Friday: 5 For the Fifth Day

TGIF, welcome to the Friday post!

No AHL jersey news to talk about, which is disappointing because San Diego & Bakersfield haven't shown any jerseys, and we're still waiting on the St. John's IceCaps to show off their new look, however, there doesn't appear to be any news about that.

In the WHL, the Prince George Cougars appear to be finally updating their very outdated and very silly current logo & jersey set, or at least introducing a new logo, which is great. I did like their PG logo and jerseys, but they were too close to the Regina Pats jerseys of the time. It'd be nice for Red to take over as the dominant colour and the logo to be silver, but we'll have to wait for an official unveiling to get anymore news.

With that being said, I have an abysmal 2nd round in the playoff pool, only getting...2 points (sarcastic party favour noise followed by a wa wa wa). Though this is a pretty good looking final 4, jersey wise. The Ranger & Blackhawks have classic jerseys, and Anaheim (boo) does have good jerseys. Tampa on the other hand....I am sick of those Maple Wings jerseys! GO BACK TO BLACK!!!!

Voting....do it! The AHL re-design was extremely popular and thanks to everyone who entered, however, do your part and pick a winner!

Get Your Own Jersey vote (ends Friday, May 15th @ 11:59pm eastern)

On to the 5 concepts of the day!


Denver Cutthroats  ECHL Concepts (By: David T.)

+ One thing the Cutthroats got right was their colour scheme, it is absolutely beautiful and David does balance the colours ver well
+ The striping is perfect, the cutthroats wore a Sens/Pens copy, but this would e way better

- Please complete your concepts! You have skill, clearly, but without tv numbers, numbers, an NOB or shoulder patches, the concept is unfinished.
- The concepts are very small on the image, with more room being taken up by your personal logo and primary logo, those should be much smaller
- If these are ECHL jerseys, there need to be ECHL tags on them (hem tag) 

Rating: Unfinished

Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: Blake S.)

+ If the Pens are to use the recoloured Robo-Pen, angles are the key to this logo, and the hem looks amazing
+ I like the simple arms, contrasting with the hem

- The skating penguin would make an excellent shoulder patch, and liven things up 
- The 7 on the arms are upside down
- Remember to replace the Reebok vector logo with the script or CCM 
- It's nitpicky, but I don't like ABCDE 12 or any sort of variation on the back of concepts, put an actual player on the back, a pun of a player, your name or team name
- The gold and black should be inverted on the white jersey and it would balance the colours better

Rating: 5.75/10 but a great idea for a concept, keep at it!

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept (By: Jamie R.)

+ I've always wanted to see this Leafs logo on an actual jersey, and this looks fantastic 
+ Double chest stripes look amazing for the leads, and with arms to match, it's great
+ Good shoulder patch choice
+ Funny enough, I've in favour of the brown pants

- Some sort of logo would look good not he pants
- The logos are a little rough from being resized. 

Rating: 8.75/10 COTW Nom. from me! 

Edmonton Oilers Concepts (By: Mike S.)

+ I like Edmonton's current set, and good thing Mike's changes are...well...simple
+ The removal of the blue cuffs remind me of why I liked Edmonton's 2000s away jersey, there was lots of white on it
+ Pretty good execution by Mike, as expected 
+ Nice collar 

- Helmet logos are a must, every team uses them, and the Oilers have a cool script! 
- the concept isn't that creative. Not that it's bad, but there's not much different here between what the Oilers currently wear and this (which might be the point). 

Rating: 7.5/10

Chicago Blackhawks Concept (By: Jarrett T.)

+ If anyone know how to work with this year's SS template, it's Jarrett, he's done it a few times and every time it's looks good
+ A nice...what do you call a futuristic throw-back? A nice one of those
+ Jarret's execution is improving for sure! 
+ Good logo choices, this jersey would look great as an SS jersey

- Shoulder patch is oversized, which is correct for the Stadium Series games but the numbers aren't, a minor thing, but something every team has done...so far 
- The crossed tomahawk C logo is used 1 too many times, the primary Blackhawks logo not the helmet or no pants logo would serve fine 

Rating: 8/10


That's the post!
Don't forget to vote for the AHL competition
Go Jets Go!
Have an awesome weekend, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the weekend update!
Friday: 5 For the Fifth Day Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on May 15, 2015 Rating: 5


Ryan C said...

That Denver Cutthroats concept sure does look familiar... looks almost EXACTLY like the one I submitted (reviewed on this dite March 26, 2015) :(

winnipegjets96 said...


reference to concepts in question

Ryan said...

I'll 2nd Jamie's Leafs concept for COTW

Unknown said...

Wow, that's pretty much exactly the same. Any response?

Unknown said...

I'll third the Leags concept by Jamie R for COTW

Ryan said...

Both concepts are the same, but it's a simple striping pattern.
Also, one of the concepts put some effort in and deserves our time while the other put zero effort in and really doesn't deserve our time.

Ryan C said...

Yes its a simple pattern, but it seems EXTREMELY unlikely that he would come up with an exact copy (including the yoke stripes)... Not Cool

Unknown said...

I know, it's just not possible to match up the letters because I'm on MS Paint, I'll try the best I could do. :)

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