Friday: First of May

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Apologies for the lateness of the post!

COTW voting ends tonight! Remember to get that done, you have had all week but still....you've got time to do so. It's another 1v1, so voting is just as important as any week, but it's great way to get numbers up!

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COTW vote April 12-18 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Pairs Competition Voting (ends Friday @ 11:59 Eastern)

On to the concepts, we got 4 today!


Lake Superior State Lakers Concepts (By: Ben Sh.)

+ Lake Superior has very simple jerseys currently and a simple logo, so something to spice up the look is good, and Ben has done that
+ The Bruins/Blues crossover look (whether intentional or not) looks solid
+ Love the angled arms
+ I'm not usually in favour of scripts on the front of jerseys, but A). because it's college hockey and B). the logo isn't strong enough to carry itself, they look good

- Some Nike execution tips, the names go inside the large yoke, as to the numbers sometimes 
- The anchors on the hem could work, but there are too many, something a little more subtle would look better
- I'd pick either diagonal script or vertical, not both 
- TV numbers are too large 

Rating: 7.25/10- This concept could be COTW worthy with some edits 

San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Caleb F.)

+ I like the 90's Sharks jerseys, and a simpler version (without the grey and using a darker teal) does work
+ The home jersey's pattern looks great, as does part of the white jersey

- The logo, without any details on the shark, looks like a dark teal blob
- The sharks are a team that NEED a shoulder patch, having so many secondary logo
- The NOB and numbers are far too small
- White jersey looks like the Red Wings arms

Rating: 6/10

Carolina Hurricanes Concepts (By: Ben S.)

+ Good job making the Hurricanes logo look less like a toilet bowl halfway through flushing
+ Ben keeps most of the elements of the current Hurricanes jerseys that look good (i.e.: Numbers, simpler striping)
+ The white jersey, while a little plain, still looks really cool with just the needed amount of red

- The striping is was to thin, and thickening it would make the jerseys more colourful and interesting
- The Hurricanes need the flag shoulder patch or a new one to keep the shoulders interesting
- The current white jersey's yoke is something I really like and would want on any future jersey that keeps the Canes current motif

Rating: 7.5/10

Ottawa Senators Concept (By: Nathan N.)

+ This concept has two things I like in a Senators jersey, lots of red & laurel patterns

- Execution errors really hurt this concept, particularly the numbers & NOB. The namebar looks unnecessary, and the numbers/reebok logo have a pixelated white outline around them, they weren't cleanly placed or came from something else. The 7 looks larger than the 9 on the back
- If you're going to use just a yoke outline, there needs to be a shoulder patch in there to liven it up
- Primary logo is way too small
- I get that's what Nathan was going for, but the jersey needs a hem stripe

Rating: 5/10

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Have an awesome weekend

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Ben S's Hurricane's concept for COTW.

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