Wednesday: April Fools!

Hello everyone, today is a milestone. Its the only time you'll see concepts posted on april fools in 2015.. so it makes this post really special. Yesterday's post was special, and Monday's as well... but today it takes special to a whole new meaning.

Speaking of special, do you wan't to feel special? Voting will certainly make you feel special, extra special since there is only one this week!

COTW Mar 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Brandon C - Pittsburgh penguins

Positives: Getting rid of the cookie cutter template and simplifying the stripes. The colours look so much better now that they're balanced. 
Negatives: This is essentially a Dallas Stars jersey, I'm not big on recycling designs. I also hate the logo choice, it might be personal but I love the skating penguin and to me this logo looks outdated. 
Overall: I like the idea of this and execution is spot on, but something here just doesn't wow me. 

Brandon C - Tampa Bay Lightning 
Positives: Once again Brandon nails the colour aspect of the jersey. I love the heavy use of grey, and the blue really looks electrifying on black. I don't know why the Lightning didn't use more black on the current alternate jersey. 
Negatives: And again the logo choice knocks down this concept for me. This just isn't a good logo. Numbers could be a tad bigger. I also like the font they use on the new alternate, I would've like to see it used here. 
Overall: Miles, Miles, Miles better than current alt. they wear. 

Dallas K - Dustbins
Postives: Honestly for a name like the dustbins, this is one classy uniform. Simple, but crisp. The maroon looks elegant. I also really like the logo. This is one of my favourite templates if it is used properly, and Dallas knows how to execute it. 
Negatives: No TV numbers. I also don't really like that shoulder logo, It doesn't look like a sports logo. Another minor thing would be the font choice used in the logo and NOB, it almost seems "microsoft word" to me. I don't mind it though. 
Overall: Classy, Classy, Classy.

Mario A - Admiral Vladivostok
Positives: Mario gets his creative hat on, and gives us something fresh. I love the wavy stripe it adds a nautical theme. Very cool idea Mario!
 Negatives: The wavy stripe isn't clean, it looks very rough. The numbers also go over it, making them impossible to read. Adding an outline would help that. Tv numbers, front logo and captains patch need to be bigger. 
Overall: I like the way mario was thinking with this one. 

Ryan C - Flint Firebirds
Positives: I really was bummed when they decided not to go with the name Tropics, but this logo has grown on me and I quite like it. Giving the Firebirds a sharp jersey is a no brainer. New team, why not go all out. That's what Ryan does. The blue "underarm" stripe looks really cool with regular arm stripes. 
Negatives: I feel the orange jersey is missing a bit of blue. If you made the bottom part of the jersey under the hem stripe blue it would fix that. And if you did that you might as well do it on the light jersey. Also The pants and gloves blue is off from the actual colour. Lastly, the logo on the orange jersey needs a darker/thicker outline. 
Overall: Honestly this concept has so much potential, just needs a few changes. 

Positives: This jersey was for the video game competition, but this jersey could for sure be NHL ready. Slap a LA Kings logo on this and it would look amazing. Yoke + Hem + Arm stripe look amazing together. Execution is spot on. 
Negatives: There's nothing wrong with this jersey, but I wanted more creativity for the Video game comp. Like i said, this is essentially a LA Kings jersey. You did a great job making a video game transition to NHL ready merchandise, but thats not how I envisioned this competition.. I liked entries that went full out. 
Overall: This is obviously a great jersey... it won! Congrats Taylor on your first win. 

So you might've noticed there was no ratings on today's concepts. Honestly guys, I'm just tired of seeing sub-par concepts. I feel you guys are waisting my time and the readers time. This blog isn't a joke. Ryan envisions the best, so why would we want to feature sub-par concepts. Think about guys and come back next week with better concepts, I don't want to see average like I did today, I'm getting frustrated.

So obviously i'm joking.. it's april fools so ya.. I had to do something! You're all talented artists.. just wanted to trick you guys... but seriously 
All of today's concepts get a solid rating from me. I'll nominate Dallas' Dustbins concept for COTW

Have a great long weekend everyone! 
Wednesday: April Fools! Reviewed by Unknown on April 01, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

COTW nom for Brandon C's Tampa Bay concept. It really nailed the balance of color that their current alternate failed on.

Ryan said...

Haha, nice one. I was very close to deleting the post.

Brandon Cockeram said...

Wow, I didn't even realize they so closely resembled the Stars until you pointed it out. They were actually closely based on the Stadium Series jerseys.

Unknown said...

Personally, I don't find a need for ratings on concepts. doing concepts early on for the site, I only focused on the ratings my concepts got instead of the C&C. Once I started reading the C&C, my concepts started to get much better execution and visual -wise & I started to receive COTW noms.

And thank you Christian :)

Unknown said...

I'm working on a Penguins jersey, too. Vegas Gold and "Robo-Penguin".

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