Saturday: Getting Back On Track

After one of the more "unstable" weeks in HJC history, the writing team will be attempting to get back to normal this week. Lets start by revealing some winners!

Jake88 won the March COTY monthly vote!

Full Results
Jake88 - 6
J3 - 5
Ryan C. - 2
Ben M. - 1

Jake's Iowa Wild concept moves into our first Quarterly vote of 2015. Interestingly, the first Quarterly vote of 2015 features every semi-finalist from 2014. Click the grey banner on the side of the page to see the concepts that are entered. Email in your vote before Friday at 11:59pm Eastern.


The winner of the COTW vote for March 29 - April 4 was Tristan P! This was Tristan's first COTW of 2015.

Full Results
Tristan P. (WSH) - 7
Brandon C. (MIN) - 2
Christian L. (EDM) - 2
J3 (STOCK) - 2
Ryan C. (HAM) - 1
Brandon C. (CGY) - 0

We have four new concepts that were properly nominated for this week's COTW vote. They are listed on the side of the page, in the black banner. You can click on that banner or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab to see the nominated concepts. Votes are due on Friday along with your 1st Quarter Votes.


The Pairs Competition deadline has been extended to Wednesday at 11:59pm Eastern. I won't be extending the deadline any further so be sure to get your complete presentations in by then. Teasers will begin to be posted on Thursday or Friday followed by presentations for a week or two. Then of course voting will occur.

I really hope to find the time to put together my simple HJC Playoff Pool that I like to do. I have personally held this pool every year since 2004 (in some form) and I would really hate to miss it this year. It's fairly simple as you pick the winners of the series and in how many games. You get points for being accurate with your predictions and we go one round at a time.


I'm a massive Leafs fan. I'm not ashamed of it at all. Yes, I know they suck and they've sucked for way too long. However there could be a massive prize for sucking this year, being McDavid or Eichel. Don't get mad, it's the way it works every year. This year the players just happen to be extraordinarily good.
I'm aware that the Leafs only have about a 9% chance of winning the lottery. That's better than a 0% chance. What really gets me is when fans of other teams actually believe that the Leafs getting one of these players would be the worst thing to ever happen to the hockey world. Based solely on their hatred for the Leafs. It's the same as the people who try to tell me to abandon my team because they'll never win a Cup in my lifetime. I'm 31 now and I hope to have at least another 50 years. These people are convinced that regardless of any circumstances, the Leafs CAN'T win the Stanley Cup. It really angers me. It angers me so much that I have to turn away. I cannot talk hockey with these people.

That's my rant for today. If you agree with me then email in your votes before Friday at 11:59pm Eastern. If you DO NOT agree with me...then email in your votes before 11:59pm Eastern on Friday.

1st Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW April 5-11 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Pairs Competition (ends Wednesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

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Unknown said...

Unfortunately for the leafs...or should I say..fortunately ?? they only have that shot at McDavid. like you said. 9% is something to bank on.

Unknown said...

I find that if the leafs win the lottery, some fans will think it's fixed, me included (kinda)

Ryan said...

Fixed because the NHL wants the Leafs to win? Of course we just have to look at the last 10 years for proof of that.

Unknown said...

There's reasons to argue every team that wins it will be fixed.

LA - Shining in the light
Arizona - So NHL can succeed there for Bettman.
Toronto- Obvious reasons
Boston - So they can make it back to the playoffs.
Edmonton - So they can have a 'dynasty' again.

list goes on. At the end of the day, if someone really believes it's rigged then I don't know what to say. Plenty of other years they could have rigged it.

Unknown said...

Personally, any fan who wants their team to fail is a bad fan. No matter who'd they get. That's why I was so proud of Columbus at the end of the season. They deserved a playoff spot and to see them finish strong is the best thing they could have done in their situation. No player is worth tanking for. People who cheer for their team to lose should stop watching hockey.

winnipegjets96 said...

I want the Leafs to win it, let the Sabres have Eichels but I mean, if Phoenix/Arizona does become Quebec City, I would want them to have either Eichels or McDavid

Mario Ardais said...

I'm just glad my Penguins are in the playoffs. I skipped prom to watch the game.

DBro Alexander said...

If Toronto got one of the McEichel brothers I don't think it'd be terrible. I'm a Hawks fan and I don't know anyone that dislikes the team. I'll openly root for them except for those two days a year when they play the Hawks. Hell, They play the Wings quite a bit now and I hate them.

I feel like the Leafs are kind of the Chicago Cubs of the NHL and I think that's why I feel for them and want to see them do well. They're both blue and are known for losing.

Let's do this thing Ryan. Go "Lovable Loser" teams!

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