Friday: Three's Company

TGIF! Welcome to the Friday's post!'

Yes, the Jets got their @$$ handed to them by the Ducks, blowing it in half the games, but seriously.....they got what they deserved the way they were playing.

We have a very short post today (as with most of the posts this week) with 3 concepts. This is a record low, and just like California, we are in a drought. Not sure why this is, concepts tend to fluxuate, but they should not be this low. If you think the blog is getting stale, tell use why so we can keep the great name of HJC going! We need your concepts!

Wanna begin your weekend on an awesome note? Check out today's Pairs's Comp. entry on the HJC design blog! We even have the link right here!


Voting, don't forget to do it! Just because there's only COTW to vote for and two concepts to vote for, doesn't mean you shouldn't vote! It's going to be a tight vote, so voting extra important.

COTW vote April 12-18 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the Concepts! Today I'll review the concepts as the stereotypical voices of famous hockey analysts (Don Cherry, Pierre McGuire & Darren Dreger). If you don't like this idea, let me know! I just wanted to try something new to get readership/interest up!


Winnipeg Jets Concepts (By: Ben M.) (From the voice of Don Cherry)

+ Alright, boys, what we got here is just a classic case of if it ain't broken don't try to fix it! If we look at the striping, look at the striping Ron, look at it, the original pattern remains intact and then the smart guy who designed this put in the red, yes the red. I've never understood why the Jets came back without one of their three original colours they were known for when I coached the Colorado Rockies and played the Jets, what a game that was eh? Remember Lanny McDonald? what a player, Hall of Famer! Okay Okay Okay, and that alternate, I'll tell ya something, the most beautiful jersey in NHL history, in my opinion and the Jets would make a killing off of it, if they brought it back, you know it, I know it, bring it back.

- Now, I'm gonna say this, I'm gonna say this, the Jets don't need a chest stripe, and it crowds the logo. The jersey is fine without it, don't change a good thing to make it hip for the kids who wouldn't know the original Jets. On the subject of the alternate, the original logo would be amazing coming back, bring back the history, and don't leave it to old farts like me.

(picture the whole time, Ron Maclean trying to say something but not able to because Don Cherry won't stop talking)

Rating: 8/10- You're doing well Ben, Grapes says so! COTW Nom form ME! NOW TAKE SOME COLD FX!

Winnipeg Jets Concept (By: Jack D.) (From the voice of Pierre McGuire)

+ The Jets could totally go for the original colours. It works well for the Jets, reminds me of Sydney Crosby/ The Jets secondary logo is strong enough to be front an centre on a jersey, just like Sydney Crosby. The original Jets striping and font is classic hockey, just like Sydney Crosby.

- There's a lot of execution problems with this jersey, just like the Penguins without Sydney Crosby. The logo has a pixelated border around it, the numbers on the back are not lined up with the name back and the blues in the logo and jersey do not match. Sydney Crosby would not approve. The Jets on the striping are a unique idea, something Sydney Crosby would think up, but it doesn't work as is.

Rating:  6/10- Needs more Sydney Crosby-like work

New York Americans Concept (By: Brooks F.) (From the voice of Darren Dreger)

+ The Americans have a good prospect in Freebie, and any team that wants to get him out of these wonderful jerseys will have to give up at least a 3rd round pick to get him out of that star filled kit. I have several sources saying this is a solid way to update the Americans without being tacky. A source close to the team says they were the first team to attempt to wear a name on the back of a jersey. Excellent execution.

- One thing the Americans have to do if they want to succeed design-wise, that's change the font. The Winnipeg Jets & Montreal Canadiens are both willing to trade a #2 centre & mid-round draft pick for the Americans to change the font of there numbers, since it doesn't show up well on the back of the jersey. The Dallas Stars are also interested in a 4th line 2 way defenceman and a prospect to keep the stars from overlapping the stitching, making them look pasted on afterwords and not of the jersey themselves.

Rating: 7.75/10- Something to keep an eye open for at the draft, but needs some work

That's the post!
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Go...oh wait.....
Have an awesome weekend!

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Unknown said...

Hilarious. Well done!

Mical Concepts said...

The Pierre commentary just made me lose it. I'm a Pens fan, and Pierre just cracks me up. And thank you for the nomination!

Anonymous said...

So where is everybody? I haven't seen this few concepts in a loooooong time.
I've been working on a few designs, but haven't had the time to work on them for several months. Is there somewhere else where people are taking their talents to ?

Jlnhlfan said...

Crosby's (first) name was spelt wrong.

Unknown said...

COTW nom for Ben M's Winnipeg concepts.

I sent in an idea for the floor hockey team, The Burlington Blazers a while ago, feel free to post and rate those. I'm working on a few concepts as well. We need more designers and ways to get people more involved with the site.

Unknown said...

COTW for Brooks's Americans concept

Unknown said...

Jets' concept is very good. Similarity with Martini Racing give it more fresh look

Caz said...

Don't panic, everyone. This is historically one of the slow times in the year. There's just a lot going on. Those still in school have finals coming up, and those like me (teachers) are wrapping the year up. I have't had even a hint of free time to work on concepts since February, but I'm looking forward to picking my series back up when I do. It'll balance out. It always does.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost done with the second half of my Premier League series. Stay tuned for that. Hopefully will get Newcastle, Palace and Sunderland done before the end of the EPL season when one of those teams may get relegated.

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