Sunday: Big Three

Hello everyone, welcome to another Sunday post.

Wow! As disappointed as I was for seeing as few Pairs Competition entries as there were, I am greatly impressed by the overall quality by all groups. Well done everyone!

So now is the time where we decide which batch of concepts reigns supreme. Click on the big banner above to get to the Pairs Competition page, and send in a comment saying which logo and jersey set is your favourite. 

Also deserving of a "Wow"? The playoffs. The all-Canadian series' have been really intense, and there has been highlights and extremely good hockey from every series. And then there's the White Out in Winnipeg... I'm sad that they got swept, but it's so awesome to see playoff hockey in Winnipeg again.

The amount of concepts we've had this week also deserves a "wow", but not in a good way. It's been really slow concept-wise lately, but hopefully that will change soon! Irregardless, we have some concepts lined up for today, so let's get to those!

COTW April 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Boston Bruins - Brooks F.

Yay: First up is this Boston Bruins concept from Brooks. Boston has stuck with a traditional look for their main set for their entire history, but what if they decided to modernize? By taking the edgy stripes from their old alternate (and straightening them), and adding the logo from their current alternate, we have a successful modern set for the Bruins.

Nay: On their previous alternates where this stripe style came from, it was used as a cuff and hem, so the skinny end "stripes" were only on one side. I think that would be a better look, as the stripes now look too busy and not as "grizzly. You could then lower the hem a bit, and give the logo some much needed breathing space.

Overall: I like the idea, but for a pro set, its not quite bear-able yet. Ah? 7.5/10

Toronto Maple Leafs - Frensch

Yay: While we're on the theme of totally dismantling classic identities... here's Frensch's take on a modernized Maple Leafs set. The logo is an interesting twist, and could possibly work with a little bit of tinkering. The single arm stripe gives this set a good classic look while still feeling like a modern set.

Nay: The "T", "L", and "1917" don't stand out enough to help the logo be identifiable. Instead, it looks clunky and busy.  The number outline is way too thick, and looks kind of silly. There's really no reason to have dark numbers on a dark jersey anyway. The contrasting bar behind the name and captain patch just looks ridiculous. 

Overall: This looks like a minor hockey or rec league jersey, which isn't bad. But it definitely doesn't belong on such a classic and well-known franchise.  6.7/10

Washington Capitals - Jarrett T.

Yay: The last concept of the day belongs to Jarrett for his Washington Capitals Winter Classic do-over. I'm totally sold on this. The blue version of this jersey as seen here looks much better than the red version we got to see.  The colours pop out better, everything is easier to see, and you now have the ability to have stripes of different colours, not just white.

Nay: This is mostly a recolour job, and while the original wasn't bad, I think there was some room for improvement that you could have used here.  I think the hem stripes should be thicker, or add a couple more stripes. I'd also take whatever changes you do with the hem and make the sock stripes match. I'm also not really a fan of the shoulder stripes, but they look better here in alternating colours than before, so I'll give that a pass.

Overall: I really didn't like the original design for this jersey, and while I'm still not entirely conviced by this redo, I think this looks way better than the original. Well done! 8.6/10, and my COTW nomination.

So don't forget to vote for the Pairs Competition and for our COTW.  Your votes and participation really helps to make the HJC community as awesome as it is. Also, don't forget to check out the updating standings in the HJC Playoff Pool.

That's all for me today. Thanks for reading, and see you next Sunday!
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Ryan said...

I'll go ahead and 2nd Jarrett for COTW!

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