Friday: From Hawaii to Switzerland

TGIF, welcome to the Friday post!

Finally, after weeks of speculation, we got the final piece in the AHL relocation puzzle when St. John's IceCaps unveiled their new logo as the Montreal Canadiens' AHL affiliate

Let's take a look.

Photo from St. John's IceCaps' official Twitter 

It's exactly what most people expected the IceCaps unveiled. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, the logo itself remains the same, but red dominates instead of double blue. The common criticism of the logo is the double blue had a winter/icecaps look to it, and the red does not have that same affect. I don't disagree, I liked the double blue, but ultimately the double blue was used not for the ice but since it's the Jets two main colours. I still like the logo a lot, not just because I'm biased to any form of Newfie hockey, but it's a solid logo. The map outlines of Newfoundland (right) and Labrador (left) are one of my favourite subtle details in any logo.

What do we get jersey-wise? Just like the Condors & Gulls, we won't know until June. I'd expect a blue version of either of Montreal's jerseys, more likely the white jersey. 

Rating: 8/10 (Original: 8.5/10)

In the ECHL, the South Carolina Stingrays made it to the Kelly Cup Finals with a triple overtime 1-0 win over the Toledo Walleye. Pointless tidbit, maybe, but it's not just the NHL having this trend. This is the year of the overtime, and it wouldn't surprise me if over the next two days we get two close, multiple overtime games.

Go Blackhawks and Rangers! (I need to get round right!)

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On to the 5 concepts for the day! 


Dallas Stars Concept (By: Chase C.)

+ Seeing the current colours on the star hem cut is a neat idea for a concept 
+ Lots of black, just like the original 
+ Good logo choices, the primary Stars logo would not go well with the star hem

- While it is a good job of doing such a thing, the jersey is from sportslogos.net, at least Chase did add a new shoulder patch and get rid of the stitching in the arms and hem, but HJC has a great template page you can go to 
- The socks and border of the star don't have enough white, on the jersey the numbers help this problem but the socks don't have this solution 
- Gloves lack colours 

Rating: 6.5/10

Auburn Tigers NCAA Concepts (By: Daniel L.)

+ While in pro hockey, template jerseys don't work, they really work in college hockey 
+ Excellent striping pattern, it's original but still remains in the realm of cookie-cutter, especially those side bars 
+ Good colour balancing on the blue jersey, aside from one problem
+ Solid execution, Daniel has improved quite a bit 

- Swap the blue and orange on the white jersey to match the AU 
- On the blue jersey, swap the orange and white on the numbers and make the NOB white

Rating: 8.75/10 

Hawaii Rainbow Warriors NCAA Concepts (By: Daniel L.)

+ Loving the triangle spikes all over the jersey, socks and pants, and even the numbers
+ Dig that yoke shape and angled arms, sort of like the early NHL Whalers
+ Good colour balancing
+ Solid execution, again Daniel continues to improve

- Don't get me wrong, this would look good but, the way the colours are way to similar to North Dakota "Hockey Team Formerly Known as the Fighting Sioux". Not Daniel's fault, but with a team called Rainbow Warriors, some sort of rainbow pattern would add even more uniqueness
- Minor thing but the black yoke on the white jersey would look better if it was green

Rating: 8/10

Ancaster Avalanche Concepts (By: Alan H.)

+ It seems obvious to say this, but as with more junior teams, this is better than what the A-Avs currently wear
+ The jersey doesn't really have a striping battery but a large side pane/underarm mountain range, but hey, it looks good and would be the inverse? of what the Avs wore when they were champs
+ Great execution as Alan usually gives us

- While the colours are balanced well, having maroon numbers instead of blue numbers on the white jersey would match the logo
- The Flyers stitching pattern meeting with the regular stitching looks weird and if this jersey were to be made, it'd more likely be the later.
- Helmet logo

Rating: 8.5/10

Team Suisse/Switzerland IIHF Concept (By: Caz W.)

+ Well...it really is something different! This would not be out of place in the 1991 World Juniors 
+ That being said, this would work on ice, the Swiss cross body sash is out there but doesn't crowd the jersey or make it look that unappealing
+ The key to any out there jerseys is some simple parts, Caz chose arms and this works perfectly to bring the jersey closer to reality 
+ My favourite part of the jersey is the sublimated hem script

- One flaw, the Carolina Hurricanes numbers, they'd look good on a NASCAR or Arturs Irbe's Canes jersey, but on a Swiss jersey...it's just not Swiss

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom. from me 


That's the post! 
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Friday: From Hawaii to Switzerland Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on May 29, 2015 Rating: 5


Caz said...

That Swiss jersey was my initial inspiration! Well spotted. However, those numbers actually started out as Winnipeg Jets' font, I just layered it to create a drop shadow effect. I wanted to do something that wasn't stereotypical Swiss aesthetic; otherwise, it wouldn't be "completely different." I anticipated that would be the most controversial feature. Thanks for the COTW nomination!

Unknown said...

I'll second Caz's Swiss jersey for COTW. My favorite part is the cross logo. The shading on it looks neat.

Alan John Herbert said...

Daniel L's Hawaii Rainbow Warriors NCAA Concepts gets a COTW nom from me!

Unknown said...

Caz's swiss jersey gets my COTW for sure

Unknown said...

Caz for COTW

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