Monday: Snakes, Dogs, Sharks, and Snakes

Hey everyone. It's your blog admin, Ryan stepping in for a Monday here. Dylan A. isn't gone, he's just moved to Wednesdays to better accommodate his work schedule.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are really moving along. We've got a Game 7 tonight, Islanders and Caps. Should be a dandy. I would personally love to see Tavares get the better of Ovechkin. I like to see him do well and it would really help me in the Playoff Pool.

If you're in the Playoff Pool, be ready for Round 2. The minute we know all of the match-ups Round 2 predictions will be taken and usually there is only a 24 hour window between Round 1 ending and Round 2 beginning.

We have another head-to-head vote this week in the COTW. Email in your vote before the deadline. And go to the PAIRS COMPETITION page to leave your votes!

COTW April 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Pairs Competition voting (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Vernon Vipers of the BCHL (Brooks F.)
Unfortunately this team takes the penny wise route for their jerseys and uses Atlanta Thrashers jerseys. Right down to the font and numbers. Brooks sets out to change that. I really like the fangs added to the jerseys. They would look cool wrapping around the players' arms. I would change the team colours or the font because those used together still have too much of a connection to the Thrashers. Changing one of those elements would go a long way to giving this team their own identity.
7.5 / 10

Hamilton Bulldogs, OHL (Mark G.)
This may be Mark's first concept on HJC, so welcome! I like this change for the Bulldogs heading to the OHL. Just using the same old jerseys, like they plan to, seems lazy. I like the classic structure of the jersey and I really like the colours. They seem to work well for a team called the Bulldogs. On an execution note, the hem stripes have been placed under the vertical jersey stitching. The stripes should go over top of that stitching and then the stitching should stop at the stripes and not continue to the bottom of the jersey.
7.5 / 10

Jaws (Adam R.)
I have never seen Jaws. I've been on the ride, but I've never seen the movie. I'm really bad for seeing movies. Name a movie and I likely have not seen it. Anyways back to the concept. I like how the blue fades up to white on the jersey, but then we have the blue yokes. I have to ask, does this jersey really need collar laces? I suggest no, but again I haven't seen the movie. I understand the ads on the jersey, but they are excessive unless this team is playing in a Euro league. The anchor shoulder patches only appear on the front of the jersey. Also, I think the shark teeth on the collar is overkill.
7 / 10

Las Vegas Rattlers (Ben M.)
I like that Ben has tried to create his own logos here. I always appreciate that effort. The colours are fitting for Vegas. You showed us the logo and you showed us the wordmark. I don't think we needed to see them together because as they are assembled they look like two different elements not working together. On just the wordmark, it simply says the team name. I would add LAS VEGAS in there somewhere.
7 / 10


That's it for today. I didn't nominate a concept for COTW. Have I missed something? Does one of these concepts need to be nominated? Step up and nominate it then!
Monday: Snakes, Dogs, Sharks, and Snakes Reviewed by Ryan on April 27, 2015 Rating: 5

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Unknown said...

Mark G's Hamilton Bulldogs for COTW. I love the colors. It gets in your face with the black and gold (Tiger-Cats colors) but keeps the copper/red from the Oilers affiliate days.

Never liked the team going heavy with red and blue when the Habs took over affiliation... always looked out of place with the copper logo. Not happy that they've kept that look going into the OHL... super lazy.

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