgeball? hang out with the cool kids? Then you'd better vote. I was a whimp before COTW, now I'm a jerk, and EVERYBODY LOVES ME! SO VOTE NOW!

The Get Your Own Jersey Competition is entering the home stretch! Remember to get your entries in (you can have up to 9 entries in this comp. (That's 9 ways to win). If you haven't sent your entries yet, check out the rule page and remember as always, HJC logo policy applies.

COTW April 26 - May 2 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern

Get Your Own Jersey Comp (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the contest entries


Albany Devils Concept (By: Jeff H.)

+ Beautiful striping pattern, with lots of every colour and every colour pops
+ It's different from the NJ Devils that it's original, but close enough the teams are tied
+ Love the shoulder stripes
+ Excellent execution 

- Not a fan of the NOB, it's slightly hard to read 
- It's minor (more so for future reference) but it looks like the AHL is putting the manufacturer logo under the collar and back collar, no longer on the hem (I may be wrong though)

Rating: 9/10

Albany Devils Concept (By: Taylor R.)

+ While the NHL Devils will never do this, a black Devils jersey in the AHL would look amazing
+ Love the arms, they look like swooping pitch forks, same with the fans
+ The white and red really pop
+ Pretty good execution

- The tail on the back seems a little too minor league
- Remember to use either the REEBOK wordmark or CCM logo on the back of jerseys
- The pants logo crowds the pants

Rating: 8.5/10

Bridgeport Sound Tigers Concept (By: Taylor R.)

+ Of the 4 colour variations of the Sound Tigers, the green tiger looks pretty good
+ Very nice striping pattern, very curvy and modern
+ Nice shoulder tips
+ This may sound weird, but the green Islanders logo looks pretty solid
+ Again, pretty good execution

- While the striping pattern is solid, but the grey and white blend into each other
- Again with the vector logo
- Not sold on the NASCAR font, something more angled than curvy would look better

Rating: 8/10

Iowa Wild Concept (By: J3)

+ Like Jeff's Devils concept, there is enough to tie the team to NHL club but still be original
+ Love how bold the script and numbers are
+ That star stud thing on the stripe and pants look phenomenal
+ Great execution

- Shoulder patches and tv numbers are a wee bit too small
- Pants could use a logo

Rating: 9.25/10

Ontario Reign Concept (By: John E.)

+ I really think the Burger King jersey can look good, and this is the 2nd concept ai've seen to do it
+ This would be a great way to use the Reign/Kings Chevy logo! Very classy
+ Original but tied to the big leagues
+The chest sash really pops with the arms

- There are 3 different striping patterns on this jersey, make the hem match the arms and it's look better, same thing with the sox
- The dragon logo could be used here and it'd look great
- Gloves are a little too plain

Rating: 9.25/10

Ontario Reign Concept (By: J3)

+ That dragon logo....it's amazing, sucks the Reign don't use it
+ Chevy logo looks great as a shoulder patch
+ Striping looks amazing and pops, especially on the arms and yoke
+ Great execution

- Pants could use a logo

Rating: 9/10

Ontario Reign Concept (By: Jarrett T.)

+ Reign, like the Kings, would have an awesome grey jersey, so this idea isn't too far off
+ I am a huge fan of 2 stripe patterns, and this colour scheme makes it work
+ Of the 3 Reign concepts today, this is the 1st one to have the stand alone Kings crown a great logo to connect the Reign to the Kings

- The sock striping doesn't match the the of the jersey
- The NOB is hard to read in white
- Since the black skirt goes all the way down, the arms would match more if they had cuffs
-  I know that it's hard to find the balance of colours with a coloured jersey and black gear, but a grey helmet will look better

Rating: 7.5/10

San Jose Barracudas Concept (By: Jarrett T.)

+ One thing most people agree on with regards to the things the Barracudas got right was the orange jersey
+ I like this idea more since team and orange look excellent together, and the black and white provide enough separation so they don't seem too gaudy
+ Pretty good execution

- It's rare a single shoulder patch works for a team, and this isn't one of those times, the shoulder patch is also too close to the collar
- Not sure if the round font really for the very angular "toothy" SJ
- The striping is a copy of the Ducks jerseys, a rival of San Jose, there needs to be something to separate the two from each other
- With all the black gear, there's no other colours on it, aside from the small barracuda logo itself, some combination white, silver, teal or orange would fix that

Rating: 7/10

San Jose Barracudas Concept (By: Chase C.)

+ I like any reference to the 90's Sharks jerseys
+ The big grey cuffs and hem skirt match the grey in the logo

- The NHL tags are still on the jersey, and the Player 97 duo makes me think this is a recoloured/logoed concept from Sportslogos.net, a big no no
- The gloves don't have any white on they, aside from some in the vector logo
- No helmet or Pants logos
- The stripes are unbalanced, like San Joses' current jerseys

Rating: 5.75/10

Toronto Maries Concept

Utica Comets Concept (By: Taylor R.)

+ Seeing as the Comets logo has that giant swoosh in it, it make sense that most of the entries have featured that swoosh, but Taylor's entry may be doing it best
+ Awesome execution, unique designs like this are hard to pull off
+ While the font reminds me somewhat of the early 2000's Wild, it matches the angles of the swooshes
+ The comet on the pants looks great!

- I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a reference to the Fort Wayne Comets or Halloween, but the Comets loot better in Canucks colours
- Same problem with the vector applies to this concept

Rating: 8.25/10


That's the post! 

Don't forget to get your AHL entries in before Sunday
Also don't forget your COTW vote!
Go...Moose Go? 
Have an awesome weekend!
Remember, regular concepts return next week!
Friday: The Manitoba Moose Are On the Manitoba Loose! Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on May 08, 2015 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...

I think the tail on the Devils jersey is actually better looking than the swoopy pitchforks on the sleeves.

winnipegjets96 said...

Hey, to each there own, it's defiantly not a bad idea. BTW thanks a lot to your Blackhawks for ruining me in the playoff pool and ending Dubnyk's season! Why do the Blackhawks have to be so good!???!!??!

Unknown said...

I really just tried to do anything with these jerseys. Yes the orange and black color scheme is based of the Fort Wayne Komets. Personally, blue and green doesn't constitute comets to me in any way shape or form. The Sound Tigers design is supposed to mimic sound waves with the wave like striping and the pointy striping mimics tiger claws/fangs. I'm also so glad you missed what I messed up on on the Devils jersey. I also did these jerseys in the vision of them being worn as alternates, which is why they could be considered going overboard. Also, the Moose logo has slight differences from the original To me the changes are more suitable for the color scheme.

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