Tuesday: Nothing Happening.

Pretty boring day. Pretty boring week for me. Easter was not how it usually was. Missed my family breakfast for the first time ever and that was greatly missed while handing out coffees to people instead. So I'm just going to chill out for today's post and not really talk about anything. Let's just get this underway.

COTY-March vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Mar 29-Apr 4 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Pairs Competition (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

2016 Winter Classic Concept - BPoe96
 This one is cool. I think most of us have the same idea of what this Winter Classic might look like and so far everyone who has made a concept has made a plausible and good looking designs. This one is no different. To me the Boston jersey is exactly what I'd like to see. Perfect, no complaints. The Canadiens look is a little different. It would be weird seeing them in blue for once. Other than that though everything else is nicely done and well executed. Nice job of your interpretation of this game which should be a good one.

Rating: 8.8/10

Winnipeg Jets Concept - Chase C.
 This one looks pretty darn good. I think for a Jets 3rd jersey I'd like to see the light blue be the main color but this is fine too. I like the accents of red. Not too much, but it's enough to make the red in the logo seem unified with the team. My complaint to this concept is that it's basically a recolored St. Louis Blues jersey. So we can throw reality out the window (I hope). The concept itself is nice. For the yoke I would even throw in gray between the red and blue to totally bring the striping in together. Then also, try swapping blues, I think it would look cool the other way around.

Rating: 7.8/10

Anaheim Ducks 3rd Jersey Concept - Daniel L.
 Daniel, along with the concept has a teaser video to go along with the jersey. Pretty cool. Love seeing people go a little extra with the concept to try and make it feel more realistic. Here's the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4aDKr7wSlA

The jersey in my opinion is solid. The orange and black really work nicely together. It feels classic but also bold and modern. The bronzish gold accent color I'm on the fence with. I'm wanting it to be silver or a different color in general. I just think the orange and that color clash to make a weird scheme in my opinion. It fits the gold theme you want with the gold Cup win logo. I think that's a cool element to the jersey. I think the placement of that is nice, but also the opposite shoulder could be a better place. More noticeable. The design is good. It brings part of the Mighty Ducks look without going total fauxback. It's interesting too the way it works. The armpit color is something I could totally see Reebok doing too. This seems semi realistic to me but also straying off with some good ideas that probably won't be used. Nice job overall on this.

Rating: 8.7/10

Rutgers Concept - David P.
 Interesting sleeve design you have here. Not often we see those. It's used nicely here. All in all it's a simple design though. It all fits well and goes nicely together. My complaint is that the number and name font is italics while the 'R' is static. I think it would all go together nicely with a font that resembles the R more. A blocky, round font...if that makes any sense. I just don't think the italicized font works well with this design and logo right now.

Rating: 7.8/10 - It's good, just nothing too spectacular if you know what I mean.

Colorado Avalanche - Griffin B.
This one has some good ideas but overall I think it could use some help. To me, the Stadium Series base idea was good but having the stripes not continue onto the back was a negative for me and continues to be so here. I think the striping is pretty good but on the arms the middle stripe seems too wide. It's just a lot of empty space with that stripe compared to the outlining stripes which are really thin. Perhaps on the arms you can shrink the size of the stripes so it's not so bold. I think the logo also needs a bigger outline. It's kind of getting lost in both jerseys with the changing of burgundy and blue back and forth. Not my cup of tea, but that's okay.

Rating: 7.2/10

 Stockton Heat - Jake88
Jake88, or Ol' Reliable always has a concept that looks clean and well done. Even if I'm not a fan of the overall design I'm a fan of the way he makes the jersey look. One thing I've been a huge fan of recently is sleeve stripes that connect to arm striping. I think it's done very well here especially on the white jersey. That's a sharp sweater. Not a fan of the logo, but is that really Jakes fault? I mean sure he could make a new one but I'm not going to hold him up for that. The design is nice and does experiment a tad.

Rating: 8.9/10

Washington Capitals - Ryan C.
 Very very nice looking jerseys here. While I do think that the logo looks better in Red White and Blue I think the design that you have looks really cool in this color scheme. I just find it tough for the logo because it might be hard to see the W on the blue jersey and it will be hard to make up the Capitals name on the white jersey with the black on blue like that. Everything else I think looks very nice. I would totally buy that blue jersey if it had the weagle on the front or even the old eagle during that time period of the colors.

Rating: 8.9/10

New York Islanders - Ben F.
Hmmmm. I was never a fan of the Islanders black 3rd jersey. I think the design was decent but not for the Islanders. This continues that. The jersey design is so sharp and modern and outside of the box yet the logo is a cursive wordmark which screams fauxback old tyme to me. There's also a lot of color variations here. For instance,
From inside to outside the colors go:
Yoke - blue, orange, white.
Wordmark - orange, blue, white
Arm striping - orange, blue, gray.
Hem design - blue, orange, gray.
There is a lot going on with different color treatments. Pick one. I said the orange, blue, white looks the best. Also I would change the arm striping so the diagonals just don't end. Have them continue and connect to each other in the center of the stitching. Equipment being all blue also takes a lot out. It's mostly a black based jersey yet there is no black in the equipment. Not sure if that would look good especially when you have orane ending the hem on the jersey. Execution wise, numbers and name are pretty big. Would have to shrink those. And work on the presentation a bit more. The empty jersey in the back is very distracting to the concept. Keep working at it. You'll get the hang of it!

Rating: 5.9/10

Another day of concepts in the books. And another day where you can voice your opinion. You can call me out over my opinions or you can agree with them. Either way, let's hear what you have to say! 

My COTW NOMINATION GOES TO : Jake88's Stockton Concept

The end of the NHL year is upon us. Is your team in the playoffs? Still in the hunt? Or are you totally eliminated? See you all next week.
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Unknown said...

In regards to my Rutgers concept, I wanted the sleeve design to resemble a sword for the Scarlet Knights. I made a side view image of the sleeves for this but I am just now realizing I forgot to include that image in the final copy.

Unknown said...

The Flames are my team. We're in a crazy stressing hunt for a spot.

Anonymous said...

BPoe Winter Classic for COTW

Unknown said...

Ryan C's Washington concept for COTW. Love the caps blue and bronze jerseys from the mid 90s but never really liked the logos. Hated when they went black for a few years.

Unknown said...

Sorry Zach, but for my teams sake I hope they lose tonight. Nothing against the Flames.

Justin said...


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