Wednesday: Who Ya Got?

Hey everyone! No it's not a "new old writer" today (welcome back Dylan Wonka!), its just your usual Wednesday writer in for a usual wednesday post. I guess we can start debates and topics in the comment section. Who do you think right now has the best chance of making it to the stanley cup final? It's such a great debate as almost every playoff team in the east has equal chance of making it, and the west is always a tough one to pick. For me, I'm going with Washington in the East and St-Louis in the West. Washington could be a dark horse team, Holtby is playing the best hockey of his career, Ovechkin is... well Ovechkin (has the lead in goals). Backstrom has a crapload of points, and defence isn't to shabby. As for St-Louis, Some Key  acquisitions on defence made the team better, Goaltending is questionable compared to... perhaps LA or Chicago but I think Elliott has the potential to make one last playoff push and Tarasenko looks like a Tank. Who do you think will hoist the cup?

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Guys Vote! Seriously its cool! Trust me! 
Continuing Wonka's post I figured we could keep the segment of "In the Words of Dylan Alexander". This is a segment where we quote Dylan for something he never actually said. So,
In the words of Dylan Alexander: 
"Voting is something only the best do, are you the best? I doubt it."
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Concept time! 

Hellotown Teacups - Adde K

Wow am I tripping? This is uglier than an ugly christmas sweater. I tried "googling" what this team is but I had no luck. So I'm not entirely sure what this is for... I'm assuming you purposely made this jersey... umm flamboyant? The execution looks pretty good. I Must say It'd be fun to see this jersey in real life! Overall: Hard to grade.. I'm feeling generous.. (7/10)

Nashville Predators - Ben M

Ben had Nashville in baby blue! Wow bold move. Do I like it? I'm not sure... I love the current preds jersey,  the gold is awesome, but this is certainly refreshing. I like the sharp arm stripes, the logo is sharp so having a sharp design for the preds always works. I also love the yoke. One complaint is the arms on the light jersey. It's a bit to much, I'd make them white but you'd have to add some baby blue somewhere else. Also, No shoulder patches, Nashville has a good selection so that would boost your score. Overall: I could for sure see this if Nike took over. (8/10)

Calgary Flames - Coby S

Coby takes white, and throws it in the garbage can. A flames alternate looks really sharp with the absence of white. Black as the base of an Alternate also works. Besides that it's downhill from there. Coby didn't add tv numbers on the back of the jersey. Helmet logos are always show great detail. Design wise... a bit bland. It's an alternate, explore! Get creative! Overall: Safe (7.5/10)

World Stars - David P  

This was Davids entry in the World cup Competition that ended a week ago. A lot of people opted for black. "Neutral" so that one countries colour scheme doesn't stand out compared to another's. Valid point, but does it look as good? ... in my opinion no but it can still be pulled off. I love the idea of showcasing the players flag on the arm. The star on the cuff is great detail. The stripes are simple enough to go with the simple logo. I also like the Font and NOB. Overall: Well executed, but missing something. (8/10)

Montreal Vs Boston - Jack D 

It was announced that Boston would play Montreal in the Winter Classic next year. So let's see what Jack proposes. It's been a common theme to have Montréal in a white with blue Chest tripe uni. Top to bottom Jack nailed the Habs jersey. Maybe a thicker outline to the numbers, but that's about it. As for Boston, I love Boston in vintage threads. Vintage white is overused, but it still looks good so why not? The stripes are perfect, as they match the yoke and the simple logo. Maybe add a shoulder patch, like a custom winter classic logo could really kick this concept up a notch. Overall: (8.5/10)

Josiah B - Seattle Seahawks
Josiah tries to Improve his improved concept that he sent a while ago. I think He improved! A much more modern template lends itself to a better design for the seahawks. I like the detail in the numbers. Colour Balance is an issue, Too much neon green and not enough grey on the blue jersey. Also, I noticed is the concept is very fuzzy or pixelated. The grey almost looks beige. Fix that, and work on colours and you're set! (7.25/10)

Mike S - Boston Bruins

Mike makes minor changes to the bruins to improve their current look. The big change here was loosing the black cuffs. I think I also like it better without. Other than that, the changes are downgrades. No shoulder patch, no helmet logo, blank pants. I prefer the current yoke stripes. Overall: Some good stuff, and some bad that come out of this concept. (7.75/10)

That's the post folks. Don't forget to spark the comments, let's get into arguments! Vote and I'll See you all next week!
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Unknown said...

Right now I'm looking at Nashville in the West. As long as they stay healthy they'll make it easily. As for East, it's a three-way tie between the Rangers, Lightning and Red Wings. Adding Yandle on D will help them incredibly and Tampa's goaltending has been solid and their D has also gotten better with Coburn. The Red Wings have Zettrberg back and once Franzen is back they make it hard on other teams.

Unknown said...

If Nash stays hot, then the Rangers have a great shot, I agree.

Caz said...

I like the yoke stripes on that Nashville set, but two-tone blue? No, thanks. I would never want the Preds to share colors with the Tennessee Titans. The Titans are embarrassing. They lost more games out their full 16-game schedule this year than the Predators did in 60 games.

richard lewis said...

Ben's Nashville set for COTW

Unknown said...

Nevermind the Titans! Let the Predators use Ben's Nashville set with the two-tone blue, and make the Titans change their colours. The Preds would look awesome in those colours, plus they'd look less like the Blues and Sabres. The Titans don't deserve such an awesome colour scheme.

Ben's Nashville set for COTW.

Caz said...

It's a good color scheme, but I like the gold better. Gold primaries are more unique to the league, and it's in Nashville's flag.

It's a shame the Titans are so bad despite that color scheme, and that awful flaming logo. I really wish they would switch to the sword logo, or do a clean-sheet redesign.

Ben Mical said...

Caz, I agree with you that gold primaries are more unique, however in my Nike series, I already used two gold primaries.I thought I could throw in some diversity with the two-tone blue.

Caz said...

Ok. In context, that makes more sense. I probably would have done the same.

Anonymous said...

I think the Hellotown Teacups have something to do with Alice In Wonderland. Hence the trip-feel.

Unknown said...

I actually don't mind Nashville in the two-toned blue but I still think the Gold is more of a stand out color.

I'll 3rd Ben's Nashville set for COTW

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