Monday: Seeing Red

Happy Monday and Happy Second Week of Playoffs!

Today's the day that some of you have been waiting for, the beginning of the Pairs Competition presentations over at the HJC Design Blog! So click the link below and check out today's entry! Don't forget to come on back though!


While you check out today's Pairs entry, don't forget to cast your vote for this week's COTW

COTW vote April 12-18 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

And now let's get to our three concepts...wait....THREE?! Holy cow guys we're drying up over here! Start sending in some concepts!

University of Maryland (NCAA) - David P.
This has to be one of the only University of Maryland concepts I've seen that doesn't utilize the Maryland flag pattern in full color. David opts to keep the pattern simple and subtle, which I think looks best. It's a unique pattern and it really stands out and gives Maryland teams their own identity, but damn can it be an eyesore sometimes. The striping is nice and simple which is what this color scheme needs. Overall, I really like the set. I might change is the striping on the white socks. I'd add the black stripe under the yellow, like the sleeves, and I'd also use yellow instead of black on the collars.

Rating: 8/10

Bradley University ACHA Concept - Michael G.
I live near Bradley University so I see these logos quite a bit. Their most recent rebrand is very classy looking and this look fits that. I don't believe this is very far off from what they actually wear. It'd be nice to see the rest of the uniform's equipment just to get an idea of what the complete look would be. The inside of the white jersey should be red just like the yoke since that's the part of the jersey you're seeing.

Rating: 8/10

Calgary Flames Alternate Jersey Concept - Jack D.
Jack wants to see the Flames back in black (rock on yeaaaah) and he suggests using their newest logo on the chest, front and center for all to see. I think it looks very nice and tying the striping into the logo design is a nice touch. Overall, a very nice looking jersey that would look miles better than their current primary jerseys everyday of the week.

Rating: 8.5/10

And there you have it folks, very very quick day. Hopefully we get a bunch of concepts in soon. I'm pretty sure only three concepts is a record low here. Anyway, go check out today's Pairs Competition entry if you haven't and send in your COTW vote as well!
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Unknown said...

Michael G. for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Michael G. for COTW

Caz said...

Where's Stephen T. when you need him? Got to get prolific here, boys. Start conceptualizing with some jam.

Unknown said...

I'm attempting to start back up my NHL by Under Amour series

DBro Alexander said...

That's what I like to see Taylor! Cmon everyone! Do it for CAZ!

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