Tuesday: Slow Week.

What might be the smallest batch of concepts I've ever seen before on HJC is coming up for this week. Three concepts on all posts this week. Hopefully a lot of people are just taking some time off like me and will come back with a bang. Also I hope there is a new batch of new designers soon. It's always fun to see new people getting into the community. I can quit the chatter though and give you the link to todays Competition Entry.


and of course the deadline to vote!

COTW vote April 12-18 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


And now onto the concepts!

All concepts today with a black and (vegas)gold scheme too

Purdue Boilermakers - David P.
 I will start off to say that I've started to like the vegas gold and black scheme lately. I used to despise it but now I kind of wish Pittsburgh keeps it, but changes their design. The main designs you have is sort of what I'd like to see Pittsburgh go to (the pre edge design) but without the yokes for Pittsburgh. As for this concept theres just some small inconsistencies that I think could make the overall jersey stronger. The width of the white outline stripes all differ in sizes. I would choose the size on the arms, I think that's more visually pleasing. Making the yoke outline like that would be a lot better too. I know that might give trouble with TV numbers and placement for that but you might just have to move them down more. That's why I dislike the NIKE templates. It's hard to make a nice combination of yoke and TV numbers.

Rating: 7.6/10

Pittsburgh Penguins - Jack D.
 This Pittsburgh concept takes the idea striping from their alternate now and incorporates it even more traditionally to a set. To me, there is too much gold around this set. Especially on the away. It goes from a primary black uniform to black being the secondary accent color on the away. I would try and balance out the colors. Perhaps switching the gold and black or removing the yoke. Removing the yoke though makes the concept look nothing special though. I would personally either remove the yoke or like the above concept, match the outline so theres a gap between the colors of the yoke.

Rating: 7.4/10

Michigan Tech University - Michael G.
I really do like the look of the script for this team. And I like the roundel logo. All in all it's a nice traditional set. Could be an "untouchable" of the NCAA hockey world. Other than the slightly big shoulder patches the. execution is nice here. Some of my slight changes would be to switch the gold and black on the white jerseys numbers. Then making the all gold collar on the white black or adding a black outline with gold. Nice. Very nice.

Rating: 8.2/10

So there's that. Another short post will follow today. I will try to get the incentive of sending in more concept, hopefully you can too. The problem for me is that I've done this for some time now that I know what is accepted, what's not, and what's been explored. The only thing left for me to keep making concepts and having the incentive is if I create a team which...hopefully I can finish my small project this summer. 

Enjoy your day. Enjoy Playoff Hockey! And Enjoy that McDavid guy Oiler fans and I will enjoy my Jack! Not the alcohol.
Tuesday: Slow Week. Reviewed by Unknown on April 21, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Michael G. Michigan Tech for COTW. That's one nice set of yellow jerseys.

DBro Alexander said...

I'll second the Michigan Tech set for COTW

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