Wednesday: Late, but it's okay

Hey guys, I'm currently writing this post 4 minutes until 4:30.. so instead of rushing the post, it is a tad late, sorry. We have some great concepts for you to make up for that! I won't ramble to much, but how about goaltending in the NHL? Two of the best stories have emerged, Andrew Hammond and Devan Dubnyk have been on fire recently! What are your thoughts... are they the real deal??

Before you spark conversation, voting is always a great thing to do! It's actually proven to give good fortune to people who vote... I ran that study. (I voted once, then found a 5 dollar bill.. so you guys might want to vote.)

 Also if you're looking to join the pairs competition coming up.. Find yourself a partner! I'm taken ladies.. but i'm sure there are plenty of fish in the sea! Break you're bubble of social awkwardness and ask someone!

COTW Mar 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Video Game Comp entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

concept time!

Ben B - Columbus Blue Jackets

Positives: Heavy striping, it really creates a vintage look. I don't mind the vintage white here, it's used well. Nice detail adding stars on the cuffs. I haven't seen much of your work Ben, so if you're new this is a great start!
Negatives: The yoke looks too busy, tone it down a little! This is one of those instances where the pants don't need a stripe, the current shell would work fine. Finally, theres something odd about the logo, I don't like the recolouring of it. 
Overall: great idea just need to be touched up a bit (7.5/10)

 Kevin B - Georgia Bull Dogs
Positives: Simple logo, simple jersey. Works for me! I like the font choice here, very smooth. 
Negatives: I actualy don't mind the big red yoke, but common you have to admit this jersey looks like a Pokéball. Adding maybe a black stripe to arms wouldn't hurt. You need to take off the registered trademark off the logo. I'd make the NOB and captains patch a bit bigger.
Overall: Very good improvement from you, Kevin. (7.5/10)

Ryan C - Quad City Mallards

Positives: Wow, Ryan has really improved lately and this is a fine example. The Current Quad city jerseys are "meeh" but this look real classy! The green pops! Simple striping works very well especially since the colours are balanced. Execution is spot on!
Negatives: I'd play around with the vintage white, theres a lot in the logo. 
Overall: I wouldn't mind seeing this replace the current QCM set. (8.5/10)

Brandon C - California Golden Seal

Positives: I love this colour scheme, and brandon does a great job showing it off. A golden jersey fits well with the name, and the blue pants keep it from being to yellow. Striping is straightforward but still looks good. I really like the white jersey, very clean.
Negatives: Make the "C" from the logo on they yellow jersey white. It would pop better. Add some ID! I could say Sean Avery designed this and no one would know!
Overall: Awesome concept! (8.5/10)

Brooks F - Brampton Beasts

Positives: This concept is sharp. With a name like beast you want to scare your opponent! That's exactly what this concept does! 
Negatives: The stitching is not even close to the stripes. You would never see this on a real jersey. There's a lot of grey on the dark uniform but barely any one the light. I'd switch the black and grey on the stripes to fix that issue. 
Overall: I like the idea but it needs work (6.75/10)

Brandon C - Minnesota Wild
Positives: A dark shade of green, now thats a great idea. Once again execution is great.. uh what's his name.. Oh right Brandon. If you had I.D I wouldn't of struggled with that ;)
Negatives: The grey just kills this concept. I don't see how it slides in well with the current scheme they got going on. (small side note, Moulson is no longer on the Wild... that doesnt matter though.)
Overall: I would've much preferred to see some red, or even vintage white, the grey just makes this concept look flat. (7/10)

So I'm really excited to kick this pairs competition off! But first we have the video game comp to finish. I was going to send a regular NHL concept... and say it was a concept for NHL 15... but that would be well to keep it PG13 a "not cool move". So get on that as well as voting and tell us if you liked some of the concepts from today! 

Wednesday: Late, but it's okay Reviewed by Unknown on March 18, 2015 Rating: 5


Brandon Cockeram said...

After 2 concepts were posted without ID, I put my name on my concepts that I had already sent in and resent them. I was hoping the revised ones were posted as to avoid any confusion.

Unknown said...

@Brandon I believe that once a concept is posted, it cannot be revised. In this case it's no big deal, all that was missing was some ID on the image. It's not necessary for the site, but it helps. DON'T TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY, EVERYONE SHOULD PUT ID ON THEIR CONCEPTS.

COTW nom to Ryan C. Those would look sharp.

Unknown said...

I second Ryan C's COTW Nom.

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